"You got to be kidding me!" a shout rang out through out the whole of Atlantica,

"Princess, it's Tradition." Sheila states, slightly alarmed by the flat-out refusal of the Princess.

"I Will Not Be On Display!" Merliah exclaims, she was bound and determined to avoid giving a public performance on her birthday no less. She turned and swam away, she loved singing but she was frighten about singing in public, she wasn't the kind of girl who put on concerts.

"That girl, what am I going to do with her?" Sheila asks, herself.

"You will leave her be, I never said I wanted her to perform." Celeste states startlingly the crab

"Your majesty..." Sheila began

Celeste held up a hand, "She is just a child, and she has the right to be one. When she decides she wants to perform, we will let her and not before."

"But the tradition!" Sheila exclaims

"That's an order. Court Composer." Celeste states, in the royal tone of voice.

"Yes, Majesty." Sheila sighed,

Harry watched as Merliah swam out of the palace in anger, he followed after her. She was heading toward her treasure-trove.

Merliah stared at her treasures of the surface world, then sighed. "I'll never be able to go walking on the surface." she reached out took one of her treasures, it was a human doll. She clutched to her,

"Merliah?" Harry asks as he entered the cavern.

"I don't like singing in public, I get stage fright badly." Merliah states as she looked at the doll.

"I don't like singing. But if you wanted too, I would sing with you." Harry replies, as he adjusted his glasses, he was still amazed that they stayed on after being in the ocean for a month.

"You would do that for me?" Merliah asks,

"Just for you," Harry replies,

"You are the best brother in the whole seven seas!" Merliah exclaims as she hugged him,

"I'm your only brother," Harry laughed,

"Yeah, well..." Merliah states as she blushed, "So what should we do now?"

"First you should put that up," Harry answers

Merliah looked down at the doll that was still in her hands, "Oh, hehe." she put up the doll.

"So where did you get that anyway, it looks very old?" Harry asks,

"You want to see?" Merliah asks

'Why am I going to regret this?' Harry thought as he followed Merliah out into the ocean, away from their city.

Merliah lead Harry toward the ship where she found her treasure, "There's a lot more stuff, that I have no idea what they are in here."

Harry's eyes widen as he saw the RMS Titanic.

The two began exploring the ship,

Harry knew that human explorers would give an arm and leg to go into the ship itself,

"what's this?" Merliah asks as she swam around a seaweed covered bathtub,

"It's a bathtub, it's what humans used to clean themselves." Harry answers, 'I had to use a garden hose in summer, or what was left of Dudley's bathwater in winter.' he suppressed the shudder went up his spine at that memory.

Merliah began asking more questions about the things that she wanted to know about, like how the ship sank and why would humans want to travel on a ship?

Harry found this boring to ask questions like that but he had so many about ocean life it was only fair to answer Merliah's questions about land-walkers.

Merliah stopped exploring as an idea occurred to her, "I got an idea,"

"I'm scared," Harry replies,

"Haha, no I think I have the perfect song that fits us both," Merliah explains, "I wrote it for our music composition lesson, Sheila said it was good but wasn't worthy of being sang in front of a crowd."

"Okay, so?" Harry asks,

"Let's go home." Merliah answers.