Interesting Other.

Pairings: Gumball x Bubblegum, Finn x Fionna, and Marshall Lee x Marceline.

Rated K+/ T.

Genre: Romance, Humor, Adventure.

Summary: Princess Bubblegum has been invited to a royal ball party at the Land Of Aaa by Prince Gumball. Bubblegum had decided to bring Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline to join her. While two royals are getting sweet with each other, LSP is making every guy uncomfortable by getting into their personal space, two humans take an adventure, and certain vampires get reacquainted with each other. Something crazy is bound to happen.

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Marceline Singing/Marshall Lee Singing.

It had been a very peaceful day in the Land of Ooo; the candy people of the Candy Kingdom enjoyed their time outside in the fresh open air, doing little activities or wondering around. However, a very excited princess had not gone outside to enjoy the wondrous day. No, in fact, she had been anxiously waiting for the arrival of Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Lumpy Space Princess. She had received an invitation from her good friend Prince Gumball. Although they had never met in person, they had formed a friendship over letters, which had started out as one of Bubblegum's experiments being leaked out into different lands. Apparently Gumball had heard of her experiment and became very intrigued with it so he sent her letter. Since then, the two royals had been sending letters to each other for over five months.

Now Bubblegum held an invitation letter from Gumball inviting her to a Ball Party he was hosting.

Dearest Princess Bonnibell,

I would like to formally invite you to my Grand Ball Party. After months of writing to each other, I would like to finally get to meet you in person, and perhaps form an ally between our lands. I, however, would like to discuss this in person. Is it part of the reason I would like for you to attend my ball. The other reason is to getting to see my friend face to face. Also, I know that it may take a couple days to travel here, which is why I want you to stay at my Kingdom for a few days. Please accept my invitation and bring however many guest you want, I guarantee you I have plenty of meals for them, you will not be disappointed. I give you my word to personally give you a tour in my Kingdom. I do hope you come, I wish to see you there. Until then dear Princess.


Prince Gumball.

After receiving the letter, Bubblegum immediately sent her letter that she was indeed going to attend, and that she was going to bring a few guest with her. She was practically bouncing in her seat while her companions began appearing, she really was so excited. Lady Rainicorn had tried to calm down the pink haired princess, but she really couldn't stop bouncing. Lady Rainicorn had to wonder what was going on that made the Princess so happy.

"Hey Princess!" Finn and Jake said happily as they entered her Kingdom.

"Finn! Jake!" Her excitement made her run up to the two and engulf them into a tight hug.

"We're... Happy to... See you.. To... Princess." The two wheezed out since the air was being squished out of them. Once she let them go, she proceeded to bounce once again.

"Are you okay Peebles?" Finn asked, watching the overly excited princess giggle uncontrollably.

"Hey Lady, what's wrong with the Princess?" Jake asked his beloved girlfriend. She hadn't the slightest clue.

Really, what had gotten into Princess Bubblegum?

"What's wrong with Bonnibell?" Marceline suddenly entered through the window. The first thing she sees is giggling princess, and the sight of it just creeped her out a little. Marceline removed her hat and gloves now that she was no longer in the sun. Finn explained to her what they happened to witness with Bubblegum.

"Ugh! Get away from me Ricky!" Lumpy Space Princess swatted at a bird that followed her. LSP looked around noticed everyone staring at her, except for Bubblegum who was being a little weird for LSP's liking. "What's wrong with Pinky?" She asked.

"We have no idea." Replied Jake.

The Princess seemed to snap out of her laughing stupor and finally focused on everyone. "Oh good! Everyone is here!"

"So why'd you call us Peebles?" Finn asked.

"Because I have been invited to a royal Grand Ball to the Candy Kingdom in the land of Aaa and I want you guys to come with me!" She said excitingly.

"The land of Aaa? Haven't been there in a while." Marceline said, slightly chuckling to herself.

"You've been there before Marceline?" Jake asked.

"Sure have. A couple hundred years ago, it's really not that much different here in Ooo, but the place is still nice. I wonder what's changed since I've been gone."

"A ball? Like, oh my glob! I can totally show off my lumps to hot guys and stuff." LSP said. "They'll never know what hit them with these lumps."

"So Finn, Jake, will you accompany me?" Bubblegum asked.

"Sure Princess. Sounds fun." Jake replied.

"It'll be a whole new adventure!" Finn said excitingly. "When will we leave?"

"Well, I had planned to go the next day early morning, but for Marceline's sake from the sun, we shall leave on the stroke of midnight." Bubblegum announced.

Marceline chuckled. "Aww, how sweet of you to care for my well being dear Bonnibell." She teased. Bubblegum sighed to herself, she was going to have to put up with Marceline's teasing for a few days, but it would be worth it.

"Now everyone, please go home and pack for the trip. It will take a few days to get there, and we will be staying a few nights there as well." The pink haired princess explained. "Marceline, how well do you know about balls?"

The vampire snorted, as if insulted. "Honey, you're talking to someone whose lived for a thousand years. I know everything there is to know about Balls."

"That's great! Then you can help me out with Finn."

"Why? What's wrong with me Princess?" Finn asked, inspecting himself.

"Oh don't worry about it Finn. Now go home and pack, and be sure to be here before midnight. Come as early as you can."

Everyone left to their homes, except for Lumpy Space Princess. Bubblegum gave her a questioning glance.

"So Pinky, you got like, a huge wardrobe and stuff right? And some food?"

The princess sighed. "Right this way LSP."

With all the belongings packed and ready to go, Marceline quickly put on her hat and gloves: Throwing a few straps over her shoulders, Marceline left her home and quickly flew over to the Candy Kingdom.

The sun was low, just beginning to set; the sky was painted in rich colored orange, blue, and purple.

It wasn't long before Marceline arrived at the Kingdom, she slipped through an open window where she found Lumpy Space Princess stuffing her face with food. Marceline flew by her and set her things down beside the table that carried LSP's food. Bubblegum entered the room at that moment.

"Marceline. Good you're here."

The vampire nodded in acknowledgement. "What's up Bubblegum?" She said while removing her hat and gloves.

"I'm glad you came here first. I want you to help me pick out a proper outfit for Finn."

"Sure, why not."

Princess Bubblegum led her through a room with various of clothing scattered all over the place. "Geez Bonnibell, you sure do have a load of clothes everywhere."

"LSP made this mess while she was searching for something to wear." Bubblegum explained. "Now I picked out a few outfits for Finn that will look good on him."

"Now when you say 'a few', you do mean as in less than ten? Right?"

"Of course. I had narrowed it all down from fifty choices."

"Well damn." Marceline was astonished. "By the way, how are we gonna travel to Aaa? It's not exactly around the corner ya know."

"Oh well I called in a first class train." Bubblegum answered. "It has great seating, our own personal little bed, and food."

"Fantastic." The vampire replied, not seemingly surprised one bit. She began looking through the chosen clothes that had been picked out for Finn. "Okay, so the white ones and the blue ones seem most fitting for Finn, so we can leave out the black ones and the purple ones, I think it would look weird on him."

Bubblegum inspected the remaining suits. "Yes, you're right, but I think too much white would be a little weird on Finn too, so maybe the dark blue, or the light blue?"

"I think the dark blue would be better."

"Yes, very good. I shall pack this into one of my suit cases and give to him later. Lady Rainicorn had already picked out Jake's outfit so we don't need to find one for him, and I already have mine. What about you Marceline?"

Marceline shrugged. "I haven't been to ball in about seven hundred years, so I don't have any of those dresses anymore."

"Well you can look around, try some on to see if they fit." The princess suggested.

"Alright. Just as long they aren't to bright or frilly."

"I'm sure there will be at least one that you can find to your liking." Bubblegum rolled her eyes.

It was 11:45 p.m. at night, the train would be arriving in 15 minutes. Finn was very excited to go on this trip, he was anxious to leave that he couldn't simply go to sleep and wait for it like Jake was. Jake had fallen asleep a few hours ago, saying that time would go by much faster if they slept, however, Finn was too pumped for a whole new adventure that wasn't here in Ooo, he couldn't wait to explore a whole new land.

Finn constantly fidgeted around, so to stop himself from doing so, he began to practice with his sword. He tried to do some acrobatic moves while using his sword, however, he was not very successful, in fact, he was quite clumsy.

For the fun of it, Marceline began to play her bass, singing a song of a warrior that was basically mentioned for Finn. The human boy began to do odd like ninja moves, or pretending to be hidden as if he was going to attack his enemy; Marceline's song went well with what he was doing.

The train had finally arrived. Bubblegum began to explain how long the trip was going to take, basically three days. The ball was three days from now, but lucky it started after sunset, so they had plenty of time to be ready by then, they could dress in the train basically, not really the best way to arrive at a ball but at least it got them somewhere that was three days away, and luckily the first class train is a very large train. Fancy looking too.

There were three little tiny rooms on the train, one for Princess Bubblegum, LSP, and Lady Rainicorn, another for Finn and Jake, and the last one for Marceline. The rooms were the width of the beds, so even though it wasn't that good of space, it was at least comfortable.

Finn face planted on his pillow, he smiled peacefully as he thought about the Land of Aaa, he couldn't wait for the adventures to come and meeting new friends as well. He wondered if he would meet someone who was just as adventurous as he is, that would be great, they could show him around the place and tell him the dangers that were there. Just thinking about it gave him an adrenaline rush in his blood, he was tingling with excitement. But even though the excitement was overwhelming, Finn closed his eyes and finally fell into sleep.

Marceline sat on her bed playing a soft tune on her bass while looking out the small window beside her bed. She watched as everything like the Candy Kingdom, was becoming smaller and smaller the further the train went. Then the hills were next, the trees, and animals, and finally the mountains. The mountains were covered with snow, it was everywhere, which means they were passing by the Ice Kingdom. Ice King was probably sleeping by now, which was good, they didn't need some creepy guy following them.

Four hours had passed, and the sun wouldn't be coming up for another two hours. Marceline had stopped playing her guitar a while ago, for an unknown reason, a little memory popped into her head.

"C'mon MarMar! You can't be that slow." He was teasing her.

"Shut up! You do this more than I do! It's no wonder you're so fast." Marceline stopped flying and just decided to lay flat on the grass below her. He flew down to her and laid beside her.

"I can't believe the princess gave up on catching up to me." He snickered. Marceline growled and punched him on the side, he yelped in surprise. She smirked at him but then pouted when he started chuckling.

"C'mon on Mar, ya know I'm just teasing." He slipped an arm under head, bringing her to his chest. Marceline sighed contently and snuggled closer to him, she was happy to have him as her best friend.

Marceline blinked. She shook her head slightly, wondering where that had come from. How long has it been since had last thought about him? It hurt to remember those memories, she truly did missed him but she often tried not to think about him since it would hurt her so much. The last she had seen him was in the Nightosphere where she was announced Queen of Vampires. Her father distrusted him, he thought he was a no good kid, so he sent him and his family to the far ends of the Nightosphere where the worst of demons lived. The chances of him surviving were very slim. She desperately tried to search for him, but she could barely even make it to the Ends of the Nightosphere without getting killed herself. Her father refused to let her look for him, and he had made sure she would never reach him, he had her under his close watch. She couldn't get anywhere without him knowing, since then, she had long given up on searching for him.

Tears weld up on Marceline's eyes, she refused to let them fall. Marceline had detested her father for doing such a thing, she had long given up on giving him the silent treatment, she had forgiven him for many things he had done, but she absolutely refused to forgive for killing her best friend. When her father brought him up not long after her ceremony of becoming queen, Marceline had snapped. She yelled at him, shouted at him, blamed him, and even cursed at him. She had done something she had thought she would never do, but she did, and she never regretted it, he deserved it, he always thought about himself. Her father was the reason why she left the Nightosphere in the first place.

Marceline sighed, she picked up her bass.

What I thought wasn't mine, in the light,
Was a one of a kind, a precious pearl.
When I wanted to cry, I couldn't 'cause I,

Wasn't allowed.

Gomenasai, For everything. Gomenasai,
I know I let you down,
Gomenasai till the end, I never needed a friend,
Like I do now.

What I thought wasn't all, So innocent.
Was a delicate doll, of porcelain,
When I wanted to call you, and ask you for help,
I stopped myself.

Gomenasai, for everything. Gomenasai,
I know I let you down,
Gomenasai till the end, I never needed a friend,
Like I do now

What I thought was a dream, a mirage
Was as real as it seemed, a privilege.
When I wanted to tell you, I made a mistake.
I walked away.

Gomenasai, For everything. Gomenasai, (gomenasai)
Gomenasai, I never needed a friend,
Like I do now.
Gomenasai, I let you down,
Gomenasai (gomenasai)
Gomenasai till the end, I never needed a friend,

Like I do now.

Marceline stopped singing. She simply stared at nothing for the moment, as if in a daze. When she finally snapped out of it, she looked outside again, all she saw was grass lands, tree tops, and hills; the Land of Ooo was no longer in sight. She looked up to the sky and notice that it was starting to become lighter, which means the sun was rising. Marceline placed her bass down beside the bed, and closed the dark curtains so no sun would enter. She lay on her bed, pulling the covers over herself, and fell into a deep slumber.

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Song: Gomenasai, by t.A.T.u

Also for those of you who don't know Gomenasai mean 'I'm sorry' in Japanese, I know it's not really fitting for Marceline, but it did fit the plot, at least I think so. Thanks again!