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Hello, it's me again. I have finally written the fic in which I asked for help in naming a kitten. If you wanna read the fic I asked this question in that one is called "We'll Just Mess It Up Again". Anyway, I asked for help in picking out a name and a color for the kitten that will debute in this fic. The winner was a guest by the name of mystery-box. Congratulations, mystery-box! If you wanna know the name then you will just have to read the fic.

The Captain of the Thirteenth Division was very, very bored. He was all alone inside his home just staring out the window. He'd been entertained when Shunsui was there, but the brunet left earlier that morning. The eighth Captain came over the night before and the two Captains had eaten their supper and drank sake together until they were ready for some sleep, but sleeping isn't what they ended up doing when they landed on Jushiro's futon. They made love like they always did several times during the week and Shunsui spent the night just like always. They even made love again the next morning, but due to the eighth Captain's habit of procrastinating, the bearded shinigami had to literally hit and run in order to get back to the Squad Eight barracks to finish his work before Nanao came looking for him.

Jushiro bathed, dressed, and ate breakfast alone and now he was bored. The white haired man lets out a sigh as his green eyes follow the zig-zag path of a buzzing bumble bee flitting around the flowers planted outside in the garden. The thirteenth Captain finally decides to take a walk to be able to get a better look at all the blossoming flowers instead of just gazing at them from his window. He pulls on his Captain's haori and walks outside.

He smiles as the warm breeze caresses his face and he once again wishes that Shunsui had finished his work sooner so the two of them could walk hand in hand through the garden. His smile turns into a frown at the thought that his best friend would always be a first class procrastinator. He lets out a defeated sigh as he continues to stroll through the colorful blossoms alone.

The garden is quiet and not even the chirping of birds can be heard. The birds were probably off soaring the skies with their own mate and Jushiro was ashamed to say that he envied those birds. He shakes his head to clear it of Shunsui's image as he sits down on the sun warmed grass and rests his back against the trunk of a tree. He closes his eyes deciding he'll just take a nap while he waits for his lover to finish working.

The white haired Captain is almost asleep when he hears a crying sound. He opens his green eyes and looks around. He doesn't see anything in the area he's resting in, but he can still hear the soft crying. He stands up and looks around the garden, but is still unable to find the source of the crying. The pale shinigami decides to follow the sound which leads him out of the garden and around one of the Squad Thirteen buildings where he finally locates the source of the pitiful sound.

A look of sadness takes over his features as he lays eyes on a black and white kitten sitting all alone in the grass. He walks slowly toward the kitten to avoid scaring it as he talks soothingly to the small creature, "It's alright, little one. Are you all alone?"

He holds his hand out and after a few minutes of cautious staring from the kitten the little fur ball surprisingly walks forward to sniff Jushiro's hand. The kitten lets out a sad meow as it rubs its soft face on the thirteenth Captain's fingertips, "I'm surprised your mother hasn't come looking for you what with all the noise you're making."

The black and white puff ball lets out another forlorn cry before finally trusting the pale stranger to scoop it up into his arms. Jushiro smiles at the cute, little kitten as he strokes his hand down the kitten's back, "How about I help you find your mother? How does that sound?" The kitten meows again making the shinigami's smile widen, "Wonderful, I would be happy to help you."

Unfortunately, no matter how long or hard Jushiro searched the Seireitei he had no luck in finding the kitten's mother. With a frown, the white haired man pets the kitten's soft fur, "It looks like you'll be staying with me. I can't seem to locate your mother anywhere" He holds the kitten closer to his chest, "It's very sad and I just can't leave you alone." The kitten snuggles into Jushiro's robes and purrs softly as they head back to the thirteenth Captain's home.

Later that evening, Shunsui enters his lover's home with dinner and sake expecting to be greeted as usual, but the greeting never comes. The bearded Captain walks farther into the room looking around, "Ju?! I'm here!"

The white haired shinigami finally emerges from the bedroom to see Shunsui standing just inside the doorway, "Oh, Shunsui, I didn't hear you come in."

"Obviously." Jushiro gives his brunet lover a little peck on the lips as he takes the food and sake from him and places it on the table. Shunsui is about to take his place at the table to join his friend when he notices the small, black and white kitten come walking out the bedroom door, "What is that?"

The thirteenth Captain follows his best friend's gaze to land on the kitten as well, "Well, it isn't a mutant, Shunsui. It's just a little kitten and I named her Kumiko. Isn't she cute?"

"Why do you have it?" He sits down at the table where Jushiro placed his portion of the food.

The pale Captain smiles, "Kumiko is a she not an it and I found her near the garden earlier today."

Shunsui pours them both some sake as he shakes his head in disapproval, "And, why did you bring her here?"

"Because, she was all alone and I looked for her mother, but I couldn't find her." He takes a few bites of food before continuing, "I couldn't just leave her all alone."

Kumiko walks farther into the room and makes her way to the table to rub her body on Jushiro's leg. Shunsui is quiet for a moment just watching the addition and frowns, "How are you gonna take care of a kitten?"

An offended expression appears n the thirteenth Captain's pale face, "I am not a child, Shunsui. I'm fully capable of taking care of another living thing."

"That's not what I meant, Ju." He places his sake cup down on the table, "Who's gonna take care of her when you get called on a mission or working with your squad and what about when you get sick?" He lets out a frustrated sigh at the annoyed look on his lover's face, "Animals abandon their babies for a reason. You should have just left her there."

A sharp intake of breath can be heard from the white haired Soul Reaper, "Shunsui! I've never known you to be so cold hearted before. Not to mention, cats are pretty self sufficient. I can leave a litter box and food out and Kumiko will be fine. I don't have to be here all the time."

"I hope you know what you're doing. This kitten is gonna be here from now on."

An angry gleam flashes in the thirteenth Captain's green eyes, "You make it sound like I'm a pregnant teenager. It's a kitten that will grow to be a cat. I didn't bring home a tiger cub that's going to grow up and maul the Seireitei."

"Are you sure you aren't trying to replace something else with this…this fur ball?" He immediately regrets his question as soon as he'd asked it by the angry look his lover gives him.

Said angry lover only becomes angrier as he stands up from the table, "And, what is that supposed to mean?!" Jushiro grabs Kumiko into his arms and begins heading toward the bedroom.

Shunsui stands up as well to try and stop his friend, "Jushiro, stop!" Surprisingly, the pale man stops, but doesn't turn around, "I'm sorry. I'm out of line and I overreacted. I was just surprised is all." He lets out a defeated sigh, "I just don't want ya to be upset if something happens to…Kumiko."

The white haired shinigami turns around to face the eighth Captain with the kitten still held in his arms, "Really?"

"Yes, really." He runs a large hand through his wavy hair and sighs again, "You are a grown, smart man that is capable of making his own decisions." He waits a few seconds for his lover's reply and when Jushiro doesn't respond Shunsui continues, "Forgive me…I don't like it when we fight."

The white haired shinigami nods, "Okay, you're forgiven."

"Then please come back and eat with me. I love you." He smiles at the forgiving look on his best friend's face.

The pale Captain returns the smile, "I love you too." He places Kumiko back on the floor and resumes sitting at the table.

Later that night, the two slightly inebriated Captains are lying on Jushiro's futon still taking occasional sips of sake. Shunsui fixes his gaze on the thirteenth Captain as he speaks, "So, what were you doing in the garden without me?"

"I don't need a chaperon to go to the garden in my own division." The green eyed man places his sake on the floor beside the futon as he inches closer to his brunet lover.

The eighth Captain smiles as he also places his sake on the floor before hoisting the smaller Captain onto his lap in a straddled position, "I know you don't need a chaperon, but that's our make-out spot."

"Just because we have made-out there on occasion doesn't make it our make-out spot exclusively." He places his slender hands on the broad shoulders of his best friend as he returns the smile, "It can suffice as a nap taking spot at times."

"Did you at least think about out heated make-out sessions before you went on a kitten hunt?" He pulls Jushiro's body closer to his own to feel the intoxicating heat rising off his lover's skin.

A lustful gleam appears in the pale man's green eyes and a sexy smirk forms on his face, "Why would I waste my time thinking about past make-out sessions when we can make-out right now?"

"Mmm, I like the sound of that." He feels his white haired lover's hands move from his shoulders to rest on either side of his fuzzy face.

Jushiro licks his lips before smashing them down against the brunet's full lips. Shunsui eventually manages to tame the wild tongue belonging to his usually subdued partner as he slides his own tongue into the deliciously warm, wet mouth of the thirteenth Captain making said Captain moan from the thrill of being dominated. The bearded Soul Reaper tastes every inch of his lover's wonderful mouth before reluctantly pulling away for the two of them to breathe.

The eighth Captain smiles as he stares into Jushiro's green eyes, "You sure are feisty tonight, Ju."

"Drinking always makes me horny." He returns Shunsui's smile as he proceeds to leave the brunet's lap, but is halted by the large hand on his wrist.

"Where are you going? Things are just starting to get interesting."

The thirteenth Captain grinds his crotch against his lover's to reveal just how turned on he is and gains a groan from the brunet, "I said I was horny. I'll be back, Shun. I'm just going to feed Kumiko so she won't bother us."

"Okay." He lets go of the pale, slender wrist and allows Jushiro to stand, "Don't be long, love."

"Be ready when I get back." He gives his friend a wink as he disappears from the bedroom.

Jushiro returns shortly and the sight he's met with makes him shiver in anticipation. The pale shinigami licks his lips again as his green eyes travel the length of his nude lover's body as the eighth Captain lays sprawled out on the futon, "I'm so hot for you right now, Shun."

"Then hurry up and get naked so the fun can begin."

The white haired Captain nods as he begins to remove his own clothing and soon he is just as naked as Shunsui. He makes his way to the futon and straddles the bearded Soul Reaper's hips feeling the damp head of his lover's cock slide against the skin of his bare ass making the thirteenth Captain moan at knowing that soon that wonderfully large cock will be inside him. Jushiro is so caught up in his thoughts of Shunsui's cock that he doesn't even realize the change in their position until he feels his back press against the futon.

The thirteenth Captain blinks a few times at the brunet looking down at him before speaking, "Shunsui, what are you doing?"

A domineering expression spreads across Shunsui's features as he smirks down at the blushing face of his usually pale lover, "As much as I love it when you ride me that's not what I want tonight."

"And what might I ask, do you want tonight?" His surprised expression changes to one of delighted curiosity as he caresses the eighth Captain's arms with his sword calloused hands.

Shunsui leans down to bring his mouth close to Jushiro's ear and licks the shell of his lover's ear before speaking in a seductive whisper, "I wanna throw your legs over my shoulders and pound you into this futon."

A violent shudder racks the pale shinigami's body at the brunet's proclamation, "I want it so bad, Shunsui. Please, give it to me."

The bearded man only chuckles at Jushiro's response as his lips travel from his lover's ear down to his throat where he nibbles his way down to one of the already hard nipples and laves it with his warm tongue before sucking it into his mouth. The thirteenth Captain closes his eyes as he enjoys the feeling of pleasure coursing through his body, but suddenly without warning Shunsui stops all of his ministrations making Jushiro open his eyes in confusion, "Shunsui, why did you stop?"

"She's watching us."

The white haired Captain's eyebrows come together in puzzlement as he follows Shunsui's gaze to see Kumiko staring at them intently from the floor, "She doesn't know what we're doing. Keep going."

The eighth Captain tears his gaze away from the tuxedo kitten on the floor to look down at his impatient lover, "But, Ju…just look at that face. She's so cute and innocent and we're being so naughty and sinful."

An irritated look plays across Jushiro's face, "So what?!"

"Whataya mean 'so what'?" His grey eyes widen at the thirteenth Captain's indifference, "We can't just corrupt that sweet little brain! Not to mention, she'll see my butt."

Jushiro lets out a very annoyed sigh, "Then just put her in the bathroom and shut the door. Plus, almost everyone is Seireitei has seen your butt. What's one more set of eyes?"

"That was one time, Ju and I was drunk and I cannot in good conscience put her in the bathroom. She'll cry for you and I'll be the bad guy for shutting her in the bathroom." He gives his pale best friend a pleading look, "Can you really do it while listening to a kitten cry?"

"Then just ignore her." He rolls his green eyes at the pitiful expression on Shunsui's face, "What part of horny didn't you understand?"

"But, Ju…"

Before the brunet can finish his sentence the pale shinigami places a thin index finger over his full lips, "Just forget it then." Jushiro wiggles out from under Shunsui's naked body and moves to lay on his side of the futon facing away from his friend as he pulls the cover up over his equally naked body, "I'm going to sleep."

The bearded shinigami gets a horrified look on his face at his lover's sudden disinterest in having sex, "Are you serious, Ju? What about your…hard on?"

"I'll just ignore it."

Shunsui can hear the irritation in the thirteenth Captain's voice, "What about mine?"

Without turning to face Shunsui the pale Captain gives his a very cold answer, "You've been here enough times to know where the bathroom is and you know where I keep the lotion."

"You're serious?" His eyes widen at his best friend's suggestion of masturbating in the bathroom.

"As a heart attack." The white haired man finally turns to face the brunet with an amused smirk on his face, "And, clean up after yourself when you're done. Good night."

Shunsui tries his best to make Jushiro reconsider, but the thirteenth Captain's impatient and foul mood won't allow him to be swayed. Finally, Shunsui resigns himself to taking Jushiro's 'bathroom' suggestion. He didn't know how his friend could ignore it because he sure as hell couldn't. It just seemed impossible to him.

When the brunet finishes he leaves the bathroom and returns to the bedroom to see Kumiko curled up next to Jushiro's body with a smug look on her furry face. Shunsui slides under the cover and whispers low enough for only the kitten to hear, "Real slick, Kumiko. You had this planned out from the start, didn't you?"

The kitten just purrs as she snuggles closer to her white haired friend.


Thanks for reading chapter 1. There will probably only be one more chapter. Also Kumiko means eternally beautiful child. I think I should mention that a close second in the naming was a submission by Kefirafangirl. They said the name Gemini and I would have named the kitty that if Shunsui and Jushiro had found her together and Shunsui wasn't so adverse to her in the beginning.

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