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Marceline Singing/Marshall Lee Singing.

"It's just across that river Finn!" The young blonde haired girl grinned widely as she made a run towards the streaming water. Finn let a smile grace his lips as he felt the excitement coming from the girl.

The two young blondes had been walking through the forest for quite some time now; they had left Gumball's Kingdom a little over an hour to venture off in hopes of finding something to fight. Fionna had mentioned a couple of furry blue colored creatures with wings and horns and sharp tails always having different methods of attacking a bystander. Fionna always thought it had been fun to fight these furry creatures, she wanted Finn to try it out. The attacks were always different which never made it boring to fight.

"I never like fighting the same way over and over again," Fionna said. "I don't like the same routine style, I've always like the thrill of not knowing what's going to happen next. I guess that's why I get tired of fighting the Ice Queen."

"Ice Queen?" Finn voiced, he immediately thought of the Ice King.

"Yeah. She's this supposedly evil Queen of Ice, always trying to kidnap the Princes of this land, especially Gumball." Fionna explained. "She has this major obsession with him. She tries to kidnap him every other week or so, I end up fighting her, and saving Gumball. Ya know, the same thing."

Finn chuckled. "Reminds me of this guy I know, the Ice King."

Fionna seemed astonished. "There's a King where you come from?"

"Yep. The King of Ice. He's basically just like this Ice Queen."

"Soo... He kidnaps guys?"

Finn stared at the girl beside for a few seconds before letting out a loud laugh. "No, he kidnaps the Princesses of Ooo. And he has this crush on Peebles."

The girl gave him an odd look. "Peebles?"

"Oh right haha, I mean Princess Bubblegum." The boy awkwardly scratched the back of his head. "It's the nickname I gave her, besides PB, but yeah that's what I call her sometimes."

Fionna awkwardly rubbed her arm. "Do you um... Like Princess Bubblegum?"

"Sure, I like her. She's one of my best buds after all." Finn replied. They were nearing the river.

"No, I mean... Do you like like her?"

Finn glanced at the smaller girl, but looked back towards the river. "No. I mean I use to have like the biggest crush on her, but that was before I had gotten with my girlfriend."

"You have a girlfriend!?"

"Ah well ex is more like it, we actually broke up a few months ago. Her dad is forcing her to marry a Prince, which makes sense because she's a Princess. We just decided to be friends, no harm done really, we thought it was for the best, considering I always get burned whenever we hug or kiss, she's inviting me and Jake to her wedding though, we plan to go."

"Wait a minute, hold on!" Fionna stopped in her tracks, making Finn stop as well.

"What is it?" He asked.

"What did you mean that you would always get burned?" She really couldn't help but ask, generally she was confused, what girl could have possibly burned him?

Finn chuckled. "Well she is the Princess of Fire, Flame Princess."

It a moment for Fionna to realize what he had meant. "So you really had been with girl who's made of fire?"


"And exactly who is she marrying?"

"Someone that's like her. The Prince of Fire."

"Oh... Okay."

Finn simply nodded and decided to continue their previous conversation. "So anyway, the Ice King always tries to kidnap the Princesses, it's a little tiring sometimes, but I have to admit that it is fun to stop him. He's a weird guy, but the way he plans to kidnap them is pretty amusing, he thinks of the most weirdest things. It's always something different, even if the objective is the same."

Fionna smiled. "If only it were the same for me. The Ice Queen always shows up out of nowhere, trying to kidnap Gumball, I fight her and I win. The same thing except this one time she had actually done something different."

The boy beside her seemed interested. "What did she do?"

The girl couldn't help her cheeks turning pink. She was flushing with embarrassment. "Oh um... Um she uh... S-She disguised herself as um... Gumball." Apparently the boy didn't get it, he just continued to stare at her with a questioning look, waiting for her to continue. It only succeeded in making her cheeks an even brighter pink. "She made me think that she was Gumball, and made me think that he wanted to go on a... Date with me."

"Man that must suck." Finn commented. He was glad that that never happened to him with Bubblegum, he was quite thankful that the Ice King was to stupid to even think about something like that.

Fionna quickly decided to change the topic. A smile immediately edged onto her face. "Hey Finn, look over there!"

Finn turned towards the direction she was pointing at. There was a cave ahead, with trees and moss surrounding it. He silently watched as Fionna crept up to the cave, pulling out a sword much like his own, he watched her kneel down to grab a rock and throwing it inside the cave.

For the moment, nothing had happened. Then the creatures Fionna had mentioned earlier had come out of the cage and began attacking her in different directions in different ways. At first, he was compelled to help her, however, when she started to fight back, he stood still and watched as she fought each one.

Finn couldn't help but be amazed by the way she was fighting. She was strong, and fierce, but at the same time she did it with grace; Finn watched every movement she made, the way she swung her sword, the way her body turned, how her legs carried her weight without so much as a struggle, but in truth, he couldn't help but be mesmerized by the determination in her eyes.

Her mouth was curved into a grin and her eyes held such determination that rivaled his own when he was fighting. She was having fun, the time of her life. Finn couldn't stop the smile forming on his lips, he has never seen anyone amazing as her.

Fionna was panting for air, she placed her sword where is rightfully belonged on her backpack. She turned to face Finn, asking why he didn't join her, but the words never came out. She saw him smile at her as if she was the most amazing person he has ever seen, she looked away and felt her cheeks burning, but she felt a small shy smile appear on her lips.

Finn made his way towards the girl, his smile growing along the way. He stopped right in front of her. "That was amazing Fionna! That was so cool how you fought those things!"

"Aha well, it was nothing really."

Finn shook his head. "No way, I thought you were pretty amazing."

She could feel her cheeks burning again. "I know other places to fight things like those, wanna come?"

"Heck yes!"

With new eagerness, the two ran off to find more adventure, to fight and save and have fun. And with each battle they had, they couldn't help but watch each other with awe as they had their own methods of winning their battles.

The sun was beginning to set over the horizon. The shades of red, orange, blue and purple colored the sky, with a hint of a few clouds making the sky uncharacteristically beautiful.

Finn and Fionna sat on a tiny hill spot, watching the setting sun as they enjoyed the tranquil quietness that settled between the two. The two of them had spent the entire day having a crazy adventure of battles and short fights, even daring to fight a creature ten times their size. They had taken a break from their adventure to eat some fruit on a tree; when they had been satisfied, they continued on. They even went as far as to see who could win the most battles. Unfortunately for Fionna, Finn had won by one.

It was a mere fluke according to her.

When the day was finally ending they decided to watch the sun set before they head back to Gumball's Kingdom.

Fionna was happy about today, she has never so much fun in a long time with anyone. Besides Cake, sure it was nice to have her around in their adventures, but it was also nice to have one with someone else. Speaking of Cake, she hoped that she wasn't too upset about being alone with Finn. She was against the very idea of the two of them going anywhere alone without her supervision, Fionna obviously argued about that but luckily for the two of them Jake had distracted her with an argument.

The young blonde haired girl watched the sun getting lower and lower, feeling the warmth radiating through the air and onto her skin, she felt so at ease. She gasped quietly, as she realized something. She turned to look at at the boy beside her, he was laying down with his arms behind his head, staring at the sky. The words she had wanted to say would not come out of her throat, she looked at the boy's face and saw the sun's rays hitting his face, the way his skin reflected from the sun made a tingling sensation bubble in her chest.

She quickly looked away from him, placing a hand over her suddenly, rapid beating heart.

Finn then stood up and stretched. "Well today was fun," He said with a smile, he placed his hand out for Fionna, which she took. He helped her stand, glancing at the final moments of the sun. He faced Fionna. "Well, we should probably be heading back now."

Fionna simply nodded and began walking.

"And Fionna?" Finn called to her. She stopped walking and looked at him, her cheeks quickly burned when she saw that smile on his face. "Thanks for today."

Fionna looked at him with a shy smile, but didn't say anything, then she thought of something before. "Hey Finn, do you want to see something really amazing?"

He was confused at first, but he nodded anyway. "Yeah sure."

She grabbed his hand and dragged him straight towards the forest. He didn't complain, he let her drag him to wherever it was she wanted to show him. They had just stopped at the entrance of the forest.

Finn looked around, wondering why they hadn't entered the forest. "What's in there?"

"Only the most breathtaking sight ever."

The sun had finally set, making it nearly impossible to see. Fionna released Finn's hand and began walking inside the forest, Finn following right behind her.

The two had walked deep into the forest, stumbling and falling on the roots they cannot see. Then, there was light not far ahead of them. Fionna looked up at Finn.

"Get ready to see something so amazing." She said quietly. Continuing forward, Finn was wondering what so amazing, he has seen things that are pretty amazing and beyond imaginable, however, just as he looked into what Fionna had been talking about, nothing he had ever seen before compared to what he was looking at now.

The forest was glowing! Literally!

The roots of the tress were glowing, the plants were glowing, the flowers, the water, and even the creatures living inside the forest. In fact, he wasn't even sure that the creatures were even animals at all, several of them were coming down on both blondes rather slowly and gently, they looked like flowers to Finn.

Fionna held her hands out, one of the flower like creatures landed softly on the palms of her hands. She looked towards Finn who staring at her with awe, she smiled and let the creature fly out of her hands. Both watching it fly softly away.

The entire place was so very large compared to other forests, they were like babies compared to these large trees and plants.

Finn and Fionna journeyed further in, running over large bark and roots, climbing the trees and jumping on its leaves. Some of the roots provided a slide, the two young teens slid on the roots, laughing and smiling as they sped up the lower they got. The two ended up in the glowing water.

As they swam to the nearest root, they both removed their hats and backpacks, and returned to swimming. They dived into the water, daringly they opened their eyes and saw the rocks, water plants, and a bit of odd fish glowing. The two swam under water, taking in every sight they could see until they could no longer hold their breaths and had to rise up for air.

Finn looked up into the canopy of the trees, there were so many things that his green eyes were taking in, he tried to fit it all into his memory. This forest was absolutely beautiful, no, it was more then that, but there were no words that could express the wonders of the forest. It was absolutely perfect, although everything was glowing, nothing was bright, it was all dimmed but still so very beautiful.

They went back on land, putting on their backpacks but leaving their hair out to dry from the wind. They went back to running over the roots and up, playing a little game of tag, Finn was currently it.

Laughing, Fionna ran as the boy was chasing her everywhere she went. She jumped over roots, jumped on the leaves but the boy still didn't catch her. He didn't seem to mind as he was enjoying this as much as she was. Fionna made her way to the root slide, she jumped and slide down. Looking back, she sees Finn right behind her with a determined look on his face.

The slide was long and fast, dipping low and curving around the trees and under the plants, and swirling around the flowers.

Once the slide came to an end, Fionna quickly jumped off and began running, however this time she didn't get very far. Finn tackled her to ground, but so as not to hurt her, he turned their bodies so that he ended up on the floor with Fionna laying over him.

Laughing lightly, he gave her a wide grin. "Gotcha."

Fionna couldn't but let out a giggle as she began to blush once more. She was laying on top of him, but she couldn't stop the feeling of being comfortable where she was. The tingling yet bubbly feeling was returning in her chest, she looked into his green eyes while he looked into her blue ones.

Finn had his arms wrapped around her waist, he removed one arm to move her hair out of her face, placing it behind her ear. He could feel his stomach fluttering just by looking at her blushing face, something inside his chest was stirring and it made him feel warm. He could feel his cheek beginning to burn just by looking at the girl on top of him.

The feelings inside him felt familiar to him, as if he had felt this feeling before, but he couldn't place it. He looked into her eyes, his mind was blown away by how breathtaking she was looking right now. Her eyes were practically shining, her cheeks were a dark shade of pink, and her hair was messy yet just perfectly wavy at the same time. His eyes widen slightly as he gasped so quietly, right away did he realize where he felt this familiar feeling.

In just one day, he knew what he felt.

Finn was falling,

And for the first time ever, he was falling hard.

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