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The little arm reached up and pressed the glowing button on the doorframe. The faint sounds of chimes ringing were heard from the other side of the door and after a few seconds the voice of someone doing a bad pirate impersonation was heard.

"Argh! Who dares to bother the Great Captain FezBeard?"

The door then swung open revealing to the five tick-or-treaters, a young foreign man dressed in full on pirate attire. The big black hat with skull and crossbones on his head, eye patch covering one eye, white puffy shirt underneath a black vest, pirate style boots on his feet and as an added touch he had a stuffed bird sewed to the shoulder of his shirt.

The children simply stared at him before simultaneously lifting up their bags and plastic pumpkin buckets.

"Trick or treat!" They said at the same time.

"Aye, so you are after my booty are ye?" Fez asked still in his pirate mode as he held the bowl of candy close to him as if it were a bowl full of treasure—although to Fez that's exactly what it was.

"Well let's see what we have here." He said before scanning over the kids and the costumes they were wearing, "We have two pretty princesses." He said softening his pirate tone just a bit as he looked at the two young girls; one in a pink sparkly dress, the other in a blue Cinderella type of dress.

He looked at the boys, "And a vampire, very scary teeth. And another scary little monster." He said looking at the child dressed as Frankenstein—green face and all—he turned his gaze to the fifth child and pointed a finger at him, "And you my friend, may be the scariest of them all." he said, no longer sounding like a pirate as he pointed to the little boy dressed as a circus clown.

While the children exchanged confused looks, Fez chuckled at his own joke before a dreamy eyed look appeared on his face and he leaned his non-parroted shoulder against the frame of the door.

"Ah I remember the good ol' days when I was a child and went trick-or-treating…" a frown suddenly made its way onto his face as he admitted, "Actually I do not because we did not have trick-or-treating in my home country—not even Halloween. It is a very sad place." He shared with a somber nod before allowing his smile to return. "Ah, but I do remember the first time I went trick-or-treating here in America."

"My friends took me and it was such a magical night, all that delicious tasty candy I got…except from those people who gave me an apple. Those sons of bitches." He growled with an angry glare.

The kids were even more confused now and once again they looked at each other—silently wondering if this place was one of the places their parents had told them to avoid.

Catching the expression on their faces, Fez was worried he may have frightened them and so he quickly spoke up, "Oh do not worry you will not be getting any apples from me. I do not think we even have any apples in this house. Which is probably why there are always doctors around here. Ah, good one, Fez!" He joked and laughed but received nothing but silence and blank stares from the children.

"Let's get you your candy then." he looked down into the bowl of assorted candy and quickly grabbed a candy wrapped in a red wrapper, "Ah, here we are. I will not only give you a break but I will give you a whole Kit-Kat bar." He said happily but just before he extended his arm to drop the candy into the blue princess's goody bag, he had a sudden thought. "Wait. I need a break sometimes too."

He dropped the candy back into the bowl in his arms and began to search for another candy.

"Oh look Tootsie Pops..." he paused never even lifting the candy high enough for any of the kids to see before dropping it back into the bowl, "Kelso and I are going to try and find out how many licks it really does take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop." He explained and the kids only stared at him, causing him to declare, "It's for science!"

A few more seconds passed as Fez continued to rifle through the many candies, trying to find a kind that he could and would be willing to share with the trick-or-treaters.

"Ah ha! Here we go! How about some good ol' Good & Plenty's?" he asked getting ready to share the candy until he took another look, "Aye but they are so good. And so plentiful." He pulled the candy right out of the child's grasp and put it back into his own bowl.

Again he searched through the pile of candy, the wrappers making a crunching sound as he moved them around with his hand.

"Oh how about…no, no I like those." He frowned even more and continued digging, "No these are too tasty to share….I thought I took out all of those…um here…no, no."

The shuffling of candy suddenly stopped and Fez lifted his head to look at the costumed children, he then looked down at the candy and then back again. He repeated this action at least four more times before finally looking back at the princesses, monsters, and the clown and he tightened his grip on the orange bowl of candy.

"Sorry we have no more candy. Good day!" he then proceeded to shut the door—quite loudly at that.

The children looked at each other once again as they heard a muffled, "I said good day!"

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