A/N: Because the new Avengers movie is pretty damn aster.

Characters: The Avengers movie-verse characters. Young Justice animated-verse Robin a.k.a. Richard Grayson. Robin will be just a bit past 14 in this, meaning that this happens a few months after the end of Season 1 YJ.

Anomaly One and Anomaly Two.

What S.H.I.E.L.D. has dubbed as Anomaly One and Anomaly Two were two organic entities that appeared near the outskirts of the totalled Project Pegasus facility. They arrived via a portal born from the sky twenty minutes into the search and rescue effort for survivors of the Tesseract fallout. Agent Maria Hill was the one who witnessed the anomalies plunge through the bright influx of light radiation, rolling solidly onto the blast-burned ground from the two storey drop. And when her fellows surrounded the two in a loose circle, she watched as Anomaly Two neutralized three men with an electric laser and grabbed and threatened to 'blast out the brains' of Anomaly One if they came any closer.

Luckily, the threat was not followed through. Unfortunately, that distraction allowed the escape of Anomaly Two, leaving Anomaly One in their hands.

Director Nick Fury contemplated as he observed the fidgety child, Anomaly One, seated in his interrogation room. The noir-haired boy – dusty, sooty and a little worse for wear – was currently swinging his legs, lips pulled downward, blue eyes afar in drifted thought. Bioscanners mounted in the room spat out readings that indicated a normal Homo sapiens at rest and the bit of blood they were able to take indicated no enhancements, no mutations and no experimental drugs in his system.

No abnormalities.

Anomaly One was one-hundred percent human.

Dressed in clearly expensive pressed slacks, fitted white shirt and tailored blazer, his clothing was finely stitched and made of high quality materials; Hill had even reported hand embroidered shirt tails that she made note of after forcibly grabbing the boy around his middle to prevent Anomaly Two's energy blast from clipping his head.

Fury flipped open Hill's report and scanned through it.

"…Minor skin abrasions…Refusing to divulge personal information…Doctors indicated signs of trauma…"

The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. took another glance at the spaced-out child sitting in the interrogation room and formulated his questions. He needed to find out more about Anomaly Two, the terrorist that killed ten of his already injured agents during his escape, and the best way to do that was to grill Anomaly One who he believed was the accomplice.

The door of the interrogation room opened, allowing him to step past the threshold, and he closed it with a smart click. The room itself was nothing special – generic, stark and impersonal with grey walls, linoleum floor, one-way mirror and white ceiling tiles. Sitting inside this room, however, was their person of interest. Anomaly One.

"Uhm." The young boy clasped his hands in his lap, twisting his fingers as if trying to contain his nervous energy. He had intense, sapphire-shaded eyes that regarded him with polite confusion.

Nick Fury stalked to his seat and eased into it, all the while stalling as he considered the boy in front of him. If the boy was as 'traumatized wealthy civilian' as he looked, trained rigid posture included, then he didn't want to be the one to trigger the rich brat to squall in terror. He tried the 'nice' approach. "What is your name, son?"

The child offered a tentative, shaky smile. "I…Uhm…"

Fury thought idly, "Good…No tantrums…" But then-

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." The boy blatantly stared at his black eye patch, while his right foot tapped against the leg of his chair when he shifted, and he blurted out, "Are you a bad guy?"

His frown intensified."I'm not a 'bad guy', son. I want to help you find your family." And find out where the hell you came from and how you crash landed on the smoldering ruins of our secret facility.

"Oh. Sorry. That was probably a stu– I mean, silly – question anyway. " The boy, flushing a bright red, swung his left leg three times before he stalled. He hemmed out the words, "Is that why I'm waiting in this room?"

"Yes, and if you tell me your name and where you're from, the sooner we can get you home."

"…You're the police?"

Semantics. "…Yes. I work for the American government."

Anomaly One hummed under his breath and jerkily nodded, "Okay."

Silence pervaded the room as the boy swung both legs under his seat before he seemed to remember himself and stilled. "Patience." Fury glowered at the child. "Then your name is."

"I…" The kid, still jittery but putting on a brave face, tilted his head with juvenile innocence. "What's yours, sir?"

"My name is Nick Fury." He waited a bit more, right eye narrowed to a dangerous slit.

"Nick Fury…" A smile lit up the tiny face, oblivious to his anger. "Hey! Our names rhyme!"

"Enough." Fury ignored the urge to rub his left temple. "Your name," he emphasized.

With a pitchy childish voice, Anomaly One declared, "Dick."

The Director stared at the boy flatly, dark eyes boring into his. The child, commendable for his courage to face against his questioning wrath, squirmed for awhile before he broke the uncomfortable silence, ears turning red. "My name is Dick."

Over the comm. link in his ear, he could hear the agent observing them through the one-way mirror shift as they typed out the name.

But it was still not good enough. Fury prompted, "Your full name."

Again, the polite smile made an appearance as the red embarrassment receded into boyish, snobbish charm. "Richard Grayson. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Nick Fury sir."

He knew that the agent watching them began a search in their database for a 'Richard Grayson' and variants with 'Dick'.

Fury stood up from his seat and rounded onto the next question. "Where are you from, Mr. Grayson?"

The height-challenged boy seemed vaguely putout and confused by the question as he asked honestly, "I…You don't know me?"

Fury paused. The agent hidden in the other room began to type furiously into the keyboard as they both picked up the implied 'celebrity' in those words.

At the silence, the boy's shoulders slumped forward and as his fingers fidgeted with his meticulously tucked in shirt while the astonishing blue eyes watched him guardedly. "No…You don't look like GCPD…I guess we're not anywhere near Gotham City?"

Ten seconds pass and the agent in the other room whispered over the link – for his ears only. "Gotham City, Wisconsin. Population close to two hundred. There are no records of a Richard Grayson existing in Gotham City. No Richard Grayson in the news either."

Nick Fury glared at the boy when he heard the information and the boy seemed to react to his glare as azure eyes widened. "You're currently in the custody of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, also known as S.H.I.E.L.D., Mr. Grayson, an organization dedicated to protecting the American home land." There were heavy implications in the air.

"S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Anomaly One flinched and turned his head to stare at the one-way mirror, swinging his legs again. This time, he did not stop.

"I want your full name. The name of your parents. The city you live in."

"But I just told you most of that already…"

"I'm warning you this one time. I want your full cooperation, son."

"But I am cooperating!" There was a bit of teenage rebellion in that voice before the boy deflated, "I told you, my name is Richard Grayson – Richard John Grayson. Dick is my nickname. My real parents…They died in an…'accident'." The boy looked at Fury with mourning eyes, the edges of his mouth tightening to a painful line. "Bruce Wayne is kind of my guardian. I'm his ward so I obviously live in Gotham City."

Fury noted that the boy was fidgeting in his seat again, shoulders slumping further when he realized that his information garnered next to no reaction from Fury; the words 'Bruce Wayne', 'ward' and 'obviously Gotham' were meaningless. Fury grumbled, "Alright then, Mr. Grayson. Tell me. Who was that man with you?"

"I don't know." Grayson's young face smoothed into an unhappy frown.

The Director growled, "That's not a helpful answer, Mr. Grayson. Who was that man and what did he want from you?"

"I really don't know...I think he was trying to kidnap me."

Fury threw his kid gloves into the wind when his voice deepened into an intimidating snarl, warning, "I have people reporting to me the last words of your companion – that you were 'of no use to him here'. Don't lie, boy. You are – were – his accomplice."

"I'm not!" Grayson cried out hotly, toeing the line of tantrum – a line that Fury had earlier wanted to avoid. "That crazy guy was keeping me hostage. I thought you said you're the police! Why don't you believe me?"

Agent Hill's voice interrupted him just as he was about to respond; she reported through the comm. "Sir. We have Loki."

Nick Fury stared down at the visibly distressed Anomaly One before coolly sweeping out of the room.

He'll send in Black Widow later when Loki was taken care of.

With the door closing behind that 'Nick Fury' character, insecure mathlete and ward of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne took a backseat.

Definitely not in Kansas anymore, Robin.

Lounging in the interrogation chair for 'long enough', Robin stood up to stretch his legs, mind going a mile a minute as he registered the implications of what this 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' organization discovered on him. Unnoticed during the earlier chaos, he had hacked into their communications system upon entry into their helicarrier and managed to hide a comm. link in his ear, eavesdropping on his captors via bug as they researched him.

What he found out nearly stilled his heart and led him to one conclusion: alternate dimensions.

Richard 'Dick' Grayson didn't exist.

Gotham City was not the Gotham City he knew either. There were definitely more than two hundred criminals in Arkham Asylum alone, never mind the entire civilian population of Gotham.

"This is…" He huffed and continued to pace, agitated.

He needed to find a way back home. There was a stray villain loose in this world that could possibly be his only link to doing things like crossing dimensions but he was currently stuck up in a gigantic helicarrier being babysat by a top secret government organization, or something.

…A government organization that he hoped wouldn't connect one with two only to get funny ideas. He had purposefully revealed a part of his story in order to get returning information. And perhaps with an unhealthy dose of wishful thinking, he had hoped this government organization wouldn't link the information he advertently gave them to an Area 51 conclusion like 'this boy is an alien. We need to experiment on him and find his origins' kind of thing.

Illogical logical sci-fi movie thinking. KF would be laughing.

Robin walked circles in the small enclosure of the room, maintaining his troubled rich kid persona for the cameras. He knew that Bruce saw him disappear in Wayne Tech labs with the villain and that the Justice League still had the other half of what the villain was trying to take from them. Maybe they would figure out a way to bring him home from here – wherever 'here' was.

Yes, they would. He would take comfort in that notion for now because he believed in the Batman.

In the interim, though, he couldn't just sit here like a damsel in distress and uselessly wait for the cavalry to arrive…

He was Robin, the Boy Wonder, and it was time for an escape plan for one Richard Grayson.