The Duck and the Knight

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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a Queen named Edel who was as beautiful as she was wise and kind. She ruled over a majestic kingdom and was loved by all who knew her. But yet, she was sad, for she was recently widowed after her husband fell ill and left her, and she believed she would never have a child of her own that she might love and who could inherit the throne.

But her tears of sadness turned to ones of joy when she learned that her husband had left her a wonderful parting gift before he died. When the time came, she was blessed with a beautiful daughter, a Princess whom she named, Ahiru. A celebration was held in honor of the sweet Princess's arrival. Kings and Queens came from all over to pay their respects to the Queen Edel's daughter and all rejoiced at the Queen's joy.

Now, among them all; was the widower, King Karon, and his two-year-old son, Prince Fakir. Fakir seemed to take little interest in the infant, but what little time he spent with her, he spent with a smile and he gave her a sweet gift, a ruby pendant shaped like a droplet of water. It was upon seeing this that King Karon and Queen Edel happened upon the same idea: Fakir and Ahiru would be brought together every summer when Ahiru was old enough in hopes that they would fall in love and someday marry.

It seemed great happiness was on the way, but alas, there was one in the crowd that cared not for any of it. Queen Edel's supposed loyal advisor, Drosselmeyer. Drosselmeyer was not the loyal and good man the Queen believed to be. Rather, he was a fraud. He was power mad, dangerous and evil. He'd once been a powerful and good King, as well as a talented writer, but he had a thirst for knowledge and fascination with magic, which made him divulge into the Forbidden Arts—a dark and dangerous magic that was said to drive one mad and blacken their soul. When his son could not save him from his dark fate and the madman committed terrible crimes, the young Prince overthrew his father and took the throne.

But before Drosselmeyer could be punished for his crimes, he disappeared. In the years that had passed since then, he'd disguised himself and made his way up to the Queen's side. Her daughter's birth was of little concern to him, for he intended to take Edel's throne, by means of the Forbidden Arts he loved so much. However, on the eve of his assault, Queen Edel, with the help of King Karon, learned the truth of his identity and attacked him. Drosselmeyer's powers were plunged into darkness.

Despite calls for his death, Drosselmeyer was only banished. But not before he swore revenge and vowed that one day, everything and everyone Queen Edel ever loved would be his. Many feared Queen Edel too kind, but in time, the threat was forgotten and all hopes turned to that greatly awaited summer's day when Fakir and Ahiru would properly meet at long last.