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Chapter 2

And so it began, candied soft brushes against Penelope's lips, coaxing, tasting, testing. Derek took a sensitive approach with her, one that was almost reverent, enticing her to want more kisses, want more of him. Derek took all of the flirtation they'd done over the years and put it into play as he began to explore her mouth.

He caught the soft sigh she gave him, the warmth of her sweetly-fruity breath brushing against his lips invitingly. She began to melt and relax more into his arms, melding her body into his. Her head dipped back, heavy against the cradle of his inner elbow as he deepened the kiss methodically. His body rioted against him; for two hours, she'd sat on his lap, the sweet curve of her derrière rocking against the bulge in his swim trunks. He'd grown erect after she'd first sat down, and it had been excruciatingly sweet torture ever since. Each time she shifted, she dragged his foreskin up and down his shaft, tantalizing him to the extreme. He wanted her underneath him, on top of him, in and out of his bed, but he didn't rush things.

Seven years of wanting the same woman had taught him a thing or two about patience.

Her mouth was decadent, plush, beyond what he'd even dreamt about in the past. He'd had some very erotic dreams starring this woman, but his imagination was nothing in comparison to reality. It increased his desire to strip her naked, to have her right now, but he continued at the leisurely pace he'd begun.

Derek nibbled her lower lip, devouring it like the tasty morsel it was, and then moved to kiss the corners of her mouth. He angled his head, trying her mouth from every vantage point, savoring each connection and pass. She was so many flavors—peaches, wine...sweet, so sweet.

"Open, baby... Open," he murmured against her lips, coaxing her, and she complied immediately. The moment her lips parted, he began the gentle exploration into her mouth. It was electric, the first touch of their tongues. He shivered as a shock wave of sensation shook him, and he licked deeper into the recesses of her mouth.

He was so absorbed in kissing her that he didn't originally register when her hands came up to caress his head, drawing him closer so she could have more. The velvet strokes of her tongue grew bolder, tasting him. She closed her mouth around his tongue and sucked, and he growled as everything in his body surged.

Derek levered her upward, clutching her closer to his chest so he could deepen his exploration. He cradled her head against his shoulder as he devoured her mouth, savoring every last drop of her lips and tongue. His fingers itched to explore her body, and as she looped her hands more securely around his neck, he let his palm drift forward, along the curve of her waist, the vault of her ribcage, until he touched the heavy weight of her breast.

Penelope gasped into his mouth and then kissed him with even more vigor as he thumbed the hard bead of her nipple through the fabric of her shirt. He demanded more from her, pinching the little peak between his finger and thumb as his hot mouth opened hers. His mind was foggy with desire, and his blood was roaring throughout his body, a red haze of lust and heat overtaking any other thoughts that he had. Penelope was gone, too, her moans audible as she writhed against him, arching into his hands and his kiss.

The movement of the boat added to their fire, the sway of the boat rocking her ass against his cock, a tantalizing tease that was both heaven and hell to him. She wasn't even trying, and she had him the closest to the edge that he'd ever been.

For a moment, he paused, checking on her. This was Penelope, the woman he adored, had loved for a very long time. He was so swept away in kissing her, in the intense emotions ricocheting through his body, that he barely knew his own name. He didn't want to rush her or screw things up. Drawing on unknown superhuman strength, he raised his head and parted from her lips.

His breath caught in his throat as he looked at her. Her blonde hair was streaming over his forearm like a gold waterfall in the late setting sun, and her kiss-bruised lips were puffy and red and oh-so-kissable. As her thick lashes parted to reveal her passion-darkened eyes, he saw wonder and awe, along with the passion that he felt.

Her breath was sweet, soft, and ragged as she looked up into his eyes. She made no other movements; instead, she lay lazily in his embrace. Her lips curved in a Cheshire smile. "That was nice."

A short catch of laughter escaped him. "Nice?" he asked, arching his brow in the fading light.

"Mmm hmm," she answered, bringing her fingertips up to first smooth his brow, and then she traced his goatee. "So nice, I kinda want to do it again."

Derek tilted his chin quickly to catch her fingers in his mouth. He nipped her forefinger and smiled as her eyes darkened again. "That sounds rather wicked, Baby Girl..."

She licked her upper lip, right where the upper lip indented. "That's what I do best, lover. Besides—" she glanced around the boat "—I don't think anyone else is really paying attention to us."

Derek looked up and saw most of the other couples in various states of kissing and fondling. Although he drew the line at outright public lovemaking—for a first time, that is—there was lots they still could do. He smiled back at her. "If they are...we can give them a really good show..."

Her naughty grin was just the answer he was looking for. In a kittenish stretch, she raised her arms above her head before bringing them down to loop around his neck. Lowering her lashes, she whispered huskily, "Kiss me, my love..."

He lowered his head again and captured her mouth. Far from him to keep her waiting...

Penelope moaned, and he could tell she could feel the fireworks exploding again between them. He felt the touch of her hand against his cheek, exploring fingertips trailing over the rasp of his beard, the line of his jaw, before settling on the pulse of his throat.

Derek placed his hand over hers, holding it still. "It beats for you," he told her softly.

As she held his gaze, Penelope lifted his hand and placed it on her chest. "Me, too, love bug."

For a moment, he simply touched her, feeling the steady beat of her heart. But as he touched her, he saw the beading of her nipple, just out of reach. Bewitched, he slid his hand downward, cupping her breast in his hand. "You've got the most incredible breasts, Penelope," he murmured as he ran her nipple between his fingers, squeezing it between his knuckles.

It only took seconds for the heat and the fire to erupt between them again and then rise to even higher levels. Derek wanted more contact so he lifted her by the waist and twisted her against him so that she straddled his legs, facing him. Although the movement was seamless, it was still shocking, and Penelope gasped...and then a smile curved her lips.

Leaning forward, Penelope put her lips near his ears. "Did you say a good show,Hot Stuff?" She kissed the skin just below his earlobe.

He moved his head to the right. Damn, her lips tracing his skin felt good. "Yes, I did."

"How good, Hot Stuff?"

A warning bell went off. All afternoon, he'd felt her hip pressing against him, in accidental exotic dancer moves. From the look on her face, this time would be nowhere near accidental. "Baby..."

"Should we do a little dance?" she teased, and she bit his earlobe, causing him to gasp, before she sat back up.

The devilish look in her eyes said it all. "Wait, Baby Girl, I—oh, fuck..." he groaned, the sound coming to him unintentionally.

With a full body undulation, she ground her crotch against his, sliding back and forth in a wicked rhythm. His erection surged against his fly, pulsing with need as she bumped against him. Again, she kissed the side of his neck and, with a quick buck, brought her body back upright, making their connection more intimate.

"Oh, shit, baby. You gotta stop," he ordered, but she didn't listen, the sexy little minx. No... actress that she was, she was getting into her role as erotic dancer/torturer. Bracing herself with her thighs, she brought one hand up to sweep her hair over one shoulder, and the other slid down her chest. He watched her every move, mezmerized with lust. His tongue flicked outward, licking his lips, as he started falling deeper under her spell.

Derek closed his eyes and groaned low in his throat. He was already wanting her with every pore of his being, but this was too much to bear. With a growl of impatience, his glittering eyes flashed open. With primal need, he thread his fingers into her hair, cupping her head, and tugged her forward, taking her mouth in a passionate kiss. She kissed him back, gripping at him and holding him tight.

On and on, they kissed, the heat between them rising, the scent of their arousal wafting between them, clinging to the air as they clung to each other. He couldn't get enough of the feel of her hot, damp body, the sweet taste of her, the sounds of her little moans and pleas. It was out of control, it was spectacular, and it was more than he'd ever experienced with any other woman. He knew he needed to draw the line for himself—his time would come later—but only for himself.

With practiced hands, he gripped her ass, holding her against him as they swayed together and rocked with the movement of the boat. She shivered as he held her hips down, moaned and gasped as he rocked with her. As her mouth opened, he darted his tongue in and out of her mouth, taking her, possessing her in a facsimile of what he wanted to with her when they were alone tonight.


Each curve of her body tingled against him, and she felt wetter and hotter. He kept up the rhythm he began, never ceasing. Soon, Derek felt her stiffen and caught her breathless cry with his mouth as she shuddered in his arms. He held her, kissing and caressing her in his embrace as the tremors dissipated and left her spent in his arms.

She opened her eyes, and he could tell she was blushing, even in the twilight. " lost control there."

He kissed the tip of her nose. "You were beautiful."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, God, the boat!" she cried in a mortified whisper as she quickly looked around them. "I completely forgot!"

"Hush. It's alright, baby."

She looked back at him, her eyes wide and her cheeks pink. "What if someone saw that?"

A slight chuckle escaped him. "Then they'll think I am the luckiest man alive to be in love with someone so responsive."

That seemed to satisfy her. Contentedly, she wriggled down against him, and then paused, obviously feeling his still raging erection. "Umm, D?...what about...?"

"Don't worry about me."


He kissed her lips with a light smack. "Later. Tonight."

"For sure?"

He nodded his head. "You have to ask, silly girl?" If he had his way, he'd never let her go.

Her pleased expression warmed his heart. She cocked her head at him, a tender look crossing her face. "So...You're really in love with me, huh?"

"Yes." It was succinct, to the point, and exactly how he felt.

"That's good," she murmured as she lay her head on his chest. "'Cause I kinda love you, Derek Morgan."

He chuckled again, wrapping his arms around her, and kissed the top of her head. "I kinda love you, too, Penelope Garcia..."

A coughing sound alerted him. "Hey Morgan," Marcus said. There was a knowing look in his eyes and a smirk on his lips, but Derek didn't care. He was too damn happy to give a shit. "Docking in fifteen."

"Thanks, man," he answered, tightening his hold on his sleepy girl.

They held each other like that as they drifted off into the late summer sunset... just like all good happily ever afters should be.

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