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"I'm really glad gran said yes, how do you like your new room?" Miharu said, letting Yoite jump onto the bed before putting his backpack away. It hadn't taken long to convince Miharu's grandmother, she was able to tell the unrealized bond as well, from the way Miharu was gently holding the cat, and the way Yoite was cuddle into Miharu's stomach, as close as was physically possibly.
"Why do you seem so familiar?…" said Miharu to himself, sitting on the ground and calling the cat.
"Yoite, no, why do I keep doing that?! Will you come here, whatever your name is?" Yoite happily came, the cat was trying to think of a way to communicate with Miharu.
"I wonder... Could I write with my claws? Would it cause Miharu more pain if he knew?... Miharu... Just your name makes me happy, am I greedy to want you to know who I am?" Then Yoite remembered the last thing he saw before he had died, Miharu's face, desperately trying to hold back tears while struggling to smile for his most important person. (In italics) "I can't let him get like that... It looks like Miharu's going to fall asleep, adorable... I'll see if I can write once he falls asleep."

Yoite reluctantly raised himself from Miharu's warm lap, the younger boy was asleep with his back leaning against the bed. The green eyed boy had a smile on his face, but as Yoite watched, a single tear slid out from under his eyelids and down a pale cheek.
What could he be dreaming, no, remembering?

"Yoi...te... Why... We could be happy..."

With a jolt Yoite realized what Miharu was recollecting, those were the words Miharu had tried to say before Yoite had left him, he was remembering Yoite's death.
"I wish I could hold him… Like he would hold me when I was upset, like everything would be okay... Is that greedy? I am greedy, I want Miharu to know that I'm me... I'm not even supposed to be here! Should I just live without Miharu knowing who I am? No, it'd make Miharu happier if he knew, wouldn't it? I'm going look for an inkpot, now! Thinking that, the black cat leapt onto Miharu's desk a quickly found an inkpot that had been forgotten. It was half dried, but still useable. That made Yoite smile a little, Miharu was so careless.

"My handwriting is huge, and it's messy, but at least it's something." Yoite had been able to write a few kanji, his and Miharu's names, so it seemed possible that he could write and tell Miharu who he was. "But will he be repulsed by me? Will Miharu hate me? I am supposed to be dead..."

Miharu was woken up by loud mewing from the cat, his back was sore from sleeping sitting up. I really need to stop falling asleep like this... I dreamt about Yoite, I wonder what triggered that... Then a pair of cobalt blue eyes came into his vision, vision that was still a little blurry from sleep.
"Yoite!" Miharu was still half asleep, the lonely boy mistook his new cat for his precious friend. As Miharu reached out his hand, and instead of feeling a warm human body, feeling a cat, a tear slid down the green eyed boy's cheek.

"I'm an idiot.."Miharu whispered, two more tears rolling down his cheeks.

The middle school student shakily whipped the tears with his sleeve, hadn't he promised not to cry? Raimei and Yoite both had made him promise this, he couldn't let them both down! Then noticed a piece of paper with messily written kanji on it, the cat was nudging it forward, there were a couple tooth marks near the corner, from Yoite carrying it down from the desk.
Miharu picked it up and read it, then read it again, he didn't trust his sleep ridden eyes, he had mistaken his cat for his precious Yoite...
But after reading it several times, Miharu chose to cave in to the desire to believe what the paper said.
"Miharu, it's me, Yoite. Do you still, remember me?" that question was shakier then the line before it.

"It turns out Kira users get another chance, and we can come back as animals. I'm sorry I'm not who you wanted to save anymore, do you hate me? You were having a bad dream, was it about me? You have every right to hate me, I'm just being selfish about wanting you to know me..."

Yoite held his breath as Miharu read the messy note, expecting Miharu to yell and say Yoite wasn't the same person anymore. But in the end the most selfish desire Yoite had ever allowed himself to have was granted. The desire to have Miharu except him and still care about him.

"How could I ever hate you? I've missed you so much Yoite! Never leave me again, I couldn't bare it! I'm a horrible person for not realizing before! I'm sorry..." Miharu swept up Yoite and held the cat tightly against his heart, as the words kept coming, tears started to flow out of Miharu's eyes again, but these were tears of joy and relief.

"Yoite... I can't believe you're actually here..." Miharu said, attempting to stop the tears cascading down his face, only Yoite could ever make him cry like this.

"But, what happened? Why haven't you come sooner? Wherever you were, were you cold?

Maybe we can really live together now...

The questions kept coming from Miharu, and Yoite tried to keep up with them, that was difficult because he couldn't write very fast. Miharu decided carry a notebook with him everywhere so the two of them could communicate.

After dinner and talking quite a bit more, Yoite had questions for Miharu as well, Miharu got ready for bed and asked the cat to cone to him on the bed.
Maybe, for now, we can be happy...

The one subject nether one of them wanted to talk about Yoite's life span, cats usually didn't live longer then 13 years, but Yoite might live longer because of the human soul that was still his.
"we'll worry about that when it happens" Miharu thought as Yoite padded across the room and curled up and Miharu's chest.
For now we can be happy...

Miharu had gotten his wish, his desire that the fairy had kept asking for was for him and Yoite to live together. The fantasy future that Miharu had constructed might not be possible because Yoite was now a cat, but they could be together all the same, as a cat, and a human.
Maybe forever we can be happy...

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