The Shinobi and the Kido Master
Naruto x Momo
Story Start

Momo found it difficult to enjoy herself at the party. All she wanted was some time to herself, but Matsumoto insisted on dragging her here. The party was in celebration of Aizen's defeat and Momo was still on the fence with things. Her feelings for her former Taichou had let her in a fragile state for nearly a near and it took a lot of counseling to get her this far. Even if the evidence that the man was evil was as clear as day, there was still a small part of her that wasn't willing to let go of the theory that Gin merely manipulated him, no matter how naive that notion was.

So dressed in a dark blue kimono with an arrangement of pale-skinned, painted fairies she found herself amongst the people celebrating the defeat of the former Fifth division captain.

As Momo looked around she saw many of her compatriots mingling. Rangiku, rich with laughter had a drink in her left hand while using her right to make gestures as she told a story to her many males admirers.

And then there was the Eight Division captain, flirting with various pretty faces without missing a beat, and sure enough his Lieutenant was by his side, whatever she said made the man sheepish, but she wasn't wearing her usual stern face.

But what really struck her were all the coupes. The Fourth Division Lieutenant Isane seemed to be getting cozy wth a seated number from the Ninth Division, a giant of Shinigami whose name Momo didn't know.

The relationships of the Taichous and Fuku-Taichous were not something that came up a lot. If there was one thing that was emphasized then it was the separation of personal and professional lives. Momo couldn't help but feel a pain in her heart when she saw Isane and her beau embrace and she couldn't help but feel terrible. She knew how awkward and self conscious the Lieutenant was about her height, but Momo couldn't help but feel a bit sad. To have someone that would love her completely, she thought her Taichou would feel that void, but turns out she was wrong.

" dance."

Momo was suddenly jarred out of her thoughts as she realized someone was talking to her. She suddenly became flustered. "Aah, I'm sorry. Forgive my rudeness!" she hastily exclaimed as she blushed a bright crimson. It took her a moment to recognize who the person was. Tan skin with a yellowish tint, sharp, cerulean blue eyes and spiky blond hair. One could almost mistake him for Kurosaki Ichigo if his hair was a lighter shade and if he didn't grin all the time. It was the First Division 3rd Seat, Uzumaki Naruto. From what she knew of Uzumaki Naruto he was a war hero of sorts when he was alive and next to the veteran captain the oldest among the shinigami. Not much was known about the man, except he was an odd fit for the First Division considering his rambunctious nature. He was dressed in a black kimono with the design of a flame orange fox in front of it. Besides Shihoin Yoruichi, this young man was the only other person to proudly wear the color orange.

"Then let me ask again, Hinamori-Fukutaicho would you do the honor of dancing with me?" he asked, extending his hand with a kind smile. Momo hesitated, her experience with Aizen thought her not to readily trust anyone, no matter how nice their smile was.

She wanted nothing more but to run home, but that would have been rude. She couldn't do that, it wasn't in her nature to intentionally hurt people.

She ignored that feeling at the back of her mind and decided to indulge this one request. "Sure." It would be one dance, then she could make an excuse of not feeling well and turned in early.

That was how the two found themselves on the dance floor. "You'll have to forgive me if I'm not that good of a dance Hinamori-fukutaicho, but you know what they say about us guys. We'll rightly make a fool of ourselves if a girl is cute enough."

Momo couldn't help but blush, was he flirting with her? "N-No, you're doing fine Uzumaki-san."

"Please, call me Naruto." he insisted.

"Then call me Momo." If Momo could she would avoid formalities, at least with people close to her.

"Momo-san it is." as the two danced they began to chat. They found themselves talking and chatting.

"Naruto-san, why did you ask me to dance?" she finally asked as the celebration was starting to wind down. Momo wasn't the most popular girl when it came to looks. Guys preferred tall girls like Isane (who was a bit oblivious) or curvaceous girls like Rangiku. As Toshiro, or Shiro-chan as she called him, liked to remind her she was small chested, a retort in response to her cracks about his height.

"You didn't look like you were having a good time." he answered. "And no," he cut her off. "It wasn't because of pity or anything like that. I kind of understand where you're coming from." he looked around, something passed through his eyes. "Its kind of personal. Can we step away for a moment?" he asked. A bit hesitant, Momo agreed after a few seconds as he led her away from the party. "It hurt you didn't it...Sosuke's Betrayal?" he suddenly asked. Momo froze, her body ignoring her commands as the words on the cusp of her mouth refuse to form. "I...I know what it means to have someone betray you." the bitterness and regret in his voice surprised moment. It took a few moments to recollect her composure as.

"Did you, care about this person?"

"I considered him family and I didn't want to admit it to myself, to accept that he really wanted to kill me and everyone from our old home." at that moment they connected. It was something they could relate too, something that she once only shared with Rangiku who felt a similar betrayal from Gin.

Because of that a connection was formed. Momo felt a little more at ease with this man. This person who in a way, understand how she felt. So much time had past, they were both sure the celebration was probably over by now so Naruto walked her over to the Fifth Division Barricks. "Thank you Naruto-san, I..." she wasn't sure what to say. Enjoyed their talk? Enjoyed the night with him?

She didn't know what to do. She didn't, she didn't want to be hurt again. It wasn't that she didn't like anybody else in Soul Society, but this was the first she felt...normal. He didn't treat her like a basket-case or that she was fragile. He understood what it meant to be in denial and to hope with something with all your heart, and that led to him being able to read her perfectly. "I bid you goodnight Momo-fukutaicho." he spoke up, bringing an end to the silence.

"Yes, goodnight." Momo slid open the fusuma, stepped in and closed it back. She let out a sigh as she went to her bedroom. Step one was to get over Aizen before she even considered falling for someone else, no matter how cute that person's whiskers were.