Fire and Darkness/A love unknown (Kai Hiwatari) Intro:

Intro Starts:

It never accorded to me that I felt that way; it was a big surprise. How my cheeks turned from pink to beat red in a matter of seconds, once our eyes met nothing could stop me from being thrown into a trance. But what really surprised me was that we have been friends since we were kids and never once have I felt this way. That is, until now.

I should introduce myself, my name is Ayaka Hattori, but friends call me "Aya", I have long dark red hair and purple eyes, I`m also 16 years old; Kai is 17 and we have been friends since we were kids. Our grandfathers are very good friends too, but they both should be thrown in jail. Why? Well I`ll tell you, when Kai were about 7 and I was 6, we were both sent to the abbey in Russia by our grandfathers, it was like going through hell, we were trained to be the best beyblader`s in the world.(And we were also badly abused.)

5 years later Kai was about 12 and I 11 we both escaped and went back home. Yes and I live in the same hose, well mansion to be exact. I can tell you now that it did not go so well with our grandfathers, I don`t know if Kai got beat or not, but I sure did.

I wasn`t allowed to eat for weeks in the end as part of my punishment, but every night Kai would somehow sneak into my room and bring me food. They tried again and again to send us back, but on matter how hard they tried we didn't go back, so we were forced to train in the basement for months.

Eventually Kai and I joined a team known as the Blade Breakers and together we won tournament after tournament, and finally we won the championship! And then a few years later we met a new addition to the team, Hilary Tachibana, she`s basically the cheerleader for the team, and together we; well Tyson actually, defeated Zeo and won us that tournament.

Now I will introduce you to my Bit beast her name is Shadow, she is a dark grey wolf with black angel wings and blue eyes, a blue tip tail and her hair on her head is blue. Her powers are all dark attacks. Here is a list of them: Shadow Claw (Darkness attacks with her claws), Dark Abyss (This attack creates a black hole and sucks my opponents blade into it and then shoots them back out badly damaging the blade) and finally Black Chaos (This is darkness most powerful attack the whole area gets shrouded in darkness and then the opponent blade and bit beast, if they have one, gets attacked by an invisible force and renders them helpless, it also can make your blade spinning). And my Beyblader's is black and silver, just to let you know!

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