AN: Hi everyone! Here is a short, hot, sweet little two-shot (I think...could be a four-shot if I go into graphic detail!) inspired by the series opener... Enjoy...

Chapter 1

Penelope was typing away on her computer, just searching the internet, looking up new sites. It was Friday, the start of a lazy weekend without plans, and she couldn't wait to get it started. She was hoping, praying, that there wouldn't be a case.

A gorgeous pair of eggplant purple stilettos with leopard printing on the heels drew her attention. "Ooh," she murmured, grabbing a sheet of paper and a pencil to write the order code down.

Two hands came over her eyes, blocking her vision. "Guess who?"

Although he'd disguised the sound of his voice, Penelope knew right away who it was. She'd know his scent anywhere. The crisp scent that reminded her of an ocean breeze with the undertone of warm, clean male skin had Derek written all over it.

"Is it my hunkiest hunk of hunks?" she purred, putting on her most seductive-sounding voice.

"Aww, babykins," he said, removing his hands so she could turn to face him. "You knew it was me."

"Rossi?" she teased as she made a dramatic show of her turn.

He clasped his hand over his heart. "Momma, you wound me."

She shrugged. "Them's the breaks, sugar. Nothing you can do..."

"I know what I can do," he answered, arching a brow at her. "I think that ass of yours needs a good paddling for teasing me."

With a pfft sound, she waved him off. "You've been promising me—as my grandpa used to say—a damn good lickin' for a long time. I know I can relax."

He put his hands on his hips. "Why?"

She turned back to her computer. "Never going to happen."

She felt his hands on her shoulders and then the warmth of his breath by her ear. "Never say never, sugar. I think that ass of yours is jonesing for a paddling and a licking." He kissed the side of her neck. "Just tell me when..."

There it was, the hot, wet rush of desire she felt whenever Derek flirted with her. It always was super spicy between them, but lately, the heat had become nearly unbearable. It almost seemed that it would never happen. After JJ's wedding, their flirting game had dissipated to a near standstill. Then they'd gone to London together, helping Prentiss move in while Derek took a job with the Olympic Committee. Although they'd grown closer as friends, the flirting was down to a drizzle.

Then they'd returned to the BAU...and Derek had sounded positively surprised that she was no longer really speaking to Kevin. She'd had some last minute things to work out with him—giving back keys and movies and other housekeeping that a four-year relationship would have—but he was history. He'd shown up to her best girlfriend's wedding with another woman—and come on... she had some pride!

And then it had started, hours later, the flirting...and it hadn't let up. Hot, intense, uber naughty rated NC-17 flirting that got her daydreaming and hoping for more, every single day. Physically and mentally wanting more. In fact, it was so bad physically, she'd gotten to the point of bringing a change of panties to the BAU every day.

Come to think of it, she needed to make a restroom pit stop after Derek left her office again...

She cleared her throat. "Okay, lover. Tell me what's up. Need me to look something up?"

As usual, she backed away from the direct tease he'd given her. A tease knew a fellow teaser. However, deep down, she knew that Derek most likely would give her what he'd been promising if she said to go for it—he was a virile, sexy man—but she also knew that could result in heartbreak and copious consumption of Cherry Garcia for her. He meant too much to her to be just a fling.

She could fall in love with him so hard...

"I—" he paused to tap her nose "—want to ask you on a date."

Her heart stuttered in her chest, but she smiled up at him anyway. "A date? To the movies?"

"Nope," he said, and she followed him with her eyes as he sat on his usual perch on the edge of her desk. "Some friends of mine called. They have a boat—a big fishing boat—and they're going out this weekend."

She wrinkled her nose in distaste. As a vegetarian, she was not too fond of torturing fish.

He laughed and shook his head at her. "Lose the look, angel. I'm not expecting you to fish. I just want you to come along for the ride. Soak up the sun and the clean air and enjoy my company. Kind of a farewell to summer trip."

She thought about it. She'd planned on laying low, but being with Derek was always worth it. "That sounds good."

His brilliant smile proved to her that she'd made the right decision. "Excellent. I'll pick you up at noon, and we'll hit the marina together."

"Anything I should bring?"

He stood from the desk and cupped her cheek in his hand. "Just your beautiful self."

That warm feeling washed over her again and seemed to settle in the middle of her chest...right where her heart was. Some days, she wondered if she wasn't already in love with him...

"I can do that."

"That's my girl." After stroking her cheek with his thumb, he winked at her."I'm out of here. You coming?"

She shook her head. "Still got a few pages left to do of paperwork."

"Okay, baby. Don't work too hard."

"I won't," she murmured. As she watched him walk away, watching as his jeans dipped low on that sweet bubble butt his momma gave him, she brought her fingertips up to her cheek, feeling the tingling that refused to subside.

She shook her head. She was not going to throw herself at Derek. She could handle this. She could handle an afternoon with the man of her dreams, and come out of it unscathed with her pride intact. She could.

Now if she could just convince her heart...

As Penelope stood on board, she started thinking she'd made a massive mistake. Two mistakes, actually: she was never going to survive this afternoon with Derek, and she'd forgotten to pack a new pair of panties. The fishing party consisted of about twelve people on a pontoon that seated eight, drinking beer and wine coolers, and catching rays. Two seconds after boarding the vessel, Derek introduced her to everyone as his date, which made her blink a few times, and then took his shirt off,exposing the perfectly-sculpted muscles of his chest and his oh-so-touchable abs, which effectively shut her up and made her blink even more.

She made her way around the pontoon, exploring while Derek talked to his friends. There were plenty of drinks on the boat, but there was a decided lack of food. Apparently, they were going to catch what they ate, bring it to shore, and roast it over the fire. Penelope wished she'd brought some tofu to roast so she wouldn't starve, but one of the women had assured her that there were potatoes and corn waiting ashore.

Everyone cast their poles out into the water and then took their seats to wait for a bite. Penelope wasn't quick enough to catch the round of musical chairs and was left standing on the sidelines. There was laughter and fun going around, and D was part of it. He was talking with Marcus, a friend from his early FBI days.

He paused and smiled over at Penelope. "Hey, baby...would you grab me a beer?"

Penelope went to the cooler, retrieved a Corona, and then went to where Derek was seated. "Here you go..."

"Thanks, angel," he said, taking the beer with one hand and looping his arm around her waist and pulling her to sit on his lap.

Penelope jolted as she plopped down on the lap of her best friend, her legs dangling over his perpendicularly. It was shocking to her; she'd never sat on his lap before. Other women were sitting on laps, but they were dating the men they were sprawled onto. Besides that, she was wearing a sundress with a short skirt. She felt rather uncomfortable, which was sad, because his lap was uber comfortable.

Apparently, it was no issue for Morgan; he went on talking to his friend like it was nothing. He even wrapped his arm a little tighter, to draw her back so that she leaned against his chest.

"Just relax, sweetheart," he said to her, before he answered his friend, "Yeah, we had a case similar to that a few years back. This jackass put a big bomb in an ambulance."

Ian was a friend from Derek's bomb squad days. "An ambulance?"

"There was a dignitary in the hospital he wanted to blow up," Derek explained.

Marcus shook his head. "These perps are real SOBs sometimes."

"All the time," Derek corrected. "If it weren't for my Baby Girl here, I wouldn't have made it out alive." He lowered his hand to her bare thigh and patted it affectionately. "My guardian angel..."

Penelope felt her heart beat fast from Derek's touch and from the memory of that tense moment. She'd never forget the horrible moment she'd lost connection with him when the ambulance blew sky high. She nuzzled back into his chest, feeling the comfort from his arms.

"Don't ever do that to me again," she warned firmly but lovingly.

"I won't, momma," he murmured, kissing her temple.

The rest of the time, they drank their drinks. Penelope did relax, and she was happily buzzed, staying on her warm perch on Derek's lap. The fish weren't biting, which was a wonderful thing to her—Run, my lovelies! she thought to herself. Swim away!

No one else seemed to care that the fish weren't biting, either. They were wrapped up in the conversation and wrapped up in the arms of their lovers, and she and Derek were no different. The two of them had been close the whole day, flirting and teasing and schmoozing with each other like they always did. Yet somehow in the midst of the other couples, their flirting became more intense, more meaningful, and Penelope was lost in the fantasy. Most of all, she felt like his girl, and she didn't want it to end. In fact, there was another seat available now, but Penelope didn't move to sit in it. She didn't want to, and from the firm, possessive placement of Derek's hand on her tummy, he didn't want her to, either.

The sun was beginning to set, and the wind was picking up, rocking the pontoon, and Penelope shivered as it blew over her body. Many couples were no longer engaged in conversation. Instead, they were making out, kissing and touching, some openly, some under discrete cover. She couldn't help but stare as she saw Marcus's hand slide under the T-shirt he'd given his girlfriend to wear, cupping her breast. It made her own nipples peak and more moisture added to her already damp panties.

She might have to talk to her physician about her little wetness problem!

"Cold?" Derek asked, making her jump, his warm breath touching her ear. "Come closer."

"I am a little cold," she answered. She scooted back in her sidesaddle position, and then she felt it. The warm, steel bar of his erection was pressing firmly against her hip. She'd thought she'd felt something earlier, but she'd filed in the back of her mind as a think about it later thing, but now...

Well, it seemed Derek liked what he was seeing on this boat, too.

Another woman stood, only to turn and straddle her boyfriend's lap before she dove in to kiss him.

Derek leaned forward, and his breath was scalding hot against her rapidly-heating cheeks. "I think the booze and the sun went to everyone's head."

"I think so, too..." she whispered in response.

"How about you, Baby Girl?" he murmured. "You holding steady or you wanna let loose?"

Penelope felt like groaning. How could she answer him? She was holding on by a thread, stopping herself from jumping him. Deep down, she knew it was a fantasy, and she couldn't just jump her best friend, but her body didn't quite get the hint. Along with the moisture, she felt the space inside of her opening up, yearning to be filled.

Watching all of the love around her made her acutely aware of her own needs... and how those needs wouldn't be fulfilled anytime soon. It was akin to having her nose pressed against a bakery window and knowing she couldn't have any, even if the most decadent chocolate cake she'd ever wanted was sandwiched against her body right now.

Good God... There was no way she was getting to sleep tonight without jilling off to relieve some of this frustration, and from the way Morgan felt against her, he was in a similar boat.

That brought up a good question to her. "Is it always like this on these fishing trips?"

"Most of the time, yes," he answered bluntly.

She gasped. "Why would you take me with you, then?!" He knew she desired him; he was no green fool that was unaware of his appeal. To make her watch this with him so nearby... That seemed like cruel and unusual punishment to her! Why would he want her to suffer? Or himself? Why didn't he take another girl?

He didn't answer right away. When she turned her head to look at him, the hot, sultry look in his eyes took her aback.

"Because there is no one else on Earth I want to be doing this with more than you."

The look he had was more than just desire. It was everything she wanted, all that she dreamed of, burning in those melted mocha depths. Most of all, they reflected what was in her heart: desire, want, love, and a hint of apprehension that was both adorable and heartwrenching.

A delicious wash of sensation settled over her and settled in the center of her body, right near her heart. "You're serious?"

He nodded and said, "As a heart attack."

Like her favorite online Trek star, she whispered in awe, "Oh, myyyy..."

He held her chin in his hand. "Woman. It's about damn time for us." His fingers caressed the side of her face, brushing the stray hairs that blew over her cheek. "Don't you think so?"

Penelope opened her mouth to answer in the affirmative, but there was no sound that could be heard: Derek's lips prevented any noise other than a sigh of pleasure...


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