The Horror of SmeetSitting!

'' There! '' Shouted Spork, holding Zim in the air with a curtin as a diaper on. '' Well, its not the best diaper in the galaxy but I can't have you spreading...stuff on the floor ''

A green eyed Irken drone bursted in the room. '' My Tallest! We have an emergancy! '' He yelled, his eyes wide with horror.

Spork turned to him and asked. '' Uumm...I'm a little busy here taking care of my uncalled smeet baby, who I have yet to name actually ''

'' But my tallest! The vending snack machines have broken down, and now no one CAN HAVE A SUGERY SNACK! '' Yelled the drone.

Sporks eyes went wide from hearing the news. '' Snack machines...not snacks? ''

'' Yes my tallest '' Confermed the drone.

Spork looked at his smeet in his arms. '' Well little guy, looks like I have serious business to take of, so lets go find your mother and trick her into taking care of you since she's the one that wanted you in the first place huh? '' Said Spork smiling. Zim was beginning to think that his ''father'' didn't really like him all that much.

'' But who wouldn't like me? I'm cuter looking then any other irken, even though I haven't met any other irken but that doesn't really matter since I AM ZIM! '' Thought Zim.

'' Drone, I'll meet you at the snack machines to take care of the problem, I have to go find Tallest Miyuki '' Said Spork.

'' Yes my Tallest '' The drone nodded and left the room.

Spork adjusted Zim in his arms and left the room. The walk to the science labs took a little while since the Massive was so...well massive.

He stood in front of a door that was titled ''Science Labs''. He pushed the door open and walked in. There were a few couple irkens wearing lap coats and goggels, holding and carrying viles of different colored liquids. There were shelves and tables piled with canisters, some were empty and some weren't. In the middle of the lab was Tallest Miyuki, wearing a lab coat as well and talking to another irken standing down below her.

Spork walked towards her with her back turned and tapped her shoulder. Miyuki felt a tapping on her shoulder and turned her head. Seeing who it was she made a surprised look and turned the rest of her body around to face him.

'' What are you doing here? I thought I told you, you had to take care of the smeet? '' Miyuki asked. She noticed the smeet in his arms wearing a weird looking covering. She cocked an eyebrow.

'' Is he wearing a curtin? '' She asked.

'' Yes well, when you left he started crying and I didn't want him making a mess and this was the only thing I could find '' Responded Spork.

'' Oh well, your gonna have to go to Irk to buy him some smeet supplies so we'll be prepared for upcoming events '' She ordered.

Spork hesitated. '' Uum, yeah, you see I can't really do that right now ''

'' Why not? '' She asked.

'' The snack machines broken down and I need to take care of the situation, so which means, I need you to take the smeet and go to irk alright? Ok, good ''. Spork shoved the smeet into miyuki's arms and hurridly left the room.

Miyuki cradled the smeet in her arms and glared after his husband. '' Oh yes, of corse, when I trick him into taking care of you I give him a kiss goodbye, but when he tricks me back I don't get a kiss? '' She said, looking down at zim. Zim's face was showing disgust from the talk about kissing.

'' Hmm, you know I haven't even thought about naming you yet, oh wait, I don't have to make up a name, your name is encoded in your pak already '' A cord emerged from her pak and connected to Zim's pack. The smeet's name was encoded into her pak and the cord detached it self and entered back in her pak.

'' Zim, thats a different name '' She smiled down at the smeet.

'' Ahem, my tallest? ''

Miyuki turned and looked down at the irken she was talking to earlier.

'' We still need to mix the green liquidy stuff with the other liquidy stuff over there on the table to prove to the resisty that we can indeed do science without causing explosions '' Said the irken.

'' Uuuh, I can't really help you with that right now, I have smeet to attend to and I have to make a trip to irk, soo umm, you! '' She pointed to a random irken that wasn't exactly right in the head. He snapped his head over to her, tongue hanging out.

'' Your in charge while I'm gone '' She ordered. The irken smiled brightly and saluted.

Miyuki nodded and walked out the lab. She went to the control room and walked towards a drone working on the computers.

'' Drone, I need you to land the massive on Irk, I have some things to do '' She ordered.

'' Yes my tallest '' He typed in the coridenits and the massive headed for Irk.

Meanwhile in the Science Labs

'' Ok, hold it, hold it, annnnd, done! ''

A mountain of cards were formed into the massive, standing still on a lab table. The not so bright Irken turned towards the other irkens.

'' Good work guys! We did good. '' He nodded his head, pleased of his fellow workers.

They all just stared at him thinking he was an idiot.

Back in the Control Room

'' My tallest '' The drone nodded his head towards Miyuki and her smeet. '' We have landed on Irk ''

'' Good '' Miyuki commented. '' Keep guard while I am out, we don't want anyone sneaking on the massive '' She ordered.

'' Yes my tallest '' Responded the drone.

Miyuki, along with her son in her arms, exited the massive and onto Irk. Two gaurds on each of her side stood guard as she walked threw the city. She entered a building that was a grocery store and went down the halls, looking for supplies. She went in the smeet isle and grabbed a hold of all the smeet items. She payed for them and left the building and back onto the massive long with the gaurds. She went back into the control room and told the gaurds to take the bags of smeet supplies in her chamber. They obeyed and left. Miyuki gave an exhausted sigh and plumited on her throne.

'' Well today was a little exhausting huh? '' She said smiling down at her smeet. Zim just looked up at her with a blank look.

'' You know I thought you were gonna be a noisy smeet but your pretty quiet '' She said.

Zim's stomach made a growling noise, signalling he was hungry. He started to sob loudly. Miyuki's eye went wide.

'' Ok ok hold on! '' She rushed into her chamber which consister of a bed in the middle of the room and a little kitchen on the left side and a bathroom on the other. She went into the kitchen area and grabbed a poop cola, poured it into a smeet bottle and positioned the bottle infront of zims mouth. Zim took the end in his mouth and started sucking happily. Miyuki sighed, satisfied that she got him to quiet down.

There was frantic knocking on the chamber door. Miyuki, startled, hurridly walked towards the door and opened it, seeing Spork looking fearful and tired.

'' I herd crying is the smeet okay!? Does it have gas!? '' Spork yelled frantically.

Miyuki narrowed her eyes at him. '' No, he dosn't have gas! He was just hungry, Irk, you need to calm down. ''

Spork relaxed. '' Oh, ok. Well I need to get going. '' He said starting for the door.

'' Wait! '' Miyuki yelled.

Spork stopped and turned around. '' What? ''

'' Where are you going? I thought you'd be all done taking care of that snack problem? '' She asked.

'' Oh ya that, turns out it wasn't really broken, some trainee invader was shoved inside the machine by some other irken, it was hard to understand him cause he seemed to be choking on something. I don't know, I think he was just choking on his spit. '' Spork explained.

'' Uh, ok. And what did you do after that commotion? '' She asked.

Spork had a guilty face on. '' Oh you know, doing other serious tallest stuff ''

'' Serious tallest stuff huh? '' She asked, seeming suspicious.

'' Yup, thats what I said '' He nodded.

'' What kind? '' She asked.

'' What? '' Spork asked, caught off gaurd.

'' I asked what kind? You know. '' She inquired.

Spork just stood there for a moment, eyes darting around the room looking for an exucse. He couldn't think of one and he sighed in defeat.

'' I was eating doughnuts in the cafateria lounge '' He said.

'' Spork! I thought I told you that you had to check in on the science lab ''

'' You..didn't tell me anything like that '' Spork said looking confused.

Miyuki just stared back at him in silence and Spork had the same look on his face. Zim belched, finished his bottle of soda.

'' I think its time we all go to bed '' She said.

'' Right, of corse '' Responded Spork. '' Well that was weird '' He thought. He watched Miyuki go to the right corner of the room where a crib was setted up for them. She gently layed down Zim in his crib and covered him with a blanket and kiss his forhead goodnight. Spork came over and kissed him on the cheek goodnight. The tallest crawled into bed and turned the lights off, falling asleep.

Zim lyed there in his crub, eyes still open.

The room was silent.

A loud noise and sob broke that silence.

'' I volenteer that this is your first turn '' Said Miyuki

Spork sighed. '' Whatever happened to robots taking care of the smeet dooky? '' He asked.

'' You bannished them when they started to malfunction because the smeets always pee'ed on them '' She replied.

'' Oh...ya, thats right ''