Two black boots entered the room and towards the little sobbing smeet.

The smeet removed its head from its place and looked up. Its eye's became wide from what was in front of him.

A very tall Irken standed before him looking down upon him with its crystal blue eyes. On top of its head were two curly antennas. This Irkens name was Tallest Miyuki. She wore the offical tallest garmet but it had the same color as her eyes.

The smeet was a little dumb founded. He just woken up in a strange place, been thrown across the room and had a break down. And now there was another being standing right before him.

Miyuki smiled softly, and bended down and picked up the smeet under his arm pits and cradled him in her arms. She walked towards the door and walked out, shutting the door behind her and continued down a pink hallway leading towards a large door. She placed her hand on a hand scanner. It regonized her signature and it opened with a hiss. Miyuki stood before the room, while the smeet zim's eyes were darting every direction in the room, trying to memorize the place.

The first thing you would notice in the room was the giant screen on the side. Everything in the room was pink. There was a plat form at the end of the little bridge that was built from the door, to the plat form. There were other Irkens in the room, half of their faces were covered by there uniforms, only their eyes showing. Some of the Irkens had green, pink and purple eyes. They seemed to be absorbed in their work, typing freguently on there desktops, and looking up at their computer screen and back down typing, as if in search for something or someone.

To Zim, the room seemed to be pretty empty, except the two thrones chairs that were on the play form, which were turned toward the giant screen. But the one thing that Zim noticed was the Irken that was talking to another Irken on the big screen.

The taller Irken, known as Spork, the Almighty Tallest and husband of Miyuki, had yellow, orange eyes, and had two antennas. He was staring dully at the irken on the screen, whom seemed to be trying hard to convince his tallest of something.

'' I mean, come on, they were just too delicious to give up! You know that every irken just CAN'T help but eat a delicous..creamy...jelly dougnut.. '' responded the irken, drool was dripping from his mouth and his tongue was hanging out. He looked as if he was lost in space, day dreaming about the doughnut.

'' HEY! '' yelled Spork.

The irken stood straight, eyes wide. '' yes? '' he sayed in a calm tone.

Spork sighed. '' The point is...that those doughnuts were for the tallest, as in, me and my wife. There was a sign saying who they were for...but you ate them anyway. Now do you know what happenes when somebody disobeys the tallest orders, slacks? '' Spork asked.

'' Umm...'' Slacks looked really nervous now, he knew the consequences of his actions.

'' DO YOU!? ''

'' YES! YES I DO! I'M SOOO SORRY MY TALLEST! PLEASE! IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! '' Yelled the sobbing slacks, he had his clasped together with his eyes closed.

'' Your WONT happen again '' started Spork. '' But thats because I am banishing you to Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people. Enjoy your vacation! '' Exclaimed Spork. '' Cut the transmission '' He ordered.

'' Wait! I -'' The transmission was cut.

During all of this Miyuki was staring wide eyed.

'' Do you really think that was neccessary? '' She asked, cocking an ''eyebrow''.

'' Well yes I think - '' Spork turned around '' GAH! WHAT THE IRK IS THAT!? '' Exclaimed Spork pointing at the smeet he just noticed in Miyuki's arms.

Miyuki narrowed her eyes at him. '' Its a smeet ''

'' Well what are you doing with a smeet?...oh my Irk...DID SOMEONE MATE WITH YOU BEHIND MY BACK!?''

'' NO! I found him in the birthing room '' She said looking down at Zim and smiling softly.

Spork stared at her. '' Annnd you didn't bother throwing it in the airlock? '' he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

'' No! I mean, when I herd the crying I was going to do that, but then when I saw it, well, he was just so darn cute I couldn't resist! '' She exclaimed smiling big.

'' Oh man '' Spork made a long sigh. '' Honey, you know we can't keep the smeet right? He has to go to military training and all that...junk. ''

'' Weell, he doesn't have to right? I'm a tallest, I think I'm allowed to do what I want. ''

'' That is true, yes, but, you do know that if you keep that thing, you and I will be responsible for it, will have to change its diapers which it doesn't have on right now, he'll wake us up everynight with his crying, oh man! don't get me started on the crazy ammounts of dooky he's going to be making! Now is it really worth it to keep something like that! '' Yelled Spork.

'' ...yes... '' responded Miyuki.

Spork stared at her. '' ...ok then, WERE KEEPING IT!'' Yelled Spork, waving his arms in the air with a smile on his face.

Miyuki smiled '' I'm glad you feel that way honey, cause I have to go the science laps and check everything and I wont be done for a long while, so your gonna be taking care of the smeet! '' She walked towards Spork and putted the smeet in his arms. She gave him a peck on the lips and began back out to the door.

'' Ok bye honey love you miss you! '' Miyuki shutted the door behind her and was gone.

Spork stared at the door for a moment, looked down at the smeet and said '' She just tricked me into smeetsitting you didn't she? ''

Smeet Zim stared up at Spork and started sobbing.

Sporked eyes went wide. '' Oh boy, I just noticed once again that you don't have any diapers on...''

Sooo, what do you think? I don't think its all that good, and probably not what you excepted, but don't worry, in later chapters when Zim gets older there be some emotional pain :3