Spelling Test

AN: Very short story...probably just two or three parts. :P I wrote this because Daniel makes such an adorable father. :) Daniel has a little spelling test with his princess...

Daniel and Isabelle, some Detty! :) Total fluff! Hope you like it! :P

For entertainment only! :P

Chapter 1

Betty was trying to get home as quick as she could. She knew she could just meet Isabelle and Daniel at her school, but she wanted to go together. She hated that her meeting ran late. She had 10 minutes to make it home before they left.

"Alright, princess, your next word is 'melody'" Daniel said as he let the brush slide through her long brown hair.

"Ok...m...e...l...o...d...y. Melody; the flute has a nice melody"

"Very good"

"Your turn, daddy...your word is..." she flipped through the dictionary. "...skeleton"

"Al-Right! That one's easy!" he said as he started to twist her hair. "S, k...e, l, e...t, o...n. Yeah! You and I have a skeleton."

"Yay!" Belle cheered. "Ok...your word is...adorable" he said starting to braid her hair.

"A, d...o, r...a, b...l, e... Adorable; puppies are adorable" she said happily looking back at her dad. Daniel smiled.

"Can I have a puppy, daddy?" she said with a bright smile, her eyes big and just as bright. Seeing those eyes was never good news when she wanted something, because he always wanted to say yes.

"Princess, maybe when you're older" he said noticing her pout. He mimicked her pout. "Come on" he said softly, nudging her shoulder. She folded her arms across her stomach.

"Hey...I have an idea...what if we go to the shelter tomorrow and you can help take care of the puppies there." Her eyes lit up. "I'm sure mommy will be happy, too."

"Yayyyy!" Belle cheered hugging him tightly. Daniel laughed. "Ok, come on...we still have six more words and I'm not done with your hair."

"Okay" she said smiling and turning her back to him again.

He separated her hair and started "Alright, you word is..."

"No, daddy, it's my turn now" she said opening the dictionary again. "Oh. ...Shoot" he mumbled. She flipped through "okay...whisper"

"I like that word...w, h...i...s...p, e, r... Whisper; the spy heard a whisper from behind...but when he turned around there was no one there." He said in a spooky voice trying to weave the purple hair strand she wanted in her hair. She laughed "Daddy, that sentence was too long."

"So what" he said pinching her arm lightly. She giggled shaking her head. "Ok...my word now."

"It's sapphire" he said looking at the list next to him.

"Oo! S...a...p...p...h, i, r, e"

"You're so smart" he said proudly. She smiled brightly "Sapphire...your eyes are sapphire, daddy"

"They are?" he asked jokingly. She looked at him. "Uh-huh...like me" she smiled brightly looking back at him. He smiled and kissed her cheek. "Yes. Like you."

"You again, daddy" she flipped through pages "Say a letter" she said.

"Okay...uh...S" he said starting to string in some red and green beads in her hair. "S again?" she said rolling her eyes. "What? I like the letter S" he said defensively. "Fine! Ste...Stethoscope"

"Ugh...ok...uh...s...t, e...t...h...uh...o, s...c, o, p, e. Stethoscope. The doctor uses a stethoscope" he said.

"Yay. My turn again!"

"Good...you have two left now...your word is..." he picked up the paper with the words on it "...wicked" he put it down and was getting to the last few twists in her hair.

"W...i...c, k...e...d. Wicked. Aunty Mandy said Wilhelmina was wicked."

"Yes...she is..." he said with a smirk.

She looked back at him. "She's nice to me." She said with innocent eyes. "That's because she likes you" he said with a smile and kissing her forehead sweetly. "Do you think she's wicked?" she asked looking at him curiously.

"uh...well, sometimes...she used to be mean to me when I first worked with her...but now she's not so mean any more...I think you softened her up" he said with a grin. She smiled wide.

Betty walked to the door of Belle's room happy that she got home before they left. When she saw them she smiled leaning against the door frame.

"I chose a word for you" Belle said with a grin.

"What's with that smile?" he said with a curious smirk.

She smiled and looked to the dictionary on her lap. "on...onomatopoeia" she said with a smirk looking back at him. "What?" he looked at her. She giggled. "Come on, spell it" she said with a challenging smile. "Okay...uh...o...n...o. uh...m...a...umm... t, o...p...i" Belle snickered, her hand on her mouth trying to stop her laughing. "...a?" he said looking at her.

Betty brought her hands to her mouth in amusement trying to keep herself from laughing at how silly they were.

Belle looked at him with a grin. "Nope..." she giggled. "Alright already... I suck at spelling. What is it genius?" He said tickling her "huh, huh?" he tickled her more.

She laughed "okay, okay!" she giggled. Betty smiled folding her arms across her chest.

"it's o, n, o, m, a, t...o, p...o, e...i...a"

"What? I think you just threw in some letters in there." He said teasingly. Betty shook her head.

Isabelle's eyes went wide "Nuh-uh!" She said defensively.

"Well, smarty, what does that word mean?" he asked curiously remembering it was something to do with English. He was horrible at that stuff. "It's when you say stuff like 'pop' or 'fizz'."

"Oh yaaa. Like the sound sounds like the word?" he said remembering. She laughed "yes"

"Ok, princess, the last word and if you get it right you will get a hundred on your test tomorrow and you will kick butt in the spelling bee tonight"

She laughed. "You ready?" he said putting a final green bead in her hair. "The word is Beautiful"

"Ok... B...E...A...U...T...I...F...U...L. Beautiful; mommy is beautiful." Daniel smiled. "Yes, she is very beautiful" he said as he tied a pink ribbon at the bottom of the braid. Betty smiled looking at them in admiration. She felt butterflies.

"Alright!" he said happily holding up his hands to her.

Belle grabbed his hands bringing them down. "No dad, you have one more word!"

"What? No, I don't."

"Yes, you do! Ok...its symphony"

"I like that word. S...y...m, p, h...o, n...y. Symphony...If I knew how to play music I would write you and mommy a symphony."

Both Betty and Isabelle smiled at that. "Would you go to it?" he asked looking at her. "Uh-huh...I promise to be there if you promise to be at my spelling bee, today"

"I'll be there, princess...I'll be at everything" he said hugging her. "Thank you, daddy"

"Love you, princess...look at the awesome braid I put in your hair" he said bringing it over her shoulder. "Oo...the beads match my dress." She said with a bright smile looking down at her black dress with red and pink flowers. He smiled "that's right. Now, do I get a high five?" he said with hopeful smile holding up his hand. She giggled and slapped his hand. Betty couldn't hold her laugh in. They both looked to her with bright smiles.

"Mommy!" Isabelle got up and ran to Betty. Betty wrapped her arms around her. "Hey sweetie, good job on your spelling"

Belle smiled looking up at her. "I got daddy to mess up" she said with a giggle making Betty laugh. Daniel got up and walked over. "Hey, don't make fun of me."

Betty smiled hugging him as he came up. "You're so...a. d. o. r. a. b. l. e." she said in his ear.

"Yay! I spelled that word" Isabelle said. Betty knelt down and kissed her cheek. "Now, let's go to your spelling bee!" Betty said cheerfully. "Yay!" Isabelle jumped up in excitement. They made sure to bring their camera and got into the town car she had waiting for them. Isabelle slid in first, with Betty in the middle and Daniel on the right side of her. When they got in Daniel kissed her cheek. "I'm glad you got home before we left." He said taking her hand in his. "Me too...I was so worried I would be late."

His phone started ringing. He took it out and saw that it was from Amanda.

"Hey Amanda"

"Daniel...Tyler and I just got to the school...we'll wait outside for you." She said excitedly. "Okay...great...we should be there in 10 minutes."

"Okay...can I talk to Isabelle?"

"Sure...Belle, Mandy wants to talk to you" he said holding the phone to her. She smiled and took it. "Mandy!"

"Hey sweetie, I have a present for you when you get here" she said anxiously. Isabelle's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Uh-huh...it's a gift from your uncle Tyler and me for good luck. We'll see you soon, okay?"

"Okay! Bye"

"Bye sweetie" Belle handed the phone back to Daniel. He smiled feeling really happy that he was with his family. He would never get tired of this stuff. He smiled taking Betty's hand in his again and kissing her hand. Betty smiled looking at him. "Do you know I fall in love with you all over again every time I see you?" she said looking at his eyes. "Do you know that I feel the same way about you?" he said holding her hand tight in both of his. Betty smiled. "I love you."

"I love you, too. You look very b. e. a. u. t. i. f. u. l. tonight" Betty smiled brightly and kissed him. "You do, too" she said rubbing her hand across his chest admiring the black silk shirt he was wearing. She kissed his cheek resting her head against his shoulder hugging him. She was very happy that she wasn't late.

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