Titanic bloopers

Over the summer, a friend and I created a funny list of Titanic bloopers. We tried filming it as a joke, but it got panned :(. This is so the memories never die... And as for my friend, if U read this... U know who you are :)

Blooper 1:


Jack proudly held out his winning hand. The other people looked shocked, and slightly horrified. Jack leaned down and was about to grab the tickets, when fifteen cards fell out of his sleeve. "JACK!" His friend, who's name escapes me, screamed. Jack sheepishly grinned before grabbing the tickets and bolted, kicking over a chair in the process.

Blooper 2:

(Man overboard)

Rose looked out into the open waters. Just one jump and she could end it all, right now. She slowly stepped off the edge. Meanwhile, Jack was running over to her. "DON'T!" He began to cry, but it was too late. Rose jumped off the edge into the water. "Son of a..." Jack began before diving in after her.

Blooper 3

(The captain)

The captain and Rose were on top of the deck, and Rose had just heard about the dangers. "Captain! Isn't that dangerous?" She asked. The captain's responce was to put his foot on a random stool and do the captain Morgan pose. "Stay thirsty my friends." Rose rolled her eyes and turned to jump off the egde again.

Blooper 4

(Cheater! 2)

Rose smiled. She was on the edge of the boat, but instead of wanting to jump off, she felt like flying! She turned to Jack and leaned in to kiss him. Their lips were so close to touching, when to her surprise, someone called out her name. Rose looked over and saw Cal staring at her. "Cal?" She asked, confused. "If you're Cal... then who is..." Then she took out a pair of Harry Potter glasses. When she saw Jack staring infront of her, she blushed and pushed past him. "Sorry... I thought you were someone else." She admitted.

Blooper 5

(The drawing)

Rose came out of the bathroom. Jack had just finished sketching her, and she couldn't wait to see the finished result. "How does it look?" She asked, coming up behind him. Jack grinned and held out a drawing of a stick figure. "Really?" She asked. Jack shrugged. "Hey! I'm not that good at drawing. All my art was stolen out of Art museums."

Blooper 6:

(Man overboard 2)

"When the ship docks, I'm getting off with you." Rose said. Jack looked at her, happy but shocked. After a bit, he excitedly kissed her. When the broke apart, the boat crashed into an ice berg and knocked Rose overboard. "Oh come on!" Jack angrilly said. "I just got this shirt dry." Then he jumped in after her

Blooper 7:


The boat was headed up at a verticle angle. "Don't let go of my hand!" Jack screamed. Rose nodded, then looked down. "Hey! A life boat!" She happily exclaimed. She pushed herself off and laned on the boat. "ROSE!" Jack cried as the ship sank

Blooper 8

(Alternate ending)

Rose and Jack were on the piece of drift wood. It looked like neither of them were going to make it. "I love you." Rose whispered. Jack smiled. "Tell my wife I love her." He responded. Rose nodded and leaned in to kiss him, then she stopped. "WHAT? WHAT WIFE?" She screamed. Jack nervously grinned. "Yeah, I knocked her up, and we have twins. She's super hot..." Before Jack could finish, Rose grabbed him and held him underwater.

The end