Chapter One

The inkwell tipped, engulfing both paper and pen in dullness as it stained the edge of the cherry wood with thick black spots and fetidness. The prolonged dripping echoes off the wooden floor and the walls, sounding like distant raindrops in the night sky. But as the drizzle comes to an end, a faint, yet audible, groan emits itself from the far left of the dusky room.

"W-Where am I?" He rasped, clutching onto his coat and shaking off the smut. "And why is it so dusty? Where is-"

Where is Ib?

With a huff, Garry stood, motionless, as he glanced around the bizarre space. Moonlight had slipped through the cracked boards covering the window, illuminating a child's wooden rocking horse sitting out on a tattered rug.

However, as the air shimmered, a girl flickered into view, emitting a loud "Eek!" from Garry's mouth as she wrapped her arms around his waist and sobbed quietly, much to the jubilation of Garry.


Knowingly, Garry embraced the girl, whispering soft murmurs of "it's alright" into her ear whilst her body trembled, presumably from the cold gust of wind that seeped through the wooden cracks, surrounding the two in a wintry disposition. It took almost all of Garry's strength and preservation, not to swear in front of the distressed teen.

So instead, he smiled. "Why are you crying for, Ib?"

She took a step back from his embrace. "You're not hurt, are you?"


"Nine years later and you still refuse to talk to me," Garry pouted as he tousled her silky brown hair, flabbergasted at how tall and beautiful she has become. "You've sure grown, Ib! I mean-You're-"

A soft chuckle emitted a faint crimson blush to taint his pallid skin. "Older?"

"Uh, yeah," Garry turned around, sheepishly.

"Figures..." Ib mumbled, brushing away her tears. "Where do you think we are?"

"Looks to be an old study," He gestured towards the spilled ink. "Or perhaps someone used to live here?"

"Or perhaps...," Footsteps creaked across the splintered wood; "I've asked the wrong question. I should have asked-."

A sudden howling of voices shook the bearings of the room, frightening the two occupants as Garry stumbled to where Ib stood, clasping her frigid hand, and scurrying towards the oak door. With a huff, Garry shook the door's handle, cursing as the handle appeared to be jammed from the other side.


"Not now, Ib." He ran to the window, and seized the lock.


"Ib, I'm trying, okay?" He mounted a nearby chair, and pulled the lock frantically.


"Ib, can it-"

"GARRY!" Ib screamed, as the wall closest to her cracked under the vigorous pressure being exerted from the unknown forces on the other side. She ran over to where Garry scrambled off the chair, taking one quick glance out of the window before placing his hands firmly on her shoulders.

Without a word, he ran towards the window, pulling Ib closer to his chest as he watched the glass shatter into millions of tiny pieces before closing his eyes, waiting...

Well that's it for Chapter One! What do you think?