Financial Situations

A/E I think Claire might be my favorite... Who's yours?

Sept.26th, 4:00PM

Claire's Room

Claire Lyons was sitting on her bed, talking to her mother about a new wardrobe.

"But mom! Urban Planet and Old Navy don't CUT it here at OCD. See," Claire proceeded to jab her bitten nails at the phrase in the OCD Termbook, 'All students are encouraged to express their personal style.'" She read aloud. Her mother breathed a sigh. Claire smiled, knowing her mother had given up.

"All right, Claire bear. Let's go now and we'll see what there is at Target, Macy's and Winners, alright?"

Claire, overjoyed, lept up to hug her mother. "Come on mom! No time to waste!"

She pulled her mother eagerly out the door, while her mother laughed, all the way to the car. Claire really missed this, ever since the recession.

4:30PM, The Mall: Old Navy

"What about this, mom?" Claire held up an Old Navy shirt that said, 'Hi' in the front and 'Bye' in the back. It was very cute, with bows on the shoulders and an eye cut on the back. Judi Lyons' eyes immediately zoomed to the price tag. It stated, '$15.30'. She sighed.

"All right dear. Do you want to go to Walmart now?" Judi asked her daughter, who clutched her purchases close to her chest.

"Mom... I... Can we try Aéropostale?" Judi gasped, but seeing Claire's face fall, she patted her disappointed daughter's golden hair. 'What's a little window shopping?' Judi thought to herself.

"We can try, doll. But no-" She was cut off by excessive amounts of squealing. "Ah-eee! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Immediately, Claire rushed out of Old Navy and made a beeline for Aéropostale, the legendary store.

5:00PM The Mall: Aéropostale

"Whoa..." Claire breathed. She scanned the row, stopping at neon green jeans. She smiled, knowing green was her favorite color. When she tried them on, they were The Pair. The pair that every girl needed, the ones that fit her like a glove. Neon would certainly make a statement, for her beginning year of gr.9. She stood at the counter, waiting for the price. "$10.99," the cashier said in a bored tone. These were on sale, and even cheaper than her shirt! 'This is turning out to be a good day.' Claire thought, as she and her mother proceeded to Claire's (ironically) for her school bag.

5:30PM The Mall: Claire's

She roamed about the bag section aimlessly, staring jealously at the store next door, the designer FADed's glass panes shining, straight at Claire's face. They seemed to mock her, 'You can't afford me, you can't afford me...' Claire shook her head, knowing this was ridiculous. She turned to her mother, and started in on the begging. "Mom... Can I go take a look?" Claire asked with her best puppy-dog eyes. Her mother looked at Claire's face once, and shooed her out.

"Go on, dear. I'll be right there." Judi smiled at her daughter. Claire hugged her mother again, and shot out of the store like a bullet. Judi looked down at her worn old wallet, and her eyes filled with tears. Her credit cards were over-budgeted, Jay was struggling, they couldn't even buy groceries, and Judi hadn't gotten anything new for over 20 years. But, like any other mom she refused to talk to her children about the situation, for fear they would be reclusive. She wanted them to have the best life they could possibly have, and even if that meant an extra $30-40 or so over budget, then so be it.