Eragon was still descusing the offer with Draga when Arya and Firnen came back. Arya had a grim look on her face.

"What have you two been talking about." " Firnen told me that there were strange feeling coming from Saphira." She had left the cave at Eragons request. Her posistion in this decission had made him some what uncomfortable and unnerved but he would not tell her this. He was afraid that it mite leave her heartbroken and he wanted her to be happy.

"It's nothing Arya, leave were not done speaking."

"Acttuly Eragon we are and I think it's time they hear this as well."

"I haven't said my answer." Eragon shouted getting a little anoyed with the dragon.

"You didn't have to say it out loud Eragon. You do agree with the terms, yes." Draga said with a hint of smugness in his voice.

"Yes, I have." Eragon said. He looked over at Arya who had a look of confution and intrest on her face. Since becoming a rider she had shown more exspreicion in her face then she had ever had before.

He was still wondering why he hadn't been able to contact Saphira for the whole time she had left and he was getting worried for her safety. He asked Draga mentally if he could try. He said he couldn't, he had been trying the inter time they were talking with one another. That had been an hour ago. Eragon was about to leave when Draga stopped him and said. "Eragon I need you to stay here for a moment more while I tell Arya." "I don't know how she will react to the offer." "I could easily guess yours and Saphiras answers because of your bond." "It is stronger than any ever before it and nun come close but Arya is a young rider and her bound to Firnen isn't as strong as yours and Saphiras so I have to be more blunt with this so if you would stay untill they have given me an answer then I will teleport you to Saphiras location."

Eragon agreed and took a stand next to the great dragons side. After a moment of gathering his thoughts, Draga gave his offer to the elf and her dragon. Arya I'm going to turn you into a dragon to... He wasn't able to finish for Arya, to everyones surprise jumped up and squwlilled with joy and happiness. It scared Eragon to were he all most turned white.

Yes she yelled unable to control herself but sortly regaining some composer and said more calmly, "Yes." Afterwards she whated for Draga to speak. He continued from where he was interrupted. "To become Firnens mate and help restart the dragon race." She did not answer this time and stood there looking at both of them with a blank exspreicion on her face.

"Eragon and Saphira have both agreed to the terms of this." At this Arya and Firnen looked at Eragon. Firnens glare had hate in it and Eragon glared back with his own hateful stare knowing why the green hated him, he proboly flet that he had tooken Saphira away from him, tho she did not like him that way. He glared back suddenly feeling more protective of his dragon more than he had ever felt in his entire time he had been with her. It was more than protecting his friend. It was more then that now, more like defending a wife instead of a dragon.

Draga noticed the two glaring at each other and slammed his tall down in between the two and growling at them said. "I will have nun of that, do you understand." They both nodded there heads in acknowledgment. After a moment more of Arya and Firnen decusing it she gave her answer. "We both agree and we accept the offer." Satisfied, he told Eragon he could go and teleported him right as Thron and Murtagh came back to the cave. Eragon did not worry about them, they were about to be offered the same.

Eragons vision shifted from the cave to a clearing in the forest and in the middle lay Saphira with her back to him. She was shuddering from what looked like crying and she was as he moved around to her head and saw tears runing down her face onto the ground her eyes shut tight so she did not see him. He could feel her emotions threw her mentaly bareyers. Her mind was in turmoil with sadness, confusion, fear, and regret. He pushed on her walls and he could tell that she noticed that it was stronger and cracked one eye. At seeing her rider sitting there in front of her her eyes shot open and hid her head from him under her wing. He asked what was wrong, reluctant that she had droped her bareers and let him in. At the question of her well being she flooded his mind with what had been troubling her.

Eragon was amazed, shocked, happy, scared, and much more as Saphira's mind overwhelmed his in a mater of seconds mixing emotions and memory's together and blureing his mind causing abit of pain that his head was in his hands. She took note and slowed the flow but Eragon told her to go even faster, he wanted to now all that she felt. He had to know why she was acting so strang. He soon found what he was looking for. It was a memory of a dream she had had but never told him about it and he understood why. In the dream Saphira was flying with anther dragon, male, for it was abit bigger than her and more muscular than her. The male dragon was a deep sky blue, white horns and spins. After he saw this Eragon pulled his mind away from hers, clearing his mind so he could think straight for a moment, he then relized why she had been feeling the way she flet. Eragon was sadden at her reason. When he told her to leave the cave so he could make his decision by him self with out her there. She had flet rejected by him the moment he told her to go and that he did not love her the way she loved him and he flet stupid at what he had done. He muterd a crues under his breath. He hated himself for telling her to leave, he did love her as much as she did him but he was always scared that if she found out she mite...he didn't know what would happen but that no longer mattered. They were going to be together from now on. They were going to be mates and at this though he remembered that he hadn't told her his answer. He went into her mind and said very quietly "Saphira," "I said yes." She looked at him hearing what he had said but couldn't quite hear him so she asked,

"What did you say little one."

She asked back hopefulness in her voice.

"I said yes, my mate."

At these words Saphira jumped up and roared with joy, shooting gouts of beautiful blue fire into the air. Eragon laughed at and with his dragon. She was so happy that it overflowed into his own emotions and he began to cry tears of joy. Saphira came back over to him and nuzzled him with her snout lovingly and asked. "Did Arya and Firnen agree as well little one?"

He answered." Yes, my mate." She was a little surprised at how openly he used the term but did not care as they were soon going to be mates.

"I love you, my mate." She responded. He looked up at her with loveing eyes that said he would be with her always.

"Come, we should get back to the others." "They mite think we're dead." He said chuckling. He hoped on Saphira and took off from the clearing back toward the cave. When they arrived Draga was in humen form speaking with Arya and Murtagh. Thorn and Firnen were resting overer on the side wall of the cave. Eragon offered for Saphira to rest but she said that she would not leave his side. They walked over to the three, Murtagh and Arya had not seen them come in but Draga had but didn't say anything. They both received the same mental message saying,

"Eragon, get Saphira to roar as loud as she can to scare these two out of there skins. It will be funny, to die for to see there faces."

Eragon agreed and told Saphira to roar as loud as she could. She did just that and the two riders where scared to where they looked like ghosts. They were angery with him at frist but when he said that it was Dragas idea they turened on him and began yelling at him instead of Eragon which he was grateful for because he could feel Saphira wanting to tair there heads off. He was glad that she wanted to proticect him but the question arose in his mind and he could no longer contain it so he asked.

"When are you going to turn us into dragons and how many are you turning?" He asked. Draga responded by saying. "It will happen in one weeks time and I'm turning all three, that should give you enough time to tell sertenan people of your blessing." At this words all three dragons began to hum, since Saphira's roar had woken them as well.

"We will be leavening shortly." Draga said. With that he shifted back to his dragon form and sat at the mouth of the cave stretching his wings out. Since he had been in th cave for a better part of the day. After an hour of rest they left the cave and head north flying fast. Draga had told them that the elves had told all of Allagaesia that the last dragons and riders had diapered from the world since his bareeryers disallowed them from being searched for by magic or by man so they will ask question but when they do do not tell them about me, I want it to be a surprise for the world and it will scare the crap out of the elves." I'm going to put us back at the eage of the Du Weldenvarden forest aright?" He asked and everyone knowledged this and with a sudden shift they were out of the mountains and back over the forest headed for Ellesmera.

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