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Gallagher Elementary Auditorium

The auditorium was quiet at Gallagher Elementary. The audience of vampires and other monsters sat and watched patiently within the pitch-black darkness. Jack O. Lantern walked upon stage as a spotlight lit up his appearance. "Thank you all for coming. Today, we witness what will be history's most memorable union. The marriage… of Count Dracula… and Countess Danika."

The audience applauded as Jack stepped aside. The spotlights shone on the center as the floor opened up. Smoke was released as a roulette wheel rised from below, and Danika Anderson was cuffed to it. Her head was hung down as Count Dracula walked upon the stage. The Vampire Lord approached his would-be wife and touched a finger to her chin, making her look up. "My beloved…" he grinned evilly.

"Hmph." She turned away with her grumpy look.

"Vhat is wrong, my sweet?"

"Like I'd ever marry you. Some soulless demon like yourself. I only have one husband, and Nolan will send you back to your grave when he gets down here."

"Your faith is questionable. Nolan vas doomed before I had even anticipated this. Now chin up, dearie. You and I vill be very happy together. Allow me to sing… what has dwelled in my soul for oh-so very long." Jack O. Lantern played a piano as he spoke, and continued playing as Dracula began to sing upon the stage.

Vhen I vas born in this vorld… knew I only pain and tears!

My heart lay in sorrow… for hundreds of years.

A beast I had become. Feeding off blood

Of innocent souls who vere as tortured as MINE.

I lived in darkness! The cold of the night

I knew only the sound of fear and fright.

But lo and behold, a miracle! Warmth had entered my heaarrt!

An angel! Black as night itself!

A will stronger than Azelf!

And I had decided… she must be mine now

I had to marry her

But alas, fate betrays me!

For one already holds her!

And so I knew…

Not so soon that I vould be dating herrr…

Dracula fell to his knees with a look of hopelessness. The audience, as well as Jack O. Lantern, began to drip tears.

"Ugh! Are they actually buying this garbage?" Danika said, disgusted.

"Just shut up and look pretty." Dracula ordered. Danika rolled her eyes.


The transporter dropped the heroes off just across the street from the school. Several monsters and vampires tried to attack them, but Scary Godmother launched spells to keep them away. "Crystal, Jack, we're going in to put a stop to this wedding." Nolan decided. The two nodded. "Dillon, you and your friends just stay with Scary Godmother and try and find someplace safe until this is over."

"Why can't I go in?" Dillon asked. "She's MY mom…"

"There's no guarantee we'll survive this battle."

"Even though we usually do." Crystal mumbled.

Nolan rolled his eyes, "But if we don't, I'm trusting you to keep everyone else safe. Just find someplace to hide, and… leave it all to me."

Dillon thought for a second, then nodded. "Okay, Dad. I know you'll come back to us!"

Both groups split up as Nolan, Jack, and Crystal headed for the school. Before they could get enter the front doors, a vampirized Teen Tornado jumped in their way. The vampire snarled and hissed, and the team of three readied for battle. But suddenly, a sword flew over and penetrated the vampire's side. They looked to their left as Mario Ramsey rolled toward them in his wheelchair. "Ya gotta love it when convenient crap like this happens."

The crippled man removed the sword from the vampire's body. The group watched as the white and black colors on Tornado's form slowly reverted back into their regular colors, his clothing still torn as he lay unconscious. "I thought you'd be needing help." Mario said. "So I whipped up my own anti-vampire toxin, and hid the syringe inside of this sword. It's made of all the stuff vampires hate, a few wooden splinters, and even holy water. Mixed with some special healing medicine, it's able to cure the effects of vampires. And when used on someone like Dracula, it won't come to pleasant."

Nolan smirked as he took the sword in his hand, studying the blade. "It doesn't have much left, so better use it on Dracula. Killing Dracula will cause all of the other vampires created by his curse to change back. Of course, while it may be able to damage him, there's no guarantee of destroying him without a handy bit of sunlight."

"I've got a plan for that." Crystal said. "But let's get in there before Danika ends up having two husbands." With that, the group headed inside and made their way to the auditorium.

In the auditorium

So long I have vaited

For a chance to be mated

Someone to SIT by! Upon my carriaaaaage! Dracula sang upon the stage, earning eye-rolls from Danika.

As I take now your hand

Like sweet contraband! He knelt down on one knee before Danika with a pleading look.

I ask for your hand… in marriaaaage.

Danika cocked a brow. "What?"

Dracula stood up and got his face closer to hers. "You vill give me your hand…" He faced the audience and exclaimed, "IN MARRIAAAAAGE!"

The audience burst into cheers.

"Can I divorce you afterwards and get half of your fortune?" Danika asked. A drumroll was heard, and part of the audience laughed.

Dracula glared and gritted his teeth in anger. "You vill not vant to. You will feel so much more satisfied, married to me…"

"I consider taking safety precautions having sex with a diamond-skin man." Danika joked. Another drumroll was heard, and the audience laughed some more. Dracula became more angered, but continued to sing.

I vill feast on your neck and confine you to Hell!

Vonce YOU ARE a vampire, you'll feel so swell!

Marriage vill bond us 'til death do we part.

'Course, eternity for both, see, if ve have no heart!

SO MARRY ME, DANI! He zipped beside her and pressed her head to his as he waved his hand out.


The music stopped for a minute as Jack O. Lantern led Black John Licorice on stage, the pirate holding what looked like a Bible in his hands. "I told ye. I'm only a licensed priest on my ship."

"Just marry them!" Jack yelled, sitting back at the organ.

"Fine." Jack strummed the organ's keys as Black John opened his Bible and sang-

By the power vested in me

By the state of Virginia!

Danika shut her eyes as Dracula proceeded to bite into her neck. But just then, the orchestra sounded again when Nolan, Jack Skellington, and Crystal dropped on stage. Jack S. kicked Black John away while Nolan grabbed Dracula and pushed him away from Danika.

Nolan: AVAST! Ye SAVAGE beast! Nolan exclaimed, drawing his sword.

Dracula drew his Nightmare Sword and sang-

Dracula: NAY! Vhy art thou here? ! Thine should be DEEAAD!

Everybody gasped in utter shock.

"Actually, it's either 'thee' or 'thou'." Crystal corrected.

Nolan: Nay! I have returned now! To take Dani back, now!

For you see: Nolan faced the audience, the music stopping at the sudden strum of violins. She is my WIIIIIIFE!

The audience gasped, and several vampire ladies fainted from the surprise.

Jack Skellington skidded to the middle of the stage and rapidly flipped pages of a dictionary.

Jack: The USE of words expressing something other than what was ex-PECT-ed!


The audience erupted with applause.

Dracula: Ugh! I have captured her husband and left him for dead

'Tis true. 'TIS TRUUE.

I vanted to surprise her and bring her his head.

On my blade, it vould rest, and symbolize our love


Dracula's emotions made members of the audience weep.

"Ugh. This has got to be the worst excuse for an opera ever." Danika said.

Nolan: You have wasted your journey in winning her heart,


She loves me so, and she loves you not.

Your heart could never be something that came close to hot.

A man with a nose that produces no snot.

NOW DEMON! May I destroy you ON THE SPOOOT!

Crystal waved her staff and called, "Lumos Herem!" Everybody shut their eyes when a powerful explosion of sunlight emerged from the staff, causing Dracula to back away. The vampire squinted his eyes and glared heroes. The sunlight seemed to have no effect as he fully uncovered his vision.

Dracula: NAY! For thou hath failed…

Artificial light does not hurt MEEEEEE!

Crystal cancelled the spell as the audience cheered. Nolan stepped forward with his sword drawn.

Nolan: Surrender, right NOW. Or face the tip o' my blade!

Dracula: Go ahead! Lest before you fall in my SHAAADE!

They both raised swords and began to clash. Tension rose in the audience as Jack Skellington launched his Soul Robber to wrap around Dracula's wrist, but the vampire grabbed the green flubber and swung Jack into Nolan. Nolan jumped up and launched his grappling hook upward, hauling himself up to the stagelight area. Dracula spun around and shot up to his same platform as both faced each other with swords raised on the narrow walkway.

Nolan: You shaaan't succeeeed, mi amigooo.

Dracula: I viiiill proceeed, mi amigooo.

I vill have her as my bride

I vill not stand aside.

Nolan: Vampire or no

She will never love you, so


"Uck. Someone kill me…" Danika mumbled, annoyed at all of this singing.

Dracula: NAY! Vhy should I?

Vhen I can't have one of my OOOOOWN.

Once more, the audience gasped. Dracula dropped down onto the stage. The spotlight shone on him as he walked forward and sang.

I vonce vas betrothed to a beautiful maid.

She vas the apple of my eye, and I thought I'd get laid.

Crystal and Jack exchanged weirded glances.

But alas, I have passed, stolen from by beauty.

But great miracle! King Nightmare hath taken his duty!

He gave me a brand new liiife!

My skin cold. But my emotions remain freeesh!

I had to go greet her!

I had to come meet her

And reveal my newly revived soul!

But alas! She vas betrothed… to another.

Everyone gasped.

Dracula glared at Nolan and sang-

And so, if I could not have mine… VHY SHOULD YOOOU?

Crystal: I can't believe Count Dracula, so unforgiving.

Jack: I can't BELIEVE everybody's just ad-LIIIBBIIING.

Nolan dropped down on stage and aimed his sword as he sang-

Nolan: Thou shouldst not blame me

For troubles of the past.

You could have found another

You still could have last.

Dracula: BUT I HAVE, don't you see?

I'm in LOVE with Dani!

By taking one who was your own

I'll kill two BATS vith vone stone!

Vhen she vears ring on her finger

And you no longer linger!

Just listen, as the audience cheers!

They vant ME, their ruler, to end their fears!

And I vill, vonce you are dead

Watching as you die in your dread

Danika vill vatch me mount your head ON-

Dracula raised his sword and was about to strike Nolan, but stopped when he noticed Danika was no longer cuffed on the wheel. "VHAT? ! Jack O. Lantern!" He angrily faced his accomplice.

Jack O. Lantern glanced both ways and sang-


They all looked toward the audience as the many monsters and vampires were starting to pile out. "Well, that was a rip." A Nightmare said.

"Worst play ever." A vampire man said.

"Come on, let's go watch a movie about blood!" a vampire kid exclaimed.

Soon, all of the seats were cleared of viewers. "No! Vait! Arrrgh!" Dracula angrily faced Nolan. "Thanks to you, Batman, Count Dracula now looks like a fool. No matter… I vill destroy you yet. If you have the will, come up… and face me." On that note, Dracula glided to a dark corner and vanished.

"Heehee! Buh-bye!" Jack O. Lantern grinned and used his scythe to vanish in a cloud of smoke.

Danika Anderson then emerged from a shadow behind the roulette wheel. "Dumbass clearly forgot I was a shadowbender. And why the heck was I strapped to a roulette wheel?"

"Doesn't matter." Nolan said. "You guys look for Jack. I'll go after Dracula. I have a feeling where he might be." With that, Nolan ran through the exit and shot his grappling hook to the roof, shooting upward.

Clocktower Balcony

The Batman dress-up climbed onto the school's roof balcony, the area barely lit up by the large full moon and the light emitting from the clock upon the tower. Nolan York stood in place and kept his guard up, searching for the vampire. "I am impressed… Nolan." Nolan jumped around and faced the side of the clock tower. A pair of orange-green eyes stared at him from the darkness as Dracula stepped forward. "In my entire existence, I have encountered only two mortals who could last many moments within my presence… and not become Children of the Night. I vould almost assume you are the very reincarnation of Batman."

"Hehe… that's kinda funny, since I'm sort of reincarnating some other hero at the moment."

"Yes… I know of your miserable existence as Sandman. Vhat a shame your life must be… having to tire yourself out daily. Forced to ignore your precious offspring…"

"Well, it's worth it… to protect him from bloodsucking scum like you."

"Oh, but you vould do so much better." Dracula smirked. "Join me, Nolan. Allow me to taste your blood. Vith powers like mine, you could be invincible. You vould never grow tired… you could have all of the free energy you desire. Enough for bringing justice to all who oppose you… and being vith your son. Or… vould you rather avoid him… for your entire life?"

"I gotta say, Genious was better at persuasion than you. I don't need to sign my soul away to some monster just to spend time with him. Even though I'd rather spend more time with him… I'm still okay with working to keep his world safe. And I will make time. But only after I've finished you." He raised his sword.

"Hmm… such bravado for a simple… human. You possess the heart… but you lack the common sense. To challenge a being like me. Then be prepared to face your end under the darkness. Take a long look at the moon, Nolan, for it vill be your final glimpse of light… as all of the blood is spilled from your throat." (Play the Count Spankulot Boss Theme from Kids Next Door: Operation: VIDEOGAME.)

Boss fight: Count Dracula

Nolan lunged forward and swung his blade, but the vampire dodged aside and kicked him away. Dracula drew out his Nightmare Sword and ran to strike Nolan, but the Batman jumped to his feet and started clashing against the sword. Nolan was able to make Dracula swerve to the side, and was able to lay two strikes against the vampire before Dracula flipped back into the darkness. Nolan entered the shade of the clocktower, swinging in attempt to strike Dracula. However, the vampire jumped out of the darkness from behind and kicked Nolan against the wall. Nolan stood up and turned to face him, but Dracula had vanished, and Nolan was kicked from behind again.

"There is no vay you can vin, you know." Nolan searched the balcony for him, but found no sign of Dracula. "There is novhere you can run." Nolan quickly swiped behind him when he felt Dracula walk past, but missed. "But I have many places to hide." He felt Dracula's figure slide by his side and attempted to strike, but missed once again. Nolan faced ahead as the vampire appeared before him under the clocktower. "Vhen I discovered you vere not the real Batman… I vas disappointed. Vhen I had returned to this vorld, I vanted so desperately to end his life, and drink his blood. …You are a dissatisfying replacement. It might not be a satisfying kill, even… your son vould not even miss you. But ve will see how he feels vonce you are gone… then, you vill wish you had become vampire."

"I won't have to find out!" A voice suddenly spoke. Nolan and Dracula looked up in surprise to see Dillon York standing atop the clocktower. "What's wrong, Drac? Afraid what people will think of that costume? Don't be shy! Let's shed a little light on it!" The Robin dress-up shot his grappling hook at one of the balcony spotlights and made it tilt and aim against the wall where Dracula stood, the vampire shielding his eyes from the brightness. Dillon launched at all of the other searchlights and made them point onto the balcony, so Dracula had nowhere to run.

When Dracula uncovered his vision, he was too late to avoid as Nolan ran and kicked him against the railing. With his defenses weakened, Nolan proceeded to lay a few punches and kicks against the vampire before he recovered, slipped behind Nolan, grabbed him by the shoulders, and threw him aside, but Nolan flipped back up and drew his sword as he and Drac began to clash.

"All right, Dad!" Dillon cheered, unaware of the shadowed being rise behind him. Dillon's shadow, Mario tapped Dillon's shoulder and made him turn around, and Dillon dodged just in time before Jack O. Lantern brought his scythe down.

"YOU'RE done interfering, kid!" Jack began swinging his scythe aimlessly in attempt to slice the shadowbender, but Dillon leapt and kicked the pumpkin man, knocking him over the edge. Dillon looked down and watched as his dad grabbed Dracula by the neck from behind and hauled him overhead, slamming him to the ground. Dillon became excited as Nolan leapt in the air and attempted to stab Dracula, but the vampire was able to flip back to his feet and avoid him.

That's when Jack O. Lantern climbed back up and tried to strike Dillon, who yelped and ran away just in time.

After avoiding the Batman's deathblow, Dracula glided away to the other balcony. Nolan followed and kept his sword raised as he searched the darkness for the bloodthirsty monster. He saw Dracula pop out, but the vampire quickly retreated into a shadow. Dracula popped out beside him, and Nolan jumped away as Dracula opened his cape and released a swarm of bats. The black bats surrounded Nolan, forcing him to aimlessly swing around to knock them away. Dracula grabbed Nolan from behind and hurled him behind, but Nolan was still standing as he went to clash with Dracula some more.

After knocking Jack out of the way, Dillon shot his grappler to make the spotlights aim onto the balcony, alighting Dracula's form. The vampire defended quickly when Nolan started swinging his blade. Nolan crouched and did a spin-kick to knock Dracula down, then leapt into the air in attempt to pierce him again. Dracula swiftly avoided and glided around the balcony, trying to strike Nolan from all directions, but the Batman was quick to avoid as he tried to strike back. When Dracula launched at Nolan again, Nolan threw gas bombs at the ground and exploded smoke everywhere. Dracula flinched slightly, and Nolan dashed behind to lay blows against Dracula. Dracula grabbed his arm and attempted to haul him overhead, but as he did, Nolan was able to catch Dracula's head between his legs and tried to twist it. The vampire's head was too strong, however, and the Batman was shaken off.

Up above, Dillon kept jumping and dodging Jack O. Lantern's swings. Dillon pulled out a flash-bomb and threw it before Jack, stunning the pumpkin for a brief moment. When the flash died down, Jack searched the area for Dillon. The boy used Shadow Veil to sneak behind Jack, then jumped, gripped his head, and cupped hands over his eyes. Jack wobbled around, swinging aimlessly, until both of them fell over the edge of the tower. Dracula and Nolan watched as the two fell and broke through a ceiling window, dropping into a classroom below.

Jack jumped to his feet and bolted into a hallway as Dillon gave chase. Jack halted when a flubbery whip lashed in his path, wielded by Jack Skellington. Jack S. wrapped his Soul Robber around Jack L.'s scythe and attempted to pull it away, but Jack L. allowed him to pull it, along with himself, abling Jack L. to kick Jack S. directly in the face and knock him back. The pumpkin man grabbed his scythe and hurried away.

As Jack L. turned down another hall, he stopped when Chris, Maddy, and Zach, in their animal forms, stood in his way, Zach giving a vicious snarl. Crystal Wickens dropped from the ceiling behind Jack, who jumped around to face her just in time. "HUMOS!" She yelled a spell that released some dark pink gas from her staff around Jack's head.

Jack O. Lantern stood in place, wondering about the purpose of this gas. He gave an evil smirk. "HA! I'm not effected by laughing gas! Take a look: no nostrils!" He pointed two fingers at where his nostrils would be.

"Well, that was rip- WHOOAA- UUH!" Zach suddenly tripped on a discarded banana peel and slid headfirst into a closer. "Ohhh… OOF!" A metal bucket then fell from a shelf and covered Zach's head.

Jack smirked lightly, feeling the chuckles coming on. "Huhuhuhuhu…"

"Oww…" Zachary moaned, wobbling out of the closet with the bucket still on his head. "Who puts a banana peel in the middle of-" The tiger stepped in the janitor's mop-bucket and slid across the hall, hitting the wall again.

"Hehehehehehehe…" Jack chuckled.

"Hey, what's goin' on? Yo, Maddy, where the heck is-" Scary Godmother smirked and launched an ice spell at the floor, causing Zach to slip and flip upside down, the water from the mop-bucket getting all over him.

"HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Heeey! Stop laughing at-" Scary Godmother cast a spell above Zach, dropping a safe onto his body.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WAAAH hahahahaha! AHH hahahaha hahahaha!" Jack continued to laugh and laugh.

While he was laughing, he was too distracted to notice as Crystal approached him and took his scythe. "They say there's nothing sweeter than a child's laughter. BUT, I suppose a laughing skeleton man suffices, too."

"HAA ha ha ha ha ha ha!..."

Back on the roof

Nolan and Dracula were still throwing punches and kicks at the other. Nolan grabbed the vampire's arm and pushed him forward, making him wobble, then ran to deal sword blows against him some more. At this time, Dillon climbed back to the ledge below the clocktower and continued to watch the fight. Dracula vanished into a shadow and retreated to the next balcony, and Nolan followed. The Batman kept his sword raised and readied to strike him again. Dracula suddenly appeared from the shadows and kicked the sword away from Nolan's hand and over the railing. Nolan spun around and tried to punch him in the face, but when his fist made contact with Dracula's hard skin, no light to weaken him, Nolan felt pain surge through him.

Dracula smirked and immediately grabbed Nolan's arm, wrapped it behind him, then kicked the man to the ground. Nolan tried to stand, but Dracula pounced and kept the man down.

"Dad!" Dillon yelled. He went beside the clocktower's gears and yelled down, "My dad's in trouble! We've gotta do something!"

Below the gears of the clocktower, Crystal and Scary Godmother heard his echoes, the moonlight shining down and giving the dark room a dim light. "What can we do?" Crystal asked. "Vampires are weak against sunlight, but Lumos Herem was no good."

"Well, actually… the only other light that could work is a holy light, like the Patronus Charm." Scary Godmother said.

"Aw, great! I still don't know how to do that!"

"You can do it, Crystal." Scary Godmother encouraged. "Just think of your most happiest memory. Focus your energy, and release it in one big burst of light."

Crystal took a breath. "Okay." The green-skinned witch stepped directly below the tower's geared shaft. She closed her eyes and did her best to focus her energy as she aimed her staff upwards. "Expecto… Patronum… Expecto… Patronum…"

"Errgh!" Nolan grunted as Dracula gripped his head, making him face up.

Dracula whispered closely in Nolan's ear, "Vhen I am finished eating… he is next." His mouth loomed closer, wide open as his fangs were ready to bite. (End song.)

Crystal shot her eyes open and cried, "EXPECTO… PATRONUM!"

Crystal's staff exploded with a powerful light that shot up through the clocktower. Just before Count Dracula could finish Nolan, he turned and stared wide-eyed at the explosion of light. "EEEUUUUAAAAHHH!" His eyes burned from the brightness, and his skin began to sizzle. He gripped his head and shook around in intense pain as Nolan took this time to recover. Dracula's head already began swelling, and the vampire fell and wobbled around on his back. He felt a shadow come over him, squinting his eyes at a faint look of Batman's image. "You… vhat ARE you?..."

"I am… the Night." Nolan spoke softly. "I am… Justice. I am… the Sandman. …And you're just dust." Nolan raised his blade, leapt high into the air, and penetrated the sharp metal through Dracula's chest.

"EWUUUUHHH! EEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAACCKK…" Dracula shook and shuddered even faster. Quickly, his skin and clothes dissolved, and only a skeleton remained. The remains of the evil vampire continued to shake until it was totally dissolved into dust. A calm wind came and made Nolan's cape blow along, and the dust that was left of Dracula blew off into the distance as the full moon shone in the heavens.

"…I have always WANTED to say that!" Nolan exclaimed.

From above the clocktower, Dillon chuckled.

Nolan then proceeded to pick up the Nightmare Sword from where Dracula stood. He looked down again and also took notice of the Lunar Locket, and took that as well.

In front of the school

Jack O. Lantern was on the ground, gripping his stomach as he cackled wildly. Tears nearly dripped from his eyes as the band of operatives surrounded him with angry glares. "Huhuhu, what're gonna do? ? I have eternal life! AHH ha ha haa!..."

The kids stepped aside as Darkrai appeared from the shadows. Nolan and Dillon approached the newly restored Nightmare King as Nolan presented him the Nightmare Sword. Jack O. Lantern continued to laugh uncontrollably as Darkrai calmly approached him with his sword. "HAA hu hu hu hu, AACK HA HA ha ha ha… WAAH HA ha ha ha ha…"

In just a split second, Jack's head was clean off his body. While his laughing stopped, his face kept that excited grin as Zach Murphy and Mason pounced over in their tiger forms, proceeding to eat away at the smashed pumpkin.

"It's so sad how such sweet pumpkins can become so evil." Mr. Pettibone sobbed.

"Okay, Crystal! Are ya ready?" Scary Godmother grinned.

Crystal Wickens raised the magic scythe skyward and exclaimed, "Transfiguro! Expecto PATRONUM!"

A beam of light whooshed into the air and lit up the night sky. Everybody watching stared with amazement as a blue aura lit up the land, and tiny, blue sparkles began to drop everywhere.

Outside Chariton Household

Lucario kept bashing the fake's face against the ground, but as the blue sparkles came down, he stopped when its body suddenly changed back into Sunni's, her expression dizzied and her hair messy. "Thank GOD."

"Waaah- Uuh!" Darcy, having turned back into her old self, fell to the ground with a thud.

"Mew?" Mew raised a brow, questioning what just happened.

Heartly Household

Kami and Jeremiah were on the ground, their hair rapidly tugged by the apeified members of The Gang. But when the sparkles came down, the apes changed back into humans, who stared in confusion. "Uuuh… why am I tugging mah mama's hair?" Kimaya asked.

"Well, so much for getting my hair cleaned." Jeremiah said. However, Kaleo suddenly jumped on his head, digging through his hair for lice to eat.

Somewhere along coast of Los Angeles

"Aaaahhh!" Eric screamed, running from the Cylon hunter.

"Howwwwllll!" Lulu howled, running from the werewolf hunter.

"OW!" The two bumped into each other and fell on their behinds, staring at each other. In just a few seconds, the blue sparkles touched their bodies, and they changed back to normal.

"Hehe… I'm back!" Eric exclaimed, relieved.

"Me too!" Lulu exclaimed.

Just then, both hunters popped out from behind opposite bushes. "Haha! Gotcha, Cylon!"


"AAH! !" Both kids yelped, ducked, and caused both hunters to shoot each other. The kids glanced up, making sure the two were dead. They sighed in relief.

Dickson Household

Chad Dickson quivered under his blanket in the dark of his room, terrified of where his ghostie wife would pop out. Emily Dickson was phased through the ceiling, the white ghost giggling mischievously. However, her body flashed, and she was back to normal. "Waaah!" she fell with a thud atop her husband. She grinned nervously at him, and Chad smirked, pushing her to the floor. However, she turned into her own ghost form, and went- "BOO!", scaring him from behind.

"WAAAH!" He fell out of bed, and Emily giggled.

Louisiana Bayou

A gang of crocodiles danced giddily to the music coming from Hoagie's tiny banjo as the tiny frog strummed the strings. "Hoagie, shouldn't we be getting outta here?" Abby whispered.

"Relax, Abs. Long as Hoagie's got the goods, these crocs will party till it's-" He silenced himself when they suddenly changed back to normal. They glanced both ways in fear as the crocodiles snarled. "WAAAHH!" They zipped away at high speed, the crocs chasing after.

Downtown Cleveland

The Three Stooges were still at their struggles of poking eyes and other parts of each others' bodies. However, the curse wore off, and the Gilligan Triplets stopped and exchanged stares. After a few seconds, the kids resumed their poking fiasco.

Sweet Revenge

Stickybeard and his Candy Pirates whimpered with fear in a corner of their ship as the zombies drew closer and closer. However, the blue sparkles caught the pirates' attention, and before their eyes, the zombies turned back into regular children. "WE'RE SAVED, me hearties!" Stickybeard cheered, hugging his crewmen.

"Uhh, what's happening?" one of the boys asked.

"YARR, GIVE US yer CANDY!" Stickybeard ordered as the pirates raised their swords.

The kids screamed and ran as the pirates chased.

Outside Frantic Household


Elijah kept desperately jumping for his Rayman-wife, but she was far too high in the air, her balloon form puffing higher and about to pop any second. However, the blue sparkles poured down, and Elijah shielded his eyes when his wife popped. He gaped in horror, but was relieved when he saw that she had actually turned back to her regular form, falling with a thud to the ground. "Blimey… if I wanted ta be full of hot air, oi woulda dressed loike you."


Rupert Dickson continued to stare and quiver in fear at the vicious dogs. The monsters hissed, and the little kitty shut his eyes to avoid seeing his death. In just a split second, the three flashed. Rupert opened his eyes to find himself back in human form, and Lilac and Berry were adorable half-kittens again as they tackled him and licked him playfully. "Haha, g-girls, cut it out, get offa me!"

EiznekCm Household

Lehcar had smacked the tiny beetle against the wall, and it fell to the floor. Nerehc felt too weak to flap his wings or stand up now. The beetle-boy's eyes widened with horror as his mother's foot loomed over him. The psychotic woman slowly brought her foot down, hearing the bug crack and squish beneath it. However, just in time, the blue sparkles poured in, effecting Nerehc's body. Before he was completely flattened, he poofed back to his regular self, and Lehcar was blown back.

Nerehc stood up and studied himself, amazed and relieved. "I…I'm back! !"

Lehcar stood up and gaped in shock. "Nerehc? ! That was you? !"

"Yes! ! I've been trying to get your attention! What other bug would be dumb enough to come by you?"

Lehcar began to feel horribly guilty. "I…I almost crushed my own son. I'm really sorry, Nerry." She got on her knees and hugged her son.

"It's okay, Mom." Nerehc smiled, hugging back. "You wouldn't be doing your job if you let a worthless bug live."

"Aww… you're too sweet, Son. We're gonna need to improve that…"

"Ugh. I knew I should've killed him." Arorua stated.

Cleveland Park

Cheren was nearly out of breath, but held his sword ready to battle with Palpatine some more. However, the blue sparkles began to pour down. Lin and Panini looked with curiosity as they changed back into their human forms. Cheren was also taken aback by the sparkles, and his body of Link flashed back into his own. He watched as Palpatine's body also flashed, the short emperor groaning as he wobbled. "Nebula!" Cheren hurried over to catch his friend before she fell.

When Cheren pulled off the hood, he found that Nebula's true face had returned as her mismatched eyes looked up into his. "Cheren? What was I just doing?..."

Cheren chuckled. "Nothing. It was all just a little Nightmare, that's all…"

Nebula only giggled, and Lin and Panini smiled.

Teddy Moses Island

The side-war was finished. Lots of ruin lay about the teddy-infested island. As the blue, glowing dots calmly drifted down, the squadrons of naval soldiers' bodies sparkled, and they all transformed back into KND soldiers. Commodore Norrington and his Charmander were also touched, and they were back as Francis Drilovsky and Aurora Uno.

Stewie and Conker lay unconscious, tired from the battle, and Stewie's monstrous abomination was blown to pieces. "Ooohhhh…" Stewie, the hideously amalgamated baby, brimmed with blue as his body returned to normal.

The same thing was happening to Conker, his squirrel body becoming that of a raccoon again, and was once again Sheila Frantic. The wereraccoon groaned in exhaust, wearily helping herself to stand. "Oii… tha' was a wooly… Rodent?" She searched the battlefield for her squirrel comrade. "Oh, no…" She found the armored squirrel lying on his back in a slight puddle of blood. With a saddened expression, she approached and stood over the squirrel, placing a hand over her heart. "'e was a noble warrior… brave… 'eroic… strong… and yet… 'e was mortal…"

That's when Francis and Aurora rushed in. "Sheila! We gotta go! The bomb'll blow up any second!" Francis yelled.

"Ooh! Roight!" Sheila rushed out of there, after her friends.

By the time they all left, however, Rodent the Squirrel awakened, groaning as he studied the puddle of red substance. "Aww… I knew bringing that Jell-O was a bad idea. Conker? Where'd you go?" he called out as alarms blared. "Oh, wait… isn't a bomb supposed to go off any sec-"

The Kids Next Door operatives were finally off the island, sailing away on their ships. They all watched in amazement as the enemy island vanished in a massive explosion.

"Euuhh…euuhh…" Sheila could barely stand, having become sick on the beer she unknowingly drank.

"Hey, Sheila… check this out." Francis said. The Head of Decommissioning helped Sheila to stand, as she, Francis, and Aurora stared beautifully at the explosion which lit up the dark night sky, its light reflecting along the sea. "War… it's cruel thing, Sheila." Francis spoke softly. "It's amazing what we go through just to protect the kids of this world."


"And some people think we're a joke. Some kids just don't understand. While they're safe at home, playing their videogames, eating candy or watching their favorite cartoon… while we're out here, risking our lives just so they can do that. Who're they to say we're a waste… who're they… to tell us…"

"Oi… the beauty…"

"The horror… the horror…"

Sheila reached in her pocket and stared at the can of beer in her hand. Shaking it out of her mind, she tossed the can into the ocean with the rest of the debris.

In the distance, Rodent's screams could be heard as the little squirrel shot like a rocket, creating a straight line of smoke into the sky.

In front of Gallagher Elementary

Sector W, the aliens, and all of the other operatives were suddenly changed back to normal, staring in amazement at their restored bodies. Chris raised his fists in victory, and Zach and Maddy embraced in a hug. Aranea, who was flying around in the sky, fell to the ground with a thud.

Just the same, Nolan York, Crystal Wickens, and Dillon York changed back into their regular forms. Crystal studied her peach-colored skin and rubbed it, smiling in relief. "I'm sorry, but green doesn't do it for me."

Suddenly, the scythe was snatched away from Crystal's hand by a shadow, which happened to be Facilier's shadow as it presented the scythe to its master. Facilier twirled the fake scythe as the Grim Reaper appeared from a puff of smoke, and the witch doctor passed the scythe into the Grim Reaper's hands. "I'll dispose of THIS in the Sanzu River. Ahem… well done, kids. Seems you've taken care of things as always. Now then… time to take ol' Jackie back to the Underworld." The reaper grabbed Jack's headless body by the leg and began to drag him into a portal. "But, anyway… Happy Halloween!" And on those last words, Grim vanished into the portal.

"Irk! Oh, God!" Nolan grunted suddenly, hunched over. "Legs hurt again! No more Batman."

"Here you go." Danika sighed, pushing the wheelchair over for Nolan to sit in. "Though I have to say, I was hoping you'd keep the curse a little longer. At least until we went to bed."

"Ewww!" Leanne, Lee, and Dillon groaned.

"WELL, at any rate… you actually came through for me, Dillon." Nolan said, removing his Batman mask.

Dillon removed his Robin mask and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Eh, it was nothing…"

"Heh… sorry this Halloween didn't turn out the way you expected."

"Are you kidding? This was the best Halloween ever! We saved the world and took out four different bad guys! And hey… all I wanted was to spend time with you. Whether that's trick-or-treating or fighting bad guys… I'm okay with that."

"Well… I'm glad I could make it happen." Nolan smiled.

Several feet away, some Skeleton Soldiers were leading Harry the Werewolf into a Nightmare cop van. "S-Scary Godmother! There's no reason to be rash. I was only kidding! A good trick is perfect for the holiday season, don't you know? Isn't misleading trickery what Halloween is all about?" Scary Godmother rolled her eyes at Harry's petty excuses as the werewolf was shoved into the van, the doors slamming him in. His head popped up behind the barred windows as he dragged on, "I'll make it worth your while! I'll give you whatever you want! I'll pay rent! I'll advertise the Scare Games! You'll have a new broom! A Tromulunimbus 5000, was it not?" Scary Godmother waved her hand, gesturing for the van to drive off. "CDs! DVDs! Old videos of them rockin' musicals, like School House Rock! And it's just…" Harry's voice slowly faded in the distance.

"Well… I guess that wraps up this story!" Godmother grinned and shrugged.

Crystal Household

In the dark of her room, Miyuki was seated on her bed, not a sound was heard as she stared blankly at the dark, spiked mask which rested on her nightstand, which seemed to stare back with an eerie look. The room seemed to turn blacker, and in the distance, the colossal, snake-haired figure stood, watching over the white-haired child. "So… this is the one that understands my pain?" Miyuki lowly asked.

"Yes… this poor soul was shunned years ago by his own people. He was a powerful entity whose heart was torn by the pain and suffering he endured through his discrimination. Seeing no other way, he put his own soul into a mask, awaiting the day someone would wear it, whose heart had suffered the sadness and turmoil as his own."

"I should wear it then…"

"Yes, you should…"

"But… what kind of being was he? What kind of pain… cursed his heart so much?"

"There's no question what kind of pain. All there is to know is… he can ultimately end your pain. End all's pain…"


"I'll let you decide when to wear it… I need to be somewhere. Oh… but you can hear him calling for you… Mm, hm hm hm hm, hm hm hm hm…" The entity faded, and Miyuki's room returned to normal.

Miyuki stood and approached the dark mask. She stood in place and stared into its eyes for several minutes. She could feel its cold stare touching her soul.

In front of Gallagher Elementary

"So, the Lunar Locket is what Dracula used to create an eternal night." Darkrai observed, holding the magical item in his hand. "This device was a creation of Viridi, which she granted to Arlon."

"Oh yeah, he used that to control that giant sanctum." Chris remembered.

"I will use it to put the moon back in regular position. Still, it seems this night still has more to go."

"So, Dillon… how'd you like to come with me, Yuki, and Crystal and help us fight other baddies?" Nolan smirked.

"Heh heh… no thanks. I'm already swamped with Kids Next Door duties."

"Well, then we'll both be doing our jobs. Still, there's… quite a bit of time left 'til this night is over. Whaddya say we go for some last-minute trick-or-treating?"

"Would I? !"

"Hm-hm, go on, you two." Danika chuckled.

"You are a couple a little boys." Crystal smirked.

"Whatever. But we hear you singing to yourself every Halloween morning." Nolan smirked.

"Uhh…" Crystal blushed.

"Let's go, kids. There's plenty of candy out there, and our buckets are empty."

"YEAH!" The operatives cheered and followed Dillon and Nolan as they resumed their trick-or-treating.

"Hey, I only sing to relieve the autumn fever!" Crystal yelled, running after them. "It's really awful! I'm even coughing right now! Cough!" she fake-coughed.

A few feet away, Darkrai and Jack Skellington stood and watched other kids resume their trick-or-treating. "It's a shame these kids got a little more than they bargained for this Halloween." Jack said.

"Perhaps… but thanks to Dracula's curse, the fear that these people expressed was enough to fuel our city. It seems we barely even had to do a thing. Huhu." Darkrai chuckled.

"…So, I guess I'll be heading back to Halloween Town. I won't be seeing you for another year."

Darkrai faced his son. "Jack, wait. Since Dracula did a lot of the work for us… perhaps we may use the extra time to catch up. We can spread nightmares together…"

Jack smiled. "Thank you, Father. But… maybe some other time. I need to return to Sally."

"Heh heh. I'll always be open… Son."

"Oh, Crystal!" Wiccan stopped and turned when Scary Godmother approached her. "When you performed that Patronus Charm… what did you think about?"

Crystal smiled and glanced in Nolan's direction. "When I first met Nolan…" she said with a blush.

"Hey, whatever happened to Yuki?" Nolan asked.

Quahog Graveyard

"Errrrgh…" Yuki Crystal awakened with an aching head, finding himself in the middle of a graveyard. "That Jack guy must've… ditched me here. Hello? Danika? Nolan? Anyone?"


"D'OH!" Rodent shot down and bashed Yuki in the head, knocking him clean out.

Back with the others…

"Ah well. Let's get going." Nolan shrugged.

And sho, Da'ky and his son make fwiend. Dracy and Jacky meets terrible end. De kids walk out for twicks and tweats. Den Sheila comes home wit' blood on her feets.

And Scary and Crystal did flare, their screams echoing through the night air.

Crystal and Scary Godmother flew around in circles on their staff and broom, and they flew in front of the screen as Crystal called to us, "Happy Halloween to all-"

"-and to all a good-" Scary Godmother was interrupted, having to answer her cell phone which suddenly rang. "Hello? What? What do you mean it's December?"

"HO HO HO!" The two witches were blown away when the evil Robo-Santa zipped by them on his rocket-sleigh. The psychotic cyborg glared at the readers and declared, "This is Robot Santa wishing everyone a very horrible Christmas! And now, I expect a story NEXT YEAR. HOOO HO ho ho ho ho!" The evil Santa rode off under the full moon, and disappeared into the night.

So, yes. There's a little preview of a future story, that's not Operation: MASKED. And it'll be written when you LEAST expect it: NEXT CHRISTMAS! ! XP But BOY, I can't wait to get started on Operation: MASKED! ! I'm starting that in March as a 2 year anniversary special for my series! But now I also have Code: XANA to worry about still. Still have writer's block on that. And only two more months until Rayman Legends, babyyyy! Next time, I'll try to work on XANA! Happy Halloween to all, and very spooky holidays! ;D