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After Lenalee and I split at the airport, I hailed a cab, went to a hotel, booked a room, ditched my bag and kept a hold of my phone and wallet, heading out and hailing another cab to the shopping district of the city.

I spent hours shopping for Allen's 18th birthday party that I was going to host (even though it was still a month away, a good party has a good plan), and I was gonna make sure that he was going to be there, even if I had to kidnap him for it.

I had a bajillion bags with me, so I hailed a cab and told the driver that I'd pay him an extra twenty if he helped me carry the bags up to my hotel room. He agreed and we were off to my hotel.
When we arrived at the hotel, the cab driver helped me bring up all of my bags to my room and I tipped him an extra twenty plus the ten bucks that I owed for him driving me here. He thanked me and left. I sat on my bed and sighed.

"How am I going to get all of this home." This was more of a statement than a question. How was I going to get all of this home? I didn't drive here, I don't have a suitcase and I hate catching buses. I was in a pinch.

"I could always buy a suitcase. I don't actually own one, now that I think about it." Good idea, self. Go back to the district you just came from, and spent twenty dollars on a cab that could have been used for something else. Clap clap for you.

"Whatever, I'll order lunch and look for one nearby. Walking distance. No cab money spent." I really ought to stop talking to myself. It isn't healthy.

I sat up and walked downstairs to the dining room, hoping that lunch was still on. And it was.

"Thank heavens, I don't like ordering room service." I muttered and placed my order. I sat down at a table with my number and waited. I considered texting Allen, telling him that I was here, but decided against it. I'd rather bump into him on the street rather than tell him that I was here. It would really spoil it.

I dug into my food as soon as it arrived; I vaguely remember having toast and tea early this morning not long after I had gotten off the phone to Allen. I choked on my food when I remembered that I had told Allen that I loved him.

I've loved Allen for years, never really gaining the courage to tell him. When I told him, he didn't answer me. What if… what if he doesn't love me? No, Lavi, don't go down that lane. Just because he hasn't said it, doesn't mean that he doesn't. He probably just can't gather up the courage to tell you. That's probably true…

I took a swig of my drink to clear my throat, and then resumed eating my food when I saw a few trolleys of food go towards the elevator. I didn't take much notice of it and quickly finished my food. I left the money on the table and left the hotel building, walking down the street and in search of a suitcase.


After a few hours of shopping, I was totally exhausted. And I mean exhausted. Uncle Neah is a psycho shopper. He doesn't stop, not even for a quick minute. He's having to push a trolley around the place because he's got more bags than he can carry. I'm glad he told me to bring my backpack, or else my things would be somewhere buried under – or in – that mess of bags in the trolley.

"Uncle Neeaaahh…. Can we stop for a minuuteee?" I droned as I slumped into a bench on the sidewalk. Uncle Neah sat down next to me.

"I suppose we should get something to eat…" he muttered and my ears perked. I was hungry.

"Let's go then," I said as I scanned the area we had stopped in. It looked like a food district. When I focused more, I could smell the delicious smells coming from many of the stalls and shops along the street. "Ooh, let's go to that one over there…" I said as I stared at a curry place across from where we were sitting.

"Looks good. Wait here," Uncle Neah said as he walked across the street and abandoned me with his shopping load. A couple of people stared at me and the trolley of bags, but when Uncle Neah walked back with a large amount of food, the stares increased and intensified.

"Uncle Neah, how about we head back to the hotel with the shopping and the food? We can chill for the rest of the day." I suggested as I took some of the food from Uncle Neah.

"Sure… Now the walking and lack of proper food has gotten to me…" Uncle Neah chuckled as he put the food in a spare bag and put it in the trolley.

"Did you eat anything at the game?" I asked.

"Not really…" I shot Uncle Neah a glare. "What? The game was pretty intense and I didn't want to leave my seat the whole game…"

"Whatever, let's just head back…" I sighed and walked back in the direction of the parking lot.

After an uneventful drive back to the hotel and an uneventful late lunch, Uncle Neah had gone down to the bar downstairs to drink. I decided that it was time for a cat nap.

As I curled up in the soft duvet covers on the bed, my phone rang. I groaned as I answered it with an annoyed 'hello?'.

"Allen? Sorry, did I wake you?" It was Lenalee's voice.

"You woke me from falling asleep… Anyway, what's up?"

"Well, I just ran into Neah in a hotel bar… So I'm assuming that you're in the same hotel?"

"Wait, you're here?"

"Yeah. Do you mind if I come up and visit at all?" Lenalee asked.

"Not at all…" I gave Lenalee my room number and soon enough, she was knocking on my door.

"Allen!" she said and pulled me into a hug. Which I returned, of course.

"Hey Lenalee…" I said and released her.

"How are you? Lavi told me everything." I sighed and led Lenalee to the couch.

"Well, I'm not exactly feeling the best, but Uncle Neah made it disappear for a while by taking me shopping to get back at Father and Mr Bookman." I replied.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Well, it started out like this…" I re-told Lenalee what Uncle Neah had told me while he was at the football game.

"Man, your father and Lavi's father really hate your relationship with Lavi that much…" a tear leaked from the corner of her eye.

"Hey… you don't have to cry over it…" I said softly. (Mind you, it looks harsher than it sounds…). Lenalee wiped the tear away and smiled.

"It's okay, it just left on its own," Lenalee checked her phone and stood up. "I gotta go and collect my brother from the bar before he gets too drunk… Come with?" she asked.

"Yeah, may as well get Uncle Neah before he comes up with a random woman…" I laughed and Lenalee did too.

After we had exchanged goodbyes and had our respective relatives on our shoulders, we parted ways.

"Good god Neah… You're heavy…" I groaned as I heaved him into the elevator. Uncle Neah giggled as he fell to the floor in a slump.

"Hee hee… I'm flying…"

"Oh lord you're really drunk…" I groaned as the elevator stopped at our floor. I picked up Uncle Neah and fell on my stomach as he decided his legs were jelly. I shadow loomed over me.

"Do you need some help?" a familiar voice asked.

"Yeah…" I replied and I heard a gasp.


"L… Lavi?"


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