The Shinobi and the Kido Master
Naruto x Momo
Story Start

Their conversation was of a rather casual nature. Naruto did his best to be as casual as possible. He wasn't much of a conversationalist, but for some reason being around this woman simply fascinated him. "Is it true that you knew Captain Histugaya before he was so strict?"

Naruto always found it so unusual that someone who he was probably several times older in age acted like such a stern and serious person. In their situation one couldn't use the phrase act your age, but it wouldn't kill him to relax a bit.

"We're as close as family. I knew Toshi-Histugaya-Taicho since we were children. He's definitely changed from since then." Hinamori looked slightly embarrassed about this.

"So you played the role of the honorable Onee-sama eh?" Naruto lightly teased as Momo's face darkened even more.

"I didn't really do all that much."

"You're far too modest Hinamori-Fuku-Taicho."

"What about you Uzumaki-san? Do you have anyone you consider family?" she quickly changed the subjects.
"I've met quite a few of my relatives actually. Unfortunately most of them are lower seated members of various divisions. Unfortunately my cousin Karin's temper keeps her from advancing too far in her Division."
"What division is she in?"

"The Fourth Division." Hours passed as the two just happily chattered with small talk. By that time, it was well on into evening.

Naruto couldn't help but laugh when Momo told him about her grandmother figure. "Your Obaa-san definitely sounds like a saint. I have a few scant memories of mine and without a doubt being on the end of her fist is as scary as a blade strike. Does she?" Naruto began trailing off.

"She doesn't know the full extent of what happened. I hardly have time to visit her anymore, especially whenever I'm troubled." Despite the use of euphemism it was obvious what she was referring to.

"I see."

"I can't say I understand your situation. Though in more than one situation I feared letting the people I cared about down. Those I cared about have also died because of my mistakes, but I choose not to dishonor them by becoming sullen about my mistakes, but choosing to work towards improving and making sure that I live for the present and future."

With that silence overtook them, the Vice-Captain taking his words to heart. They soon took notice that it was starting to get late. "I would feel rude keeping you out this late without at least offering you supper."
"Before I go? Ah," she thought a moment. "That's too kind of you, but..."

"I insist." He offered, hoping not to come off as too pushy. It was a rather chilling winter evening. Nights like that were ones people often found solace within the comforts of warm covers only to wake up to a surprisingly chilling morning. He made a comment about it, saying he preferred the winter as the summer nights could get unbearable at times considering his warming then average temperature.

Momo herself didn't mind the warm weather. Most likely a holdover from her living life. They had a simple sukiyaki dish with a kanto-style sauce, Warishita.

"I must thank you for this evening Uzumaki-san. It was definitely…interesting, but I'm afraid I have to go."

"I suppose I shouldn't keep the lady out too late. Wouldn't want people to start spreading rumors of a love affair." Naruto suspected he might have gone too far when it looked like the poor girl was going to faint from embarrassment. "Can I see you again? Sometime soon."

Momo's head was swimming. She mentally bemused the fact it was a winter night, or else she could blame the heat on the weather. Uzumaki-san was a mere acquaintance, why was she having this sort of reaction. "I- I don't know," she stammered, honest. She was afraid. Afraid of developing feelings for a man she only know so much about. Never again would she place her heart and mine in the hands of someone.

"I know I'm not lady killer, but I didn't think I'd turned you off from the idea altogether."

"No! No it's not that." She was feeling horribly embarrassed again. She wasn't one to do well in sociable situations. She was a diligent worker who enjoyed activities like painting and reading. As such situations like this was outside her norm. "I...I just won't want to be hurt again. I'm sorry Uzumaki-san, you're a nice guy, but I don't think I can take the heartbreak again. I'm sorry."Her last words were in a near whisper. She felt like such a fool. Uzumaki was probably offended now and was going to ask her to leave his home. Just like so many others he'll dismiss her as weak willed.

"I'm really not good at this romance thing." he replied with a light-hearted chuckle, causing Momo to look up in surprise. "Well, considering my only romantic relationship was with a girl that was already in love with me, I suppose I should have expected things to not be so simple. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable Hinamori-san, I'm still new to this whole courting thing"

Confused, Hinamori stared at him. "Why me? Why show an interest of me? I mean, I'm not the prettiest girl nor do I have the best reputation."

"We all make our mistakes and I think you're plenty beautiful. You're intelligent, you're very loyal and have a ver kind nature. Not to mention you're diligent and you understand pain and struggle, not the false troubles that people bemoan about not to mention you understand betrayal meaning you're less than likely to betray people close to your heart. I like what I see in you, Hinamori Momo. That's the simple and honest truth."

It took a few more seconds of staring before it finally registered that. Slowly, shyly, she smiled, bowing her head. "You like? Despite everything you know about?"

"Of course, I'm not lying to you." he replied with a grin. After all, he was always a blunt person, he never did like lairs. "If you wish we can take things slow or if you're uncomfortable than we can remain friends for now. Either way, you're a nice person and I wouldn't mind getting to know you."

"I..." a scarlet sticker appeared on her face. "I wouldn't mind that sort of thing." she had to keep remining herself that this man wasn't Aizen. That as long as she remained strong and not make him her entire life that he wouldn't have the power to break her. She also knew she shouldn't be afraid of opening her heart again or in the end that man would have won that battle. He would have ruined and hold power over this aspect of her life forever. It was decided that once and for all she was going to take control of her life. She didn't want to be afraid anymore.
And with that, Momo made the first move, the sensation of her strawberry-peach lips pressed that against the blond's honey lips showing that she had an interest of exploring whatever their relationship might be.