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~Am I scary for you?

You know the stranger is you.

Am I scary for you?

Masquerade the heart.

Is the height of hunting souls.

Just not what you see of me.

Can hardly reveal the proof.

Like a mirror reveals the truth.

That the evil one is you!~

~"Is It Scary" by Michael Jackson


This couldn't be happening. There was no way in the world that this was happening. For the past four years, Akame Kimiheri had known that there was something different about her older brother, Akame Nisei. He had become rude, violent, arrogant…the total opposite of who he had been before. She'd spent the four years since his change trying to figure out just what it was that had changed him. She'd considered him being bullied too much, their father's constant criticism of him driving him off of the deep end, food poisoning, a blow to the head, and even magic. But she never would have guessed just how close she was to the truth.

As Kimiheri looked out from behind a tree to her long haired brother, she was horrified by what she saw. Her brother stood next to a boy with shorter black hair; who still retained his ears and tail. She recognized him as Aoyagi Seimei. He was a friend of Nisei's who just didn't sit right with her. He was just as weird as her brother; if not more so. The other two people with them she didn't recognize. One was a male with short blue-green hair, and the other was a girl with orange hair to the small of her back. The male stood protectively in front of the girl; keeping a safe distance between the two of them and Nisei and Seimei. At first glance, she would have thought that they were just arguing. Perhaps there was a case of bullying of Nisei going on and Seimei was choosing to intervene.

But as Kimiheri looked on in both horror and fascination, she learned that this wasn't like anything she'd ever seen before. The girl had a scratch on her cheek that had long since stopped bleeding. That, however, wasn't the thing that focused Kimiheri's attention. What fascinated and terrified her most were the thick chains around the male's wrist, binding him to the female behind him. Neither seemed to pay it any mind. Kimiheri spared a glance at Nisei and Seimei as a jolt of power rocketed the area. How was no one seeing this and coming around to investigate? Seimei had a sadistic little smile on his face. Nisei's smirk matched his friend's, though it wasn't as dark. Both of their eyes shone in some sick, twisted form of joy. They weren't chained together like the other two were. She couldn't believe this. She heard Nisei speak before she saw his lips moving.

"Winds of a hundred miles an hour. Rush the enemy, so that they may be blown further from our path!" Her bother called out, extending a hand towards the couple.

Harsh winds began howling like a chorus of demons. Both the boy and girl shielded their faces from the sudden gust. Kimiheri had to dig her nails into the tree, ignoring the splinters under her nails, to stop herself from flying back as well. She wasn't sure if anyone had seen her yet, and she didn't want to risk being exposed and losing her cover by wind. That would have been humiliating.

"Door!" The boy called. "Shut out the harsh winds attacking us so that we may be safe from its blustering winds!"

Kimiheri heard a door shut, though she didn't see one. The winds continued billowing, but the boy and girl remained unaffected. Kimiheri, however, was not so lucky. The winds were still blowing her. She was worried her hair would be ripped free from the hair tie it was in. if that were the case, someone would surely see her curtain of night-black hair billowing out from behind the tree.

Nisei and Seimei didn't seem too fazed by the winds not affecting the other two.

"Nisei, another attack, would you?" Seimei softly commanded. "I'd like for this to be over with ASAP. I have things to attend to."

"Hai, Seimei." Nisei answered. He sounded tired. "Lighting! Strike from the skies and pierce our enemy's defenses so that they may be electrocuted!" The feral look in his eyes scared Kimiheri more then anything else Nisei had ever done. "Damage is a thousand."

The skies crackled and yellow lightning shot down from the sky into the chained boy and girl. Kimiheri's eyes lit up from the lightning. No one seemed to notice her in the brief flash of light. But what she got the chance to notice, however, was a strange look in her brother's eyes. It didn't seem like he wanted to be doing this. Was Seimei forcing it on him?

"Atey!" The girl cried. "Do something, it hurts!" She screamed in pain as the lightning continued to bombard them.

"Lightning, turn to pure light and illuminate the area!" The boy cried out. "Show the enemy for what they truly are!"

Kimiheri cursed inside her head as the winds calmed down. Light would cause shadows and expose her. She wished there was more cover around, but they were in a clearing in the middle of the woods; with Kimiheri hiding in the trees. She ducked down behind knocked down tree and lay sideways; curled into a little ball. The smaller she was, the easier she could fit behind the tree. Hopefully its girth would stop her shadows from being seen. They may not have seen her from the brief lightning flash, but full-blown illumination was another thing. As light lit up the area in an unearthly white glow, Kimiheri couldn't help but turn around to see through a small hole in the tree to see what was happening. Nisei was shielding his eyes from the light with his left arm. Seimei seemed unaffected, but he was looking away.

"Nisei, get rid of this infernal light." Seimei ordered.

Before Nisei could reply, the other boy spoke up.

"Shiny dagger! Pierce the enemy's defenses!" He ordered. "Damage is one hundred!"

What looked like a dagger formed out of thin air in front of the boy and flew towards Seimei and Nisei. Kimiheri gasped loudly; covering her mouth with her hands to try and keep quiet so they wouldn't hear.

"Shield! Defense!" Nisei called out. "Reflect the dagger back at the conjuror and multiply! Damage is 200!"

The dagger that had been flying towards Seimei and Nisei suddenly halted and turned. It aimed straight at the boy and started flying in his direction. The dagger split into two and continued forward. Kimiheri let out a slight gasp of surprise that caught Seimei's attention. He looked in her direction but didn't seem to see her. He looked back at the two across from him; who Kimiheri could only conclude were their enemies. The boy frantically called out words like 'defense' and 'reflect', but it did no good. The daggers pierced the boy. One pierced his stomach, and the other pierced right between his eyes. He cried out in pain and grabbed his face, ignoring the dagger in his stomach. The dagger shattered away as the boy fell to his knees. A thick chain formed around the cut on his stomach and attached to a large cuff around the girls' middle. A blindfold covered his eyes before a mimicking one covered the girls' eyes.

"Nisei, the light." Seimei ordered.

"Acknowledged." Nisei nodded. "Darkness, ensnare the light and drag it into your never ending depths!"

Darkness fell over the area again. Kimiheri waited a few moments in the dark to adjust her eyes. Then she sat up and leaned over the top of the fallen tree. It didn't look as though Seimei and Nisei needed to adjust to the darkness, and Kimiheri knew that the others couldn't see anyway. Not with those thick blindfolds over their eyes.

"Finish them." Seimei ordered.

Nisei nodded. A sadistic smirk took over his face as he stepped forward. His eyes darkened with a primal bloodlust. "Rope!" He called. "Ensnare the necks of the enemy in your vice-like grip."

"Please, no!" The girl was weeping as she stumbled to her knees and reached to Nisei. "Beloved, please! Spare us!"

"Please!" The boy begged as well.

Seimei rolled his eyes. "Useless fools." He informed them. "Continue, Nisei."

"Ropes around their necks! Tighten your grip until it constricts the airways and makes it impossible for life-giving breath to penetrate." Nisei called.

"Please!" The boy and girl cried out in unison.

Their cries were strangled as their hands scrambled to their throats. Kimiheri began crying softly as she saw them try and claw away whatever it was that was stopping them from breathing. The boy grabbed onto the girl's neck and tried to free her, and she did the same to him. But it didn't work. Soon, both of their eyes slipped closed, and they crumpled to the ground with their hands around one another's necks. Tears were freely flowing from Kimiheri's eyes as she watched Seimei wordlessly walk over to the two her brother had just killed…

Killed! Nisei killed two people! Because Seimei told him to! Nisei was a murderer! And Seimei was twice as bad for ordering it! Oh no, this was worse then she thought! This was bad. This was so, so, so, so, so bad! How could neither of them look guilty as they looked down at the pair that had clung to life and panicked in the end? With matching eyes so lifeless? How could they just look on as if it wasn't a big deal? How?!

"Good work." Seimei informed.

"Arigato." Nisei seemed to really enjoy the praise.

Did he do it just so Seimei would praise him for his work? That was even more twisted then Kimiheri thought.

"We won't have to worry about them anymore." Seimei went on. "Leave the bodies here and let authorities find them." He nudged the boy with his toe. "It's not like we can be connected to this one."

"This one?" Nisei wondered. "We can't be connected to any of them." He said. "Even when I faked your death for you."

"Shut up." Seimei ordered. "Don't correct me. You know better."


"Now come. We have better things to attend to." Seimei smirked. "Such as the little spy that's been watching the entire battle."

Kimiheri's eyes widened at that. He definitely knew she was there. But what would happen now? Would Seimei make Nisei kill her? Would Nisei actually do it? To his own sister? Everything flew through her mind but the obvious answer of 'get the hell out of here'. But if she ran, they'd just chase her. She knew their secret. They wouldn't let her live. Nisei knew where she lived. He'd go after her in the middle of the night and take her to kill in an abandoned area with his invisible rope. This couldn't be happening. She was frozen with fear as a thousand scenarios ran through her mind. None of them were good. Nisei and Seimei approached closer and closer to where she was. Nisei got t her first.

"Kimiheri?" He wondered, seemingly surprised. "What the hell are you doing here in Tokyo?"

"Get away from me!" She ordered, as panicked as the now dead pair of teens had been. She skittered back on her hands and heels to get away from him, until her back hit a tree. She rushed to her feet and pulled out a throwing knife from her pant pocket.

"Don't make me sue this, Nisei!" She ordered him. "Don't make me!"

"Kimiheri…" Nisei tried to reason with her, still coming nearer.

"Get away!" She cried again.

Tears freely flowed down her face. She couldn't die here tonight! Not at the hands of her own brother and his psychotic friend that called the shots. Nisei didn't listen to her and continued advancing. It sounded like Seimei was right behind him, as she heard two sets of footsteps crunching leaves and twigs. Before he could get close enough to touch her, Kimiheri threw the knife at him. He tilted his head and the knife sailed past him and notched into a tree. She threw her arms up over her head to cover it as he got closer.

"Please don't kill me!" She begged.

Nisei gingerly grabbed her left wrist and pulled her arm away, before doing the same with the right one. He held her arms above her head with one hand, and used the other to tilt her chin up. Kimiheri closed her brown eyes. She didn't want her murderous brother's face to be the last thing she saw before she died. Instead, she thought of her parents and her friends. But then another image flashed through her mind. Of Nisei. The way he was before four years ago. The happy, loving brother who didn't lose his temper and trash his room and break his TV. The brother who didn't fight with her father as often. The one with the soft eyes, the mile-wide smile, and the bruises and cuts from schoolyard bullies. That was the brother she knew and loved. The one she wanted back more then anything else in the world.

"Kimiheri?" Nisei spoke softly.

Kimiheri opened her eyes and stared at him. He seemed concerned, and a little bit of light had found its way into his eyes. She was staring to see her brother again…for what he used to be.

"I'm not going to kill you, Kimiheri." Nisei whispered softly.

"But…what if Seimei…?"

He put a finger on her lips to silence her. "He said to let you live…but I have to do something."

"What is it?" She wondered. Her eyes filled with tears. They were sparing her?

"You have to forget." His finger left her lips. "You'll awaken with no memory of what you saw here today."

"Forget?" She wondered. "You…you killed two people, Nisei…I can't forget…"

"You will." He said. "I promise you, Kimi."

"Then…" She stared up at him. "Explain to me…if I won't remember later anyway…what was that?"

"That was a battle of word spell."


"Magic, essentially. There's power in words, and fighters like me can take that power and manifest it into magic spells." He said. "The fighter fights and takes orders from the Sacrifice. Seimei is my sacrifice. My master who controls what I do in battle…and more."


"I wouldn't have killed them if it was my choice. It's not part of the battle. The loser doesn't always die." Nisei informed. "But Seimei…he's…he's ordered me to do a lot of things. Murder, hacking, stealing…other unmentionable acts that I regret immensely…" he didn't say more on the subject.

"How many have you killed?"

"I couldn't tell you."

She froze. "One last question?" She asked after a minute.

"Sure. But hurry, Seimei's getting agitated with me."

"Before my last question, um…how do you know?"

"As a unit, we are tied together by our true name. Beloved." He showed her his left hand, which had the word 'Beloved' written up the middle finger. "We have a mental connection as well. There's a thin wire that connects us. Normal people like you can't see it. Other units can. Now, your last question?"

"Well…you know how I said that you've changed…was that after you met Seimei?"

"After." Nisei said without missing a beat. "He brought out my true nature, I suppose. Now, I'm sorry, but I must follow Seimei's orders."

"Okay…" She said softly.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, Kimiheri. But it will all be gone." He said. "All erased from your memory." His tone grew dark as he spoke the next words, and she wondered if that was his true nature seeping into his voice. "Forget." He said. "Forget all that you have seen and heard about my world of word spell."

"Nisei…" She muttered, as her eyes slipped closed. "Thank…you…"


When she awoke an hour or so later, Kimiheri stretched and looked around. She felt something hurt underneath her nails and looked. There were bits of tree bark under her nails, and they were digging painfully into her skin.

"What the hell?" She wondered aloud. "What am I doing here?"

Sure, she did her magic-that she was sure would help her figure out what was wrong with her brother-in the woods so no one would see her and call her crazy, but she never actually slept outside. Kimiheri stood up on shaky knees and stumbled forward. Why was she this wobbly? She put it off as her legs just being tired and moved on. She followed a path of broken branches and crunched leaves until she reached a fallen-over log. She stepped over it and looked around the clearing. This didn't look like any of the places she'd gone to before to use her magic. She saw something at one end of the clearing and walked further. There were two large things laying on the ground. Probably fallen trees…Kimiheri screamed and covered her mouth with her hands as she noticed what the objects were. They were people. A boy with blue-green hair and a girl with orange hair. They had their hands around one another's necks as though they were trying to get something off of them. Their eyes were dull and lifeless, but open. Their mouths were opened in silent screams or pants for air. It was an unusual scene, but one that disturbed her nonetheless. Was she responsible for this? She didn't see any weapons, and she'd woken up with nothing near her. She backed away from the scene slowly and ran back to where she'd woken up. She looked around for a bag containing her weapons, books, or even her tools. But, however, she saw nothing. She sighed and turned around. Maybe she'd dropped it somewhere? She spotted one of her throwing knives in a tree and sighed. What in the world had she done?

Kimiheri went to the tree and pulled on the knife, but it didn't budge. It was in deep as if she's thrown it with all her strength. But why would she do that, unless she was in danger…? Could whatever that killed the two teens in the clearing come after her, too? Then how did she survive? Surely a throwing knife from a young girl wasn't enough to scare off a murderer or a bear. It hadn't looked like anyone or anything had attacked the two teens. Could her magic have backfired on two teenagers innocently hiking? They hadn't had supplies with them, but there was really no use for that kind of thing anyway. And she didn't have supplies with her, and it wasn't like she'd memorized incantations. That was silly and a waste of her memory.

"Ugh, why is my head so fuzzy?" She wondered. Then another thought occurred. "Oh…should I call the police? If I don't, it's not like they can tie me back to this place."

Besides, whatever was running around could come back after her. She needed to leave and now. Kimiheri pulled a compass out from her pocket and stared at it.


After heading north long enough to escape the woods, Kimiheri found herself in unfamiliar territory. Where was she? This wasn't Kyoto. Looking around, she saw a sign for a train station.

"Tokyo?!" She wondered.

There was no way she got here form Kyoto on her own! What in the world had happened? She checked her pockets for money and thankfully found her wallet. She pulled it out to find it stuffed with money. Obviously, this trip had been planned. Well, there was a train station nearby, and she had money to use to take it back home to Kyoto. She just wished that she knew how she'd gotten here and, more importantly, who or what had killed those two in the clearing. Taking one last look back at the woods, Kimiheri couldn't help but feel like someone had saved and spared her from a horrible fate.

"Thank you…whoever you are." She spoke.

Her only answer was the rustling of trees. Kimiheri sighed and began to make the trek to the train station. Inside the woods, a thin teenage boy with long black hair sat on a tree branch with a black haired companion. The boy with the long black hair smiled.

"You're welcome, Kimiheri."