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Inspired by the story The kittycat's bodyguard by MaddieRawr354 :3

I don't remember when I got knocked out, but I can't see anything but black. This is getting me pissed off. More importantly, I can smell something. It's really, really strong. It smells so familiar, but my head hurts too much for me to remember why. It's not a pleasant smell either. I open my eyes all of a sudden and try looking around to figure out where I am, but now instead of seeing black, I'm seeing white. It's starting to piss me off even more. Where the hell am I?

"Oh man, oh man…they're definitely going to kill me…" I hear a familiar voice say as I close my eyes again and try to get up. I feel really groggy, like I got hit by a truck. "No, this wasn't on purpose! How could you accuse me of such things! Ow!" Suddenly I remember who the voice belongs to. That damn Shinra. How did I get to his place and why? "Hopefully they're not awake yet. Maybe if they're both in comas for a few months I can have enough time to find cures. Ow! What was that for!?" I then hear silence before that nitwit starts up again; he must be "talking" to Celty. "You're right…it was a bit selfish of me to want them in comas, but if they wake up I'm sure I'll be the one in a coma! Then I won't be able to see you're beautiful face~ OW!"

I get up slowly and look around a bit more curiously. I'm still kind of lightheaded and my body wants me to rest, but I rather not stay here too long or that idiot might want to experiment on me. I then realize why I was seeing white before, it was just a white curtain like hospitals usually have to give privacy for their patients. But Shinra doesn't have something like this, and even if he did why would he need to give me privacy…unless there's someone else here…?

Suddenly I remember why I'm here and what happened. That damn flea caused all this! We were having one of our famous chases (it wouldn't be a chase if he'd just slow down and let me kill him) and then all of a sudden, he slipped up and I finally caught up to him, caught him by the collar and was glaring at him telling him that he was dead and then…I'm pretty sure…we both got hit by a truck…If that's true, then that would explain that stupid stench!

"Ah! Shizuo! Y-you're awake…!" Shinra says after opening the curtains and jumping with surprise.

"Yeah, I'm awake. Mind explaining what the hell you were talking about with Celty?" I ask angrily. "And where's that damn flea!?" Shinra flinches and laughs a little nervously before explaining that he's in the same room, but lying in a bed adjacent to mine with curtains around it. I clench my fists and smirk before practically ripping two sets of curtains out of the way. And glaring down at Izaya's sleeping form. I suddenly am taken aback when I notice something off about him.

"What…the fuck…?" I say as I point at him and then look at Shinra. "What the hell are those things he has on his head!?" I ask a bit more loudly than I should. I then notice the "things" twitching before the flea's eyes open up. At first he just lies there with his eyes slightly opened, probably feeling groggy like I was when I first woke up. Then he noticed me staring and smirked, that stupid smirk he always wears. If I wasn't so surprised and mesmerized by the things on his head, I would be beating the crap out of him.

"Well, this is an unpleasant surprise." The flea says before ruffling the side of his hair. Almost immediately, he noticed something was off; first, that I was looking at him strangely. Then he suddenly pointed at me and starting laughing, which I've seen him do before, but this time it stirred more anger in me than before. I just suddenly started growling at him which made the things on his head twitch in fear.

"What the fuck are you laughing about you damn flea!?" I ask loudly as I grabbed a hold of his collar while still giving him a low growl.

"You look ridiculous with those dog ears on your head!" The flea says before laughing again.

"Dog ears?!" I ask before tossing him back on his bed and checking my head. It's true…it's fucking true…

"I didn't think you could look any more stupid, Shizu-chan, but I guess I was wrong~" Izaya says with a smirk.

"You're one to talk! You have ears on your freaking crazy head too!" The flea just looks at me curiously for a moment, raising an eyebrow and then feeling the top of his head to investigate. Calmly, he turns his attention towards Shinra and smiles as if everything's alright.

"Shinra, I hope you have a good explanation for this." Izaya says a bit menacingly while keeping a semi-straight face. Shinra brings his hands in front of his face to shield himself from any possible abuse. He laughs nervously and asks us to join him and Celty in the living room. When we did get to the living room, Celty was sitting there a bit nervously, probably thinking Izaya and I were going to rip this place to pieces, or even worse (or better) rip Shinra to pieces.

For some strange reason Izaya's eyes flicker with happiness as he jumps beside Celty and…purrs? He sits and waits patiently before Celty pats his head and then scratches the sides of his jaw. If it's possible, his purring grows louder. Where the fuck is that sound even coming from?!

"Well, at least Izaya is enjoying himself." The flea quickly glares at Shinra as if by saying "Shut it" and then continues to purr loudly as he places his head on Celty's lap.

"This is embarrassing." Izaya suddenly states as he probably realizes what the hell he's doing. He sighs as his ears twitch and then gets up to sit next to Celty rather than on her lap. Celty didn't seem to mind that the flea was practically cuddling her up, but I bet Shinra minded. If I was her, I would have pushed him off and slammed his head into the ground. But seeing Izaya all flustered and vulnerable like this is entertaining. I've never seen him embarrassed like this before. I didn't even know he could blush like he's doing now. He almost looks…cute…What the fuck?!

"Well…um…I guess I should explain the whole reason why you both have…um…tails and ears like those." Shinra starts nervously. "Well, you see, I was minding my own business picking up some stuff in town when there was a big commotion at the corner of the street. Curiosity got the better of me and I came face to face with the horrible scene of you two bloody on the floor. Seems you two were hit by a truck." So my instincts were right. Fucking trucks, think they own the damn world or something. That's why I don't drive; I have two legs that aren't broken might as well use them. "I didn't see how it happened and I'm not sure if you both even remember since you both hit your heads pretty hard, but to make a long story short…I brought you both here, patched you guys up, and viola you're both back to being healthy and quite alive!"

"That wasn't short! And, you missed some important stuff. First of all how the hell did I get these stupid dog features!?" I ask angrily.

"Well, you both lost a lot of blood so I had to give you both blood transfusions and…well…the only blood I had on hand was…um…animal blood. Izaya has some cat blood in him and you have some dog blood. I'm not quite sure what breeds they came from…Guessing by the ears, I'd say you're a Siberian Husky or maybe a Malamute? And Izaya, you're probably a Maine Coon, maybe…? Or maybe a Himayalan—"

"Shinra! What the fuck!? What kind of doctor doesn't have human blood?!" I grit my teeth and try to calm down by clenching my fists, but I don't think it's going to work for much longer.

"I'd have to agree with Shizu-chan; considering you're so blood thirsty all the time, it comes as a huge surprise that you don't have any around here!" Izaya yells angrily.

"Well, I'm sorry! I'm not some vampire or something! I don't keep spare human blood in my fridge thinking 'oh I might need this tomorrow, better stock up on more just because!' Besides where would I even get that blood from?! I don't go around in a blood bank truck and steal it from people off the streets!"

I then stare at him menacingly and grab him by the collar. "What are you talking about? I'm looking at a perfectly good donor right here." I say to him angrily. He fidgets in my grip and seems to be struggling hysterically. Izaya walks over to Shinra and puts his hand on my shoulder as he brings Shinra's arm up and taps the spot on the arm where doctors usually draw blood. The flea smiles as he tells Shinra that he agrees with me.

"Ne, Shinra is AB, we're both type O, he wouldn't be able to donate to us at all." Izaya then points out as he pats Shinra's head. "You're lucky that science saved you Shinra otherwise you wouldn't have had an excuse."

Suddenly Celty interrupts and forces her PDA in my face.

[You two should be grateful to Shinra! Sure, maybe it was a stupid move on his part, but what else could he do? It was either use that animal blood or lose his friends! Besides, Shinra said that he's looking for a cure as soon as possible.]

I sigh and put my hands in my pockets. No cigarette box. Damn.

"Well, Celty has a point. No use in trying to kill our only way to return to normality." Izaya says with a smirk.

"Normality? You call what you were before the ears and tail, normal?" I ask the flea with a glare.

"Well, I could say the same about you, am I right?" His tail suddenly stiffens before swaying back and forth gently.

"Guys please, this is no time to fight." Shinra says pleadingly. "Granted, I did make one of you a cat and one of you a dog, but that doesn't mean you have to make that silly myth about cats and dogs hating each other true!"

"We hated each other even before this, Shinra." Izaya reminds him. "You just gave us one more reason to hate each other even more." Shinra rubs his temples before sighing and then looking at me for a moment.

"Don't hate me for this Shizuo…" Shinra grabs something out of his pocket and then shows it to me. I sniff the thing in his hand and notice that its meat…"Sit!" He says to me assertively. I suddenly feel myself kneeling down and then sitting on the floor as if by some kind of magic. My tails suddenly starts wagging happily even though I'm not even trying to. "Good boy." He says before patting my head and giving me the treat. "Stay." I growl a bit but comply with his commands.

"Hahahaha!" The flea starts laughing hysterically. "I didn't think Shizu-chan would be so obedient! But then again, he's always easily manipulated!" Shinra suddenly looks at Izaya with an annoyed expression before heading into the kitchen and retrieving something…is that catnip? Izaya gets up mesmerized by the smell, which I don't find too great and then heads over to Shinra to sit patiently, probably waiting for the treat. He suddenly meows innocently (as innocently as Izaya could be).

"Now that both of you are paying attention, I shall explain what's going to happen. For now, we're going to have to keep you both here until I find a solution to this problem…You'll both have to resume you're daily lives as if by normal, but we'll have to explain the ears and tail…Maybe we could say you're both cosplaying for a while? Ikebukuro makes that seem normal."

"That's stupid." I say as I growl under my breath.

"Like you, ne?" Izaya says with a snicker. I look over to him and growl a bit louder before Shinra makes a clicking sound. I look over to him and see him getting something out of his bag that says something about pets on it. I hope to God that's not what I think it is.

"Here we go." Shinra says as he puts a dog collar on me. I growl lowly at him clenching my fists in disapproval. "I'm not doing this because I have some weird hobby. I placed tracking devices in these collars so if you guys run off—by choice or not—Celty can always find you and bring you two back. Izaya gets one with a bell on it." Shinra is probably having too much fun with this. "Pets often run off and we're not sure whether or not we'll be able to find you two if you guys manage to do so, so this is just a precaution and if anyone asks, it's all part of your costumes."

"This is never going to work." Izaya states with an annoyed expression. "Besides, this bell is irritating my ears. Whose wise idea was it to invent a collar for an animal with keen sense of hearing?"

"Haha, it suits you. It's fucking annoying, like you." I say with a laugh. Izaya's head turns quickly and his hair on his head and fur on his tail suddenly stands up a little. His eyes gleam at me angrily and his ears prick up. "Shinra, that bell is gonna make Izaya ten times more annoying than he already is. It's gonna make my ears bleed. Either you remove the damn thing, or I'll tear it off him."

"Alright, alright." Shinra says as he removes the bell and tosses it unconsciously. Izaya and I keep our sights on it and watch it as it lands in the fish tank. It sinks to the bottom and rests there.

Izaya instinctively heads over to the fish tank and watches the fish as if it were prey.

"I didn't know you had a fish tank." I say to Shinra as I watch Izaya sitting calmly by the fish tank while tapping his tail on the floor slightly.

"It's mostly for decoration. The place seemed kind of boring without something like a fish to watch."

"Shinra, watching a fish is boring; you've basically done nothing to this place, but kept it boring." I state with an annoyed expression. He laughs nervously and scratches the back of his head as he agrees with me.

"Anyway, make yourselves at home." Shinra says happily as he pats my head. "Izaya has sort of already done that since he's a cat; seems to be in his nature."

"Cats, they think they own the damn world." I scoff as Shinra says that I can sit on the couch now, which I do immediately. I hate sitting on the floor; now I know why dogs and cats like to sit on couches. I sigh as I lie down on the couch and feel the dog ears that are on my head. I look up at the ceiling tiredly until I smell a strong scent lingering in the room. Izaya pops his head so he's hovering over me and smirks at me. "What do you want, Flea?" I ask bitterly, showing my canines angrily. My canines are a bit bigger than I remember. Now they feel like fangs or something. I lift up my hand to pull on his cat ear and he hisses angrily in response. I laugh a little as he struggles to make me let go. He then grabs a hold of my arm and bites down hard. "What the fuck!" I say as I let go of his ear and look at the teeth marks on my arm, just below where my wrists. "Fucking louse!"

"That's what you get for pulling my ears; they're sensitive, brute." He hisses again. His tail is swaying violently; I guess he's really irritated.

"No way am I staying here with you, fucking parasite!"

"Well, I don't want to either. In fact, I'm heading out. I have work and there's no way I'm going to be able to get any of it done with some protozoan distracting me. I might catch your stupid." Both of us butt heads and show our fangs as we growl at each; the flea's hissing, not really growling.

"Guys! What have I told you about fighting?!" Shinra says as he enters the living room again. "If you two have to get some fresh air to relax, then by all means please go. Just make sure no one figures out that your features are…really attatched. Got it?"

"Fine." We both say in unison, which makes us look at each other bitterly.

"By the way, both of you have been asleep for a while, but I called Tom for you Shizuo. Izaya, I didn't think you had anyone I could excuse your absence to so…"

"It's fine. I'll call Namie myself." The flea explains calmly.

"Well, anyway, you've kind of both been out for at least four days, so I think it would be best for you two to return to work…despite your current situations." Shinra ponders something for a bit. "If you both exhibit strange behaviors please write them down for me when you can. And if anyone asks, just say you're getting into your character or some other excuse you can make up on the spot. Alright?"

"Yeah, yeah." I say as I get my phone out to call Tom.

"Well, I'm off~" Izaya says as he opens the door and carefully shuts it so he doesn't get his stupid cat tail caught.

"Well, since you guys are gonna be staying here for a while. I'm gonna prepare the guest room." Shinra says as he heads over to said room. I suddenly feel a tug of my tail so I look around and see Celty investigating if it really is attached. I growl at her softly and then turn around.

[Where does that even come out from?]

I sigh as my tail involuntarily starts wagging and my ears twitch a bit. This is going to be a long day.

Izaya's POV

There was no point staying at Shinra's place since there's nothing I can accomplish there, besides that brute is there. As much as I love to pester him, I have no time for it today. I've been off from work for much too long. I'm sure I missed some appointments and such, so I'm going to have to reschedule them as soon as I get to the office. Naime should be there. She better not be on some self-given vacation.

"Look mommy, that guy has cat ears and a tail!" Some kid says as I walk passed him and his mother. His mother tells him to quiet down and to not stare. I'm sure I look obvious and ridiculous, but this city is known for its supernatural and weird occurrences and figures. So, in retrospect, I blend in perfectly here. But Shinjuku is a different story. I'm going to have to buy some tape or something to tape my ears down and try to hide my tail somehow.

"Izaya! Come eat some sushi!" I stop and laugh a little as Simon waves his arms jubilantly.

"Ah Simon, I'd love to stay and eat, but I have to get back to work." I say as my tail suddenly sways back and forth happily. Simon then stares at me suspiciously.

"Dressing up for party?" Simon asks with a smile.

"Yeah, you could say that. Well, I have to head out. See you later." I say before walking off. It's quite a long way to Shinjuku, but I can manage it since I came all the way from there to Ikebukuro to play a game of chase with Shizu-chan. But to think these strange turn of events would happen because of that…

When I finally make it to my office, I find that it's empty, but that there are some finished stacks of papers on my desk. Namie must have left early. Oh well, it's not like I enjoy her company.

I feel a bit overwhelmed, probably by all that has happened. Certainly the news of acquiring feline features would shock anyone into complete tiredness, but I don't think it's the shock that's making me feel so drowsy. Today wasn't so eventful either and to top it all off, it's not that late. I look at the clock hanging on the wall and see that it's only five o'clock in the evening.

Overcome by this desire to sleep, I find myself lying on my couch, curled up. My eyes start to flutter closed and then everything turns black. I wonder if Shizu-chan is experiencing this strange overwhelming desire to sleep. He's such an oaf that he probably just passed out on the floor if he did suddenly feel sleepy…

A/N: Kitty ears and kitty tail. Doggy ears and doggy tail :D I've seen a few pictures of them as dogs and cats and other animals, they were also inspirations to me to write this story xD Please review!