The true identity of the so-called 'Serpent Knight' is one of the Republic's greatest mysteries.

Arguably the most powerful Sith Lord ever to have lived, he had the galaxy in the palm of his hand. With a strategic brilliance reminiscent of Thrawn, he defeated the Yuuzhan Vong, convinced many worlds to give up their freedom for his iron clad 'security', and even had the audacity to choke the leader of the Senate during a meeting!

His face adorned by a black metal mask, and armed with his distinctive double bladed lightsaber, capable of three shifting saber lengths on each side and separating into two lightsabers, he cut an unique swath through the morass of fear and uncertainty that had accompanied the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

And then he disappeared without a trace…

His legacy is still a palpable one, evident in the military forces that he had amassed and used to destroy the Vong without remorse, then left for the New Republic to recruit and absorb, left leaderless by their nascent Emperor. The two Death Stars he built… now used as mobile spaceports. Ironic fates for such fearsome weapons of war!

It was long rumored that he died in a final duel with the Yuuzhan Vong commander Tsavong Lah on their last worldcraft, but the Jedi who were present during that last fateful mission were all unwilling to talk about what happened. And no wonder, for the Vong were utterly wiped out in that final encounter…

In the end analysis, was he a hero or a villain? Nobody knows for sure, not even those who served under him.

from 'Legends of The Galaxy'

by Assayre Talco

"We need a new emperor." The old man sitting around the table in the silent darkness wheezed, even as he leaned forward to press his point.

"Why?" Another man, not quite as old or decrepit, but with the years equally etched on his face, asked.

"Because events are slipping out of our grasp! The New Republic grows in strength year by year, and our possessions grow ever weaker. Another few years, and what we want may be forever be beyond our grasp!"

"You always wanted too much. That would ever be your undoing." A third voice, tired and drained of vigor, commented.

"And you would stand by and watch as we lose everything we have worked for? Sithspawn! We kissed the Emperor's ass, bowed and scraped for position. When he died, our chance at more power was gone as well. When Thrawn returned, he promised us everything that the Emperor offered, as long as we provided him support. And now the Empire is only a shadow of its former glory, and that imbecile Pellaeon doesn't seem to mind at all!"

Another man sneered. "You take over Pellaeon then. Let's see if you can govern half as well as he does."

"Do you doubt my ability?" The offended man's hands slid beneath his robes, as though reaching for a weapon.

The second man who had spoken slammed his palms on the hard table, wincing slightly as they were stung by the unforgiving wood. "Stop this bickering, and consider carefully the consequences of our actions."

He continued, "What happens if we do nothing? Does it really matter? We have our wealth, ample to ensure a long and comfortable life in our old age. There's little need to fight so hard like we did in the past for power…"

"What about the threats that Thrawn spoke of? I gather that he was not lying. If anything, recent intel reports indicate that he might have underestimated the seriousness of the situation. There's this race of beings called the Yuuzhan Vong that has been slowly infiltrating the galaxy for several years now…"

"Yes, yes, we all know that. So what are we going to do about it?"

"Maybe nothing. Thrawn did indicate that he might be back someday. Remember the men he had selected for his household troops, where they had gone."

"Are any of you willing to bet our futures on his return? I know I'm not."

"So that leaves us with only one option. To somehow engineer the return of the Emperor…"

"Unfortunately, Palpatine is gone. And there is no chance of his returning from the dead this time, not after his backup cloning chambers were destroyed."

"And even if he returns, he might not be too amenable to us. I say we create a new Emperor, one we can control."

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes. I have already thought it out. He must be a force user like Palpatine, but also having the command ability of Thrawn."

"And how, pray tell, are we going to get somebody like that?"

The old man grinned. He had their attention hooked now. All that was left was to reel them in.

"First, we get a child, strong in the Force…"

This is something else that had been floating in my head for a looooong time.

I just don't really understand why the New Republic was so inept at fighting back the Vong. The offense is always better than the defense, especially in strategic terms in space, where borders do not exist, but supply lines do. And the Vong, at least initially, did NOT have any way to renew their military material. On the offense, the attacker dictates the number of forces that he can brings to any battle, while the defender is often left guessing and weighing the best options to protect his worlds. And he who defends everything, defends nothing. Which the New Republic is doing.

Obviously, they did not read Sun-Tzu. Or maybe their political system is at fault. Can't help it.

Any army that cannot renew their starfighters, warships etc is doomed in a war of attrition. Thrawn would have seen that, and simply dared his troops to engage the Vong with end runs into their territory to destroy their existing yorik coral production worlds. Scorch the earth, and leave nothing standing. Send suicide troops after the worldships. Destroy the enemy's will to fight. And force the Jedi to headhunt enemy leaders, if that is even possible.

So this was my attempt at trying to put somebody like Thrawn back into the story, but with several wild twists. Pls review if you think I should continue…