Summary: Vlad and Danny are quite enjoying the rekindling of their relationship, now they just have to deal with everyone else's reactions to it. The bond between these two hybrids will be tested as it never has been before. SEQUEL TO REASONS TO OBJECT M/M Pompous Pep!

Warnings: Uncontrollable moments of fluff(they're gonna come out), slash/dude on dude/yaoi(whatever you want to call it)

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CHAPTER ONE - Out in the Open

"So Danny, V-man, what did you two want to talk to us about?"

At Jack Fenton's words, the two powerful halfas start to get a bit anxious. Then again, their decision to reveal their clandestine relationship that afternoon wasn't exactly an easy one to come to(even after a few swallows of liquid courage).

Danny and Vlad both sit side by side on the Fenton's large couch, the two men managing to keep the uncertainty and slight fear off their faces. Across from them, Jack's large form takes up his favorite oversized chair. The man waiting to hear his son and best friend to answer his question as an unassuming smile graces his features.

"Wait, you two don't say anything until I get in there!" requests Maddie as she enters the living room from the kitchen. The woman placing a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the coffee table with a smile. "These were always Danny's favorite."

At the comment, the young hero smiles back and takes one, buying himself a few seconds by taking a bite. Looking from one of his parents to the other, the hero of Amity Park swallows nervously. Fully aware of the fact that the news he is about to share with his parents could potentially change their entire relationship, Danny savors the small amount of normalcy.

"Thanks, Mom. They're delicious."

"Anything for my little boy," replies Maddie with a pleased smile.

Eerily similar expressions that resemble guilt, briefly pass over both Vlad and Danny's faces. Both men know Maddie Fenton to be a kind and gentle woman, and in their own ways, they have both hated having to keep their relationship from her over the last few years. Yet, Vlad and Danny are both highly aware that she is also one of the best ghost hunters on the planet which often skews the "wholesome" image she projects.

The ghostly couple shift nervously under the unwavering and trusting gaze of Maddie and Jack Fenton, Danny perhaps more so than the man beside him. Then again, it isn't easy for the ghost hero to come out to his parents and reveal the romantic relationship he's shared with their friend behind their backs.

"Danny? Are you alright?"

At his mother's concerned tone, the young ghost looks up. He offers her a small smile which manages to fool everyone but Vlad.

"I'm fine, really. It's just that I, well we, have to tell you guys something and I, um . . . I'm trying to figure out how to say it."

Danny's smile grows when he feels the reassuring weight of Vlad's hand on his shoulder. The familiar palm gently massages the phantom's tense muscles.

"Take your time, Daniel."

Offering the man a small smile, Danny turns his head to face his parents.

"Well," begins the ghost with the elder's reassurance. "It's really two things that I want to talk to you both about. So, I guess that I'll just start out with the first part. Mom, Dad, I'm . . . gay."

At the admission, both Maddie and Jack look at their son, as if waiting for him to continue.


"What do you mean, AND, Mom?! I just told you that I'm gay, that I'm attracted to other men."

Ignoring her son's bugged out expression, Maddie simply shrugs the statement off.

"Oh sweetie, your father and I kinda knew that already. We were just waiting for you to be comfortable enough to tell us. After all, that's what all the handbooks your sister gave us said to do."

"Handbooks?!" Danny exclaims, not noticing the superb show of restraint by the billionaire beside him not to laugh at the scene. Baby blue eyes are too focused staring at Maddie Fenton as if she just grew a second head.

"Honey, is that what all this was about? You thought that we wouldn't accept you if you told us that are gay?

"You're still our son, Danny," adds Jack with a rare serious expression on his face. "Nothing's ever going to change that. After all, we Fentons stick together!"

For a moment, the young halfa looks at his parents with a sense of awe. Not that he was truly expecting them to disown him for his sexuality, but he was still expecting a more dramatic reaction.

"I-I, uhh . . . I guess I was just nervous."

Returning to his thoughts, Danny barely hears his mother's question.

"So, did you bring Vlad for support?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sort of. Well,-"

"I'm gay as well," the elder hybrid explains casually. "Daniel sensed this and came to me when he first realized his own sexual orientation."

At the other admission, Maddie and Jack have more of a visible reaction. Vlad has been unusually silent during most of the previous conversation, so his deep voice instantly draws everyone's attention. The husband and wife share a look before turning their attention back to the man sitting comfortably beside their son.

"When did Danny come to you?"

"When he was nineteen, I believe. However, recent events have allowed me to fully embrace my preferences."

A strange look settles on Maddie's face as she mulls over the revelation.

"So, Vladdie, is that why you and Charlotte cancelled your wedding?" interjects Jack, his observation earning a blush from Danny and a knowing smirk from Vlad.

"Yes, that was one of the reasons."

"Wait, Danny, you said that you had two things to tell us, what was the other?"

At his father's question, the feelings of dread come back to the ghost hero at full force. Whatever relief he had been enjoying is now long gone. His eyes shift over to Vlad, who gives him a supportive smile. Danny returns it before giving his parents his full attention.

"Well, there really isn't an easy way to say this. So I guess I should just say it. Mom, Dad, I'm in a relationship with someone and it's pretty serious."

"That's great Danny! We'd love to meet him."

For a moment, baby-blue eyes widen at the support that his parents are showing him. He had heard about many coming-out stories that weren't anywhere near as accepting. However, he knows that his parents problem would have a bit more to do with the particular man he has been secretly dating than anything else.

"Um well, you already know him. Pretty well actually."

" . . . Oh my, is it Tucker?"

Both Danny and Vlad are equally shocked and horrified by Maddie's guess.

"NO! Tucker is my best friend NOT my boyfriend, Mom!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you, I was just asking. I mean, you two have practically been attached to the hip since you were little."

"Exactly! He's like my brother. I don't even think of him like that."

"Really? I mean, Tucker has grown up rath-"

"Please DO NOT finish that sentence, Mom."

At the scene before him, Vlad can no longer hold back his laughter. However the man manages to let it out in a restrained chuckle that thankfully goes unnoticed by most of the room's occupants.

"Fine, then if you aren't dating Tucker and it's someone your father and I both know, then who is it?"

At the question, both Vlad and Danny return to their anxious state when they first arrived at the Fenton's home. Neither man is able to find the right words, let alone properly arrange them, so Danny simply points a finger at the billionaire sitting beside him.

"It's Vlad."

The silence that the two-word statement earns is eerily close to the one that echoes throughout the Ghost Zone. Maddie and Jack Fenton stare at the two hybrids with widened eyes as their brains process what their son has just told them.

". . . What?" asks the auburn haired woman, as she stares pointedly at her son.

The look alone manages to make the hero shrink a bit into the couch. While Maddie seems to be debating whether to be shocked, angry or both, Jack's expression hasn't changed. He just looks back and forth from his college friend and only son until the full implications dawn on him.

"Hold the phone! You and Vladdie, are . . . seeing each other? Like romantically?"

"Yeah, Dad. We are."

"Huh, never saw that one coming," concludes Jack, reaching for one of the long-forgotten cookies.

"Jack Fenton! Our son just told us that he has been dating Vladimir Masters behind our backs and that is all you have to say?!"

"Well, Maddie, what do you think we should do? I mean, Danny can make his own decisions. He isn't a kid anymore, he's a grown ma-."

"I don't care how old he is, Danny is still our son!"

Flustered by anger and shock, Maddie then turns to Vlad, her expression full of rage. For the first time, the silver-haired man actually sees true anger in the woman's violet eyes.

"Vlad, you have done a lot of things in your life that I have disagreed with and chosen to ignore, but this is an entirely new low."

The tone in his mother's voice somehow manages to lower the temperature in the room around them. Her omitted words still manage to cause the same amount of damage as if she had shouted them. Watching Maddie berate Vlad, noticing the guilt that is barely visible in the man's deep blue eyes, Danny is surprised by how quickly his own anger develops. It churns and quickly rises, the ghost more than ready to defend the man he loves, even if it is from his own mother.

"Mom, that's not fair. If you are going to blame Vlad, you have to blame me too. I was fully aware of everything that goes into having a relationship with Vlad when I chose to date him."

"So you chose to keep it a secret from your father and me?"

Danny's anger shrinks back a bit at the hurt tone to his mother's voice. However, it doesn't deter him from locking his eyes with Maddie's and making his point.

"I didn't want to lie to you guys, honestly there were so many times that I wanted to say something. It's just that it was difficult enough to accept my feelings for Vlad and I didn't want to complicate it further, I guess. But Mom, Dad, I need you both to understand that I was the one that asked Vlad to keep our relationship secret until I was ready."

"So, how long?"

"How long?"

"How long have you two had this kind of a relationship?" repeats Maddie, her expression almost daring her son to lie to her.

"Oh, since I was nineteen. But it's kinda been on and off-"

"Since you were nineteen?" interrupts Maddie with renewed anger. "Danny you've been dating Vlad for five years and you only decided to tell us about it now?"

At the accusation, Danny cringes a bit.

"Well, like I said, it was sorta on and off for a while. It has just gotten serious now. And before you ask, no, Vlad never forced me to do anything. In fact, everything that has happened between us was, and still is, completely mutual."

As Danny and Maddie stare at each other, Vlad and Jack get a bit nervous. The mother and son seem to forget that they are not alone as they size each other up. Deciding to diffuse the tension increasing in the room, Jack clears his throat.

"Danny, maybe it would help if you told your mother and me why you're . . . um, dating Vlad."

Taking his father's help, Danny takes a breath and begins.

"Vlad was the first man that I was ever attracted to, so the beginning of our relationship was kinda difficult. I mean, I was in denial about being gay and even further denial that I even liked Vlad. Yet oddly enough, he completely understood what I was going through. I guess that is where it started."

Blushing a bit, Danny shifts uncomfortably. Then again, telling his parents why he's in a romantic relationship with Vlad Masters is hard to do without atleast some level of embarrassment.

"I like being with Vlad, I like how he makes me feel."

"Maddie, Jack, I know that this is very difficult to understand," begins Vlad, his voice purposefully soothing as to not further aggravate the woman glaring daggers at him. "However, I truly care for Daniel, I always have. And regardless of what transpires after today, that won't change. So, even if you both disapprove of our relationship, it won't end unless Daniel makes the decision to do so."

"Which isn't going to happen anytime soon," adds the younger ghost, his hand squeezing Vlad's reassuringly. "Mom, Dad, the reason I'm telling you about this now, is because I'm sure about my feelings for Vlad. I want him in my life, but I'd like it if you two could accept him as my boyfriend. I know this isn't going to be a easy adjustment, but it would mean everything to me if you both could try."

Looking at the lingering shock on his parents faces, the phantom decides to add to the statement that he has gone over so many times in his head.

"However, I'm not expecting miracles either. A lot has been put out there. So, maybe it's a good idea if we all just let everything settle and talk about this later."

Danny then stands, Vlad follows suit. Before the two turn to leave, the dark-haired hybrid turns to his parents.

"I'll come by tomorrow after work."

Taking the large hand in his, Danny leads both of them outside, softly closing the door behind them. A breath of relief escapes the young hero's lips as he takes a minute to collect himself. As his mind runs over the last twenty minutes or so, making sure that he has said all that he needed to say, Vlad wraps an arm around the younger ghost's shoulders.

"You did very well, Daniel."

"Thank you," replies Danny, leaning into the reassuring touch.

"Of course," the man offers with a comforting smile.

"So, was that as bad as I think it was?"

"Well, it could have been worse, love. If my parents were still alive, they most likely would have disowned me over such a revelation. Fortunately, your parents seem to be taking the news as well as could be expected. Considering the circumstances."

Noticing how tightly the billionaire mastermind is holding his jaw, Danny decides not to pry into the man's thoughts-even if they are similar to his own. The phantom simply slides his arms around the other's waist.

"Vlad, no matter what happens, I'm glad that we finally told them. Now, I don't have to make excuses when I'm with you anymore."

"Even if it ends up ruining your relationship with your parents?"

"My parents will get over it, it might take a while but that's just the way it has to be. In the mean time, as long as it doesn't ruin my relationship with you, I'll be fine."

Vlad smirks at the sentiment as he leads Danny to the waiting car. Once inside the luxury vehicle, the man wordlessly directs the driver to take them back to his mansion.


"Yes, Little Badger?"

"I still want to go on record saying that we should have eloped while we were in Canada."

Chuckling at the comment, the mastermind looks down at the shorter halfa beside him with a knowing look.

"And you think that would have made the previous conversation with your parents any easier, Little Badger?"

"No, probably not. Mom probably would have tried to kill you if I told her you were my husband. As nice as it would be to call you that one day."

The man's large hand starts to travel though Danny's soft black hair, his long fingers deep in the messy locks.

"It is a title I look forward to having, Little Badger."

"Yeah, but let's let them recover from this first. Besides, who knows if my parents would even want to come to a possible wedding between the two of us."

"It will be alright, Daniel. I promise. Give them time."

With an honest smile, the young ghost can't help but feel reassured by the words. If anything, Vlad Masters was a man that kept his promises. The teen then surprises the man by laughing.

"What is it?"

"I was just thinking, that's all. It was hard enough telling my parents, imagine what will happen when the rest of the world finds out."

Vlad smirks as his own mind provides him with a mental image of that event. And despite the media fallout it would undoubtedly cause in the small town, the man finds himself looking forward to the day he can publicly claim Danny as his own.

"Well, let's cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Speaking of crossing things . . ."

With a knowing smile, Danny presses the button the raises the tinted privacy window. The action causing an silver eyebrow to arch curiously.


Remaining silent, the younger ghost leans across the man's lap, draping his body over his lover's lap. Pale blue eyes lower as their owner begins to place soft kisses along Vlad's jaw. A groan escapes the billionaire's throat as slim fingers make quick work of the tie at the man's throat.

"What is this, Daniel? You are never so forward."

"Are you complaining?"

Taking a moment to regard the eager young man currently occupying his lap, Vlad's lips form a rare, genuine smile.

"Far from it, Little Badger."

Danny smiles against the warm skin, pleased to hear his nickname leave the man's lips. A sure a sign as any that he had accomplished his task of momentary distraction. As the two of them get comfortable in the traveling car, the two ghosts are completely unaware of the conversation occurring in the home that they have just left . . .


"I just cannot believe this."

The statement hangs awkwardly in the air between the husband and wife. Both ghost hunters, in their own ways, still reeling from their son's confession.

"Neither can I, Maddie. Danny and V-man? A couple? Well I suppose there are stranger couples-"

"Jack, please focus. Our son is dating a man the same age as us! I can't believe that Vlad would date our son behind our backs!"

"Well, it could be worse. If Danny's into older men, at least it's someone we know."

The glare the joke receives goes unnoticed as Jack reaches for yet another cookie.

"Why are you so calm about this, Jack? It isn't like you."

"Simple. Danny is a grown man, and not just any man. He's a Fenton man that also happens to be a hybrid superhero that fights the ghostly menace on a daily basis. Personally, I think his choice of boyfriend should be the least of our worries."

Maddie can't say anything in response to her husband's logic. He did have a point after all. Yet, her protective instinct isn't easy to quell.

"If it was anyone else but Vlad Masters, I wouldn't be as worried," mumbles the woman underneath her breath.


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