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Chapter 4: The mischief of one

"Your crimes, Loki, have endangered us all." Odin's voice was unusually quite, but it still stopped the murmurings and hissed curses people had spat at Loki. His battle wounds were healing, but he looked dead. His eyes seemed to be looking at the distant figures but the last time Loki lifted his gaze, Thor saw that his brother's green eyes were dull. And he knew why.

"I have decided on the punishment, Loki, and you will pay it with a—"

"Father, wait." Thor's voice rumbled and promptly shrieks of disbelief from the watching crowd.

"Thor, what are you doing?" Sif and Fandral hissed at him, Sif grasping his forearm, as if to pull him back, but he gently pushed her hand away and took a step forward.

"What is it, Thor? Do you have more evidence to incriminate Loki or do you wish for a lighter punishment." Odin looked at his son, showing no emotion.

Thor hesitated, pondering his words and how exactly to tell the crowd that had come to see the God of Mischief pay for his crimes.

"I do not believe that what I am to say will affect Loki's punishment, father, but perhaps may change the situation of another." Thor's thumbs were pressing hard into his fist, and he noticed that Loki's pale hands stiffened, then clenched. He looked up, through the blond strands of hair and saw his brother's panicked look. He knew that look; it was the one he bore whenever the revelation of any of his children was brought up. But this time, it was needed, because the child was not here.

"Loki has birthed another child, about twelve years ago. Before we captured him, Loki discovered his child and at first, held him and we could not bring him here." Thor became quiet as he watched his father carefully, waiting for his reaction. Beside, his mother Queen Frigga react to his statement, her eyes darting between the muffled Loki and Thor, all while her eyes watered.

Odin looked wearier, and he placed a hand on his wife's, who did her best to muffle her quiet sobs. He stared at his youngest, contemplating and wondering before sighing loudly.

"Then bring the child to me, Thor, and I shall find him a place to live without fear." Thor saw Loki's twitch and he knew well which child Loki was thinking about.

"Father, the child is human, and I could not feel any signs of sorcery on him." Loki snorted, and the Thunder god had to suppress a huff. While he was not as skilled as sensing signs of untrained magic as Loki and other sorcerers were, he knew enough to detect it.

"Leave." Thor, Frigga, Loki and the rest of the court looked at Odin in shock. He stared at Loki one last time before standing.

"Leave us, all of you. Loki's punishment will be announced, but for now, leave. All of you!" He said, his tone indicating that the Warriors Three and Sif should not take a step forward. He even dismissed his guards.

The throne room was empty, and silent, for no one dared make a sound. Then Loki shifted, moving the weight off of one knee and relaxing his numbing legs. As if that was a cue, Frigga gathered her skirts and rushed down to cup her son's muffled cheek. But he turned his head, just so slightly so his eyes were cast to the ground and she ended up cupping his jaw.

"Thor, where is the child?" Thor hesitated in answering immediately, preferring to stare at Loki instead. But his brother did not move again, so he decided in answering his father. He told him everything he knew and what some of his worries were.

But his father's expression was the most worrisome.

"Loki, do you know what you have unleashed?" It was not angry, but quiet and thoughtful. At that, Loki looked up, and since his capture, Thor saw mischief in his brother's eyes.

Percy crashed into the sea, and while the initial pain was there, it wore off and he gently floated down in the water. He sighed, and watched in amusement as the air bubbles flew out and escaped to the surface. Something nudged his leg and he looked down. A…dolphin was nudging him. A dolphin in New York.

Actually, he didn't know where he was anymore.

"My lord! Your father the Lord Poseidon wants to speak to you and he tasked e with the honor of guiding you there!" The dolphin spoke to him, excited about meeting the God of the Sea's demi-god child.

Percy was surprised that his father wanted to speak to him, especially since he sent medusa's head to Olympus after the lightning thief incident. But he followed the dolphin and climbed onto the sea creature when it told him that it'd be much faster that way.

Everything was a blur and he didn't notice anything until he got to his father's palace. Once the dolphin arrive, there was a platoon of guards who greeted him and escorted him to what he assumed was his dad's room for receiving people and making important decisions.

A beautiful woman with flowing hair was leaving, and she glared at him as she left. Percy gulped, before turning to look at his father who gave him a tired smile.

"Percy, come here." And his father held him, hugged him hard, before letting him go and opening his mouth.

"I know who your mother is." He simply said and just watched his son's reaction.


"I know you're confused and probably angry, but—" he glanced up at his roof, and Percy realized that he was looking at Zeus.

"Your mother's status has been brought to my brother's attention, and he's not pleased to find another group of gods on his territory."

"So, what do I do?" Percy's voice was quiet and shaky. Poseidon closed his eyes briefly and a pang of sadness at how small his son looked. But he was his son, and a demigod, and was going to do much for all of them.

"Go to Camp Half-Blood, and train. I know there are many things that you're confused about, but Chiron will tell you everything." Percy nodded, and after a bit more of small talk, Percy rode the same dolphin that brought him here, to Camp Half-Blood.

Things would change, he knew that, and as he turned a small blade of grass into a garden snake, that his life would change.

"Seaweed brain?"

"Hey, Annabeth."

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