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Summary: Allen and Lavi are dating, and only two people know about it and are okay with it: Allen's uncle, Neah and Lavi's grandfather, Grandpa Bookman. Their fathers, however, aren't too lenient on the same gender dating each other. So Lavi and Allen have to keep their relationship a secret, but that's getting a lot harder now since their fathers are beginning to suspect something more than just a simple friendship between their boys.

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I was sitting on my couch, watching TV with my uncle, and hearing my father making lunch for the guests that were coming over. All you could hear coming from the kitchen were the sounds of chopping, bubbles boiling and the rush of the oven fan cooking the food and heating the plates. Then there was a knocking at the door.

"Allen! Answer the door!" my father, Mana, yelled.

"Okay!" I yelled while jumping up off the couch. I walked over to the door and opened it to reveal a red haired male with one green eye, and an eye patch covering the other one. Behind him were his grandfather and his father.

"Lavi! Mr Bookman and Grandpa Bookman! I didn't know you guys were our guests for lunch today. Father only told me that we had guests for lunch today." I said, stepping aside so they could walk in. Mr Bookman and Grandpa Bookman nodded their thanks.

"Thanks, Allen. Where can we find Mana?" Mr Bookman asked. I pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

"He's in the kitchen, making lunch." I replied, walking to the kitchen to let Father know that the Bookman family have arrived.

"Father! The Bookman's have arrived!" I said as I walked into the kitchen. Father looked up from the lettuce he was chopping.

"Good, now go back into the lounge room and be with your friend." Father said, smiling. I smiled back and walked off into the lounge room. Mr Bookman and Grandpa Bookman walked past me into the kitchen. I could hear their greetings.

I walked back into the lounge room to find Lavi sitting in my spot on the couch. I walked in front of Lavi and looked him in the eye. I placed my hands on my hips and stood there, blocking his view of the TV.

"Ne, Allen. I can't see. Can you please move?" Lavi asked a pout on his lips. I hate it when he does that, he knows I can't resist his adorable pouts.

"Not until you move from my spot. I was there first." I said and was right in his face. I stole a look towards the kitchen door to make sure the Mr Bookman didn't come through that door. I heard the voices coming from that general direction, and knew that Mr Bookman wasn't coming through that door anytime soon.

I smiled and placed a small, light kiss on Lavi's lips. My Uncle Neah chuckled; he was okay with our relationship because he wasn't a homophobe, unlike our fathers. Grandpa Bookman didn't mind either, since he was the first to find out. And he liked me, so he trusted me enough not to break his grandson's heart. But he was most concerned with Lavi breaking my heart; he knew that Lavi had a history of broken hearted women.

"Fine, I'll move." Lavi said and shuffled over. We didn't do all that sweet, loving things that couples did, no way. We couldn't risk not being able to see each other again. We were too scared to admit that we were gay to our parents, and we were also afraid of what they'll do.

"Thanks Lavi. Say, Uncle Neah?" I asked, looking at Uncle Neah. He looked up.

"Yes, my dear sweet nephew? What is troubling your mind?" Uncle Neah asked his attention on us and not the TV.

"Well, I was wondering how we would go about..." I dropped my voice down to a whisper so Mr Bookman and Father couldn't hear.

"Our relationship. We want to be more public about it, but we're just too afraid." I whispered and Lavi nodded. Uncle Neah sighed and got up from his couch and walked over to us. He placed his hands on our shoulders.

"You two are eighteen, right?" Uncle Neah asked. We nodded.

"And you're both in college, right?" he asked, we nodded again.

"So, you're both eligible for renting an apartment. You should rent an apartment, together, that's close to your college. And you can live however you like. I'll help you with fees, so you shouldn't worry about that." Uncle Neah said and walked off, letting us think about what he said. I looked at Lavi.

"It's not such a bad idea." I said. Lavi nodded.

"It's a wonderful idea, and at least it'll be convenient for us since it will be close to our college and the shopping district." Lavi said, a grin brightening up his face and his green eye shining.

"We should run this idea by my father, your father and Grandpa Bookman. I hope that they'll like the idea as much as we do." I said and grinned. Lavi grinned as well, stealing a kiss. I smiled.

"Allen! Neah! Lavi! Lunch is ready!" Father called from the kitchen. I jumped up, pulling Lavi up with me.

"Coming!" I said and let go of Lavi's hand just before we reached the door. The table was set with one of our best table cloths, plates, cutlery and cups. The adults had wine glasses, and Lavi and I had small glasses.

There was a roast lamb with apple sauce, a salad, gravy, some fries and drinks. The sight was mouth-watering. Because of my large appetite, Father had made extra-large portions of everything.

We all took our respective seats, the fathers at the ends of the table, Lavi and I next to each other and Grandpa Bookman next to Uncle Neah. We all took turns in getting our food, the fathers first, then Grandpa Bookman, Uncle Neah, Lavi and then me. I took the last of everything. Last time I had gone first, there wasn't enough for everyone else.

"So, how have you been Lavi? Allen doesn't talk much about college, seeing as you're in the same classes." Father asked. Lavi shrugged.

"I've been better, I've just recently got rid of a cold, but I'm still feeling the symptoms. What? He doesn't talk about me? I'm hurt Allen! Why, am I not that good a friend?" Lavi replied and played mock hurt. He knew the real reason I don't talk about him much, I could get caught talking a little too much about him and get caught on my feelings.

"I'm sorry Lavi; I just don't remember what we did that day, so I forget." I apologised, and I went back to my food. Uncle Neah and Grandpa Bookman chuckled. Our fathers scowled slightly, we were acting a little too friendly, according to their scowls. I nudged Lavi with my foot, saying 'dial it down'. Lavi nodded in understanding and dialed it down. We all chatted for a little while longer before Lavi and I got serious. Everyone except for Uncle Neah stopped what they were doing and looked at us. Uncle Neah just sipped his wine with a small smile on his face.

"Allen, Lavi? What's got you two so serious all of a sudden?" Father asked, giving us a funny look. I poked my index fingers together; I do that when I'm nervous. Lavi started scratching the back of his neck awkwardly; he does that when he's nervous.

'So we're both nervous... Figures. Lavi did tell me that his father would disown him and make him live on the streets with nothing but the clothes on his back if he turned out to be gay...' I thought and suppressed a small shudder. That was the cruellest thing that I had ever heard, and I had cried for Lavi when he told me. We were at school, in the bathroom, and we were making out when he told me. We ended up a half hour late to our next class because of me. But that was three years ago. We sighed.

"Father, I would like to rent an apartment with Lavi."

"Father, I would like to rent an apartment with Allen." we had said that at the same time. Our fathers... Well, let's say that we weren't expecting that to happen.

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