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The large hand dropped down into the small collection of candy picking up the one it desired and then brought it up in the air to be further examined.

"Ah the last mini-Hershey bar." The man, whose hand held the chocolate candy, said with a large grin that soon dropped just a bit as he brought the candy closer to him, "Oh what is that, mini-Hershey? You are alone and frightened? Well don't worry you will be joining your other little Hershey friends shortly!"

Swiftly the candy was unwrapped and was tossed into the foreigner's waiting mouth.

"You're welcome!" he called out with a mouth full of chocolate.

Fez seemed to be so caught up in his conversation with the little candy he never noticed his little audience watching him. One of the audience members wore a large amused grin on his face while the other didn't appear as happy especially when he realized that the foreigner was getting candy from the bowl that Kitty had brought over the day before as a way to put the story in the holiday spirit since he'd refused to buy into the commercialism and decorate with any plastic pumpkins or skeleton cutouts.

"Fez man, that candy's for the costumers." Hyde declared as he walked past the lounging area of Grooves and over to the register where Fez and the orange bowl of candy were currently stationed, Kelso following right behind him.

"I know." the other man said with a nod as he pulled the candy bowl closer to him, "I am a costumer."

Hyde shook his head, "No you're not. You're a guy who's hanging out here because Red probably scared you out of the basement. Right?"

"Maybe." He answered back in a semi-small voice, his eyes gazing down at the candy before his head shot up and the determined expression on his face was shown, "But I can still be a costumer you sonofabitch!"

Seeing this somewhat as a challenge, Hyde crossed his arms, "Oh yeah? Buy something."

After giving a quick okay and a matching head nod, Fez began to scan over the record store looking for something that he could purchase. However he couldn't seem to find anything that he wanted to buy and anything that he did want didn't quite fit within his price range. And then he saw it! The perfect item! An item that he really did want and fit perfectly in his budget. He reached over and grabbed the object slapping it on the glass counter with a loud clank.

"I will take one piece of candy." He informed with a smile as his hand remained on the fun sized Snickers bar.

"The candies are free, Fez." Hyde dryly reminded.

With his grin still in place, Fez shook his index finger in his curly haired friend's direction, "Oh you drive a hard bargain, Mr. Hyde. But I shall take it!"

As Fez devoured the chocolate candy, Hyde's true feelings were covered by his mask of Zen while beside him Kelso was practically bouncing with excitement, proud of his friend's response and wanting to join in on some of the fun himself.

"Hey, I want a candy too." The tall brunette said before reaching out towards the bowl.

"Candy is only for the customers." Fez informed, speaking in a professional kind of tone, "You must buy something first."

Kelso's face fell and his voice was a mix of disappointment and confusion, "But I just want a candy."

The straight face on Fez's face cracked by the small smile that made its way onto his lips, "Yes, and the candy is free," he reached into the candy bowl and took out a treat before handing it to his best pal, "Here you are, good sir."

"Awesome!" Kelso cheered with a pumped up fist before taking the candy, ripping off the wrapper, and popping it into his mouth. Between his chomps on the candy he managed to grin and speak in Hyde's direction, "Man Hyde, you really know how to keep your customers happy."

Fez nodded in agreement as he took another piece of candy and wasted no time in eating that one too. Hyde only stared at the moron twins who apparently thought they were the cleverest pair around as they laughed and continued to snack on the candy that was supposed to be for real customers of the store. He was about to comment on their actions when the phone rang.

Not wanting Lenny or Squiggy to pick up the store's phone and possibly give away free items that weren't candy, Hyde stepped behind the counter and picked up the ringing telephone.

"Grooves Record Store." He greeted into the receiver and then was silent as the person on the other end returned the greeting, "Oh hey Jackie…I'm at work…" He said sounding more like he was asking a question; he was puzzled by why she would ask such a question if she called him on his workplace number.

Since there was only silence coming from Hyde's end of the line it could only be assumed that on Jackie's end she was rambling on and on about something she thought was important. While Hyde stood mutely with receiver against his ear, he kept one eye on Fez and Kelso watching them search through the pile of candy for some their favorites. Along with the fact that he still didn't like them eating the candy that wasn't for them, the shuffling sound of the wrapper was beginning to annoy him and without saying a word Hyde took hold of the bowl and pulled it towards him.

"Hey!" the two young men exclaimed when their candy was taken away from them.

Hyde merely ignored them and paid full attention to what his girlfriend was telling him, "So what do you want me to do?" he asked and then became silent once more as he listened to her explanation that he apparently didn't like all that much, "Jackie, I can't do that. No…you…but…I…fine. Yeah okay. Yeah, love you too."

"Aww!" the eavesdropping pair gushed as Hyde hung up the phone.

"Get bent." came Hyde's grumbled reply as he walked out from behind the counter, abandoning the candy bowl that Fez quickly took back into his own possession, "Jackie left some folders that she needs over at our place so I've gotta go pick them up and take them to her."

Kelso let out an amused laugh as he recalled when he had been in a position similar to the one Hyde was in now, "Ha ha! Man, you are so whipped."

"Least I've got someone to make me 'whipped.'" Hyde shot back causing Kelso to quickly get defensive.

"Hey! I've got lots of someones to make me whipped!" he declared loudly but his voice soon lowered a few notches, "Alright maybe not lots but I've got some someones…well not some but…It's winter! People are indoors more which means there's less hot chicks outside for me to meet, Hyde! God!"

While Hyde smirked at the outburst Fez appeared to be lost in his own thoughts that he soon voiced out loud.

"I wish I had someone to whip me."

"Too much info there, man." stated Hyde as he patted the foreigner's shoulder, "Come on, let's go."

"Alright! Road trip!" Kelso declared as he and got ready to leave—Fez taking the candy with him.

Hearing this exclamation caused Hyde to frown slightly as he started to clear things up, "Wait a minute. You guys aren't going with me. I just need you to get out of the store so I can lock up."

"Why can we not stay here?" Fez question, feeling quite puzzled.

"Yeah, Hyde?" Kelso also wanted to know, he crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at his curly haired friend trying to sound hurt as he asked, "Do you not trust us?"

Hyde's shaded eyes looked back at Kelso, "Kelso man, I would trust you with a gazillion foot pole."

"What about two gazillion…"

"No." Hyde answered the question before it could be completed. "Now come on, let's go."

"But I don't wanna go." Kelso whined like a small child.

Fez nodded in agreement, holding the candy bowl closer to him, "Yes, I want to stay here, with the candy."

Closing his eyes, Hyde tried to stay Zen and keep his forming headache from getting more painful. He didn't have time for this, Jackie needed those papers in the next fifteen minutes and he still had to go back to their place to pick them up. If he brought her those folders even a minute later than she asked…he didn't even want to think of the consequences or kicks that could follow.

"Alright fine, you can stay." He gave in with open palms, making his friends cheer in celebration, "But there's certain rules you've gotta follow if you're gonna be here by yourselves."

Though they didn't seem too thrilled about the idea of rules, both Fez and Kelso still nodded their heads and listened—or half listened—to Hyde's set of rules.

"First off, no more candy." Hyde said taking hold of the candy bowl once again, Fez let out a small cry but it was disregarded as the list of rules went on, "Second, don't mess with the register. Don't set anything on fire. Don't answer the door to anyone." He suddenly realized he sounded like he was talking to two children, it was at that same moment that he was struck with a thought that was slightly evil but would give him the payback he needed, "And you see that door over there?"

The two pairs of brown eyes followed Hyde's pointed finger to the grey shut door on the left side of the register. It was one they had never seen opened but one that hadn't even noticed much before however, that only made it spookier.


Hyde held back a smirk as he spoke in the most serious tone her could muster, "Don't open that door, don't knock on that door. Stay away from that door. That door needs to stay closed and locked at all times, got it?"

Frightened, Fez managed to ask, "Wh…why?"

"What you don't know, won't hurt you." Hyde replied but at last letting his smirk break onto his lips as he raised up a hand, "See ya."

And then Hyde was gone leaving the once laughing clowning around pair looking nervous and more than a little frightened. After a few seconds though one of the young men managed to snap themselves out of it and put on a brave face.

"Ah, he's just pulling our leg." Kelso tried to reason with a wave of his hand.

"Yes, yes pulling our leg." Fez agreed, though he didn't sound nearly as confident as his best friend, "Wait who is pulling our leg? Hyde or the thing that is on the other side of that door?"

Kelso shook his head, "Fez, there's nothing on the other side of that door."

"How do you know? Have you ever been on the other side of that door?" he asked frantically.

"Well no but…"

Fez didn't let him continue as he shouted, "Then you do not know that there is nothing on the other side of that door!"

"Fez, even if there is something in there, so what?" Kelso asked for once being the level headed one.

"So what? So what?!" the other man screeched out, "What if there is a monster in there?"

"So what?" Kelso repeated with a shoulder shrug this time.

Frowning, the shorter of the two recalled one of his friend's weakness, "What if there is a ghost in there?'

"So what?" Kelso asked again, "I ain't afraid of no ghost."

Suddenly a loud low groaning sound was heard causing both Fez and Kelso's eyes to widen with fear.

"Okay, okay, "Kelso said and then gulped, "Maybe I'm a little afraid of no ghost."

Not wanting to take any chances, Fez stepped closer to his friend trying to find something that would make him feel safe, "I think it came from the door. What do you think is in there?"

Swinging his head to the door, he looked at the door for a split second before turning back to Fez, "I'm not sure but my detective skills are telling me…"

"Wait." Fez interrupted, taking a step back, "Your detective skills?"

Kelso nodded his head, "Yeah. Back when Jackie and I were dating she'd read me Nancy Drew books before I took my naps. You don't listen to those books and walk away with nothing…well besides a craving for a hot fudge sundae."

"Ohhh." He said now understanding, he moved back on that step he had taken back, "Carry on."

"Right, so my detective skills are telling me you might be right buddy. It could be a ghost."

A smile started to form on Fez's face, "A ghost?" he asked sounding almost excited now, "Like Casper the friendly ghost? Oh joy!"

"No Fez!" Kelso scolded slightly as he reached out and grabbed his friend's wrist keeping his from continuing his journey to the spooky door, "Not a friendly ghost. This could be a ghost who wants to eat us!"

Fez scowled, "But ghost do not have teeth. How will it eat us?"

"Fine it won't eat us but it could try to kill us." he tried again.

But Fez still wasn't convinced, "But ghost cannot not hold objects. How will it kill us?"

"Gah!" Kelso let out a frustrated cry, "Fine! It's not gonna eat or kill us but that ghost in there could still be mean and evil! Happy now?!"

"Aye no." Fez squeaked out.

"Aye yes."

"No, no. I said 'aye no' because look." Fez pointed to the door.

Doing as he was told Kelso slowly turned his head to look in the direction of the door and when he did he immediately saw what had his friend so frightened. The door had opened! It was only opened a crack but Hyde had said that the door had to be closed at all times and if neither he nor Fez had opened the door…who had?

"Aye no." Kelso repeated, doing a pretty good impersonation of his foreign friend. "Well you better go close it."

Fez fell forward a bit by the shove forward Kelso gave him, "Me? Why me? You go close it!"

"You go close it!"

"You go close it!"

"You go close it!"

"Fine, fine." Fez said, sounding like he was giving in, "You go close it."

Kelso grinned, "Now that's more like it." he then began to walk to the door, taking at least three steps towards it before realizing he'd been tricked; he swung himself back around, "Hey wait a minute! Something went wrong somewhere."

"No, no. Everything is perfectly fine." reassured Fez before he began to wave Kelso off, "Go on."

"No way, you're coming with me." Kelso declared and grabbed Fez's arm, pulling his towards the door.

Fez however, was not willing to go without a fight and he put up quite a struggle at that—holding onto the side of the class counter, "But I don't wanna!"

"Come on Fez." Kelso tried again, still pulling the unmoving Fez, "You can be my Bess."

Though he relented and let go of the counter Fez still did not seem very happy and he mumbled mostly to himself, "Why do I always have to be the second banana?"

"Ready?" Kelso asked.

In a shaking voice Fez repeated, "Ready."

The two men got ready to begin their way to the door together by counting down as a way to not only ensure that they went at the same time but to help prepare themselves too.


Before they even reached 'three' the door they were walking towards burst open and revealed a groaning, tall, white, flowy figure.

"Ah!" both grown men exclaimed.

Fear seemed to paralyze Kelso as he just stood there staring at yelling at the ghost like figure but Fez was full of actions, actions that actually resembled a famous cartoon character. After letting out his own scream Fez jumped up in the air and into his taller friend's arm, wrapping his own arms around Kelso's head and neck making the duo look like a frightened Shaggy and Scooby Doo.

"Like g-g-ghost!" Kelso exclaimed and then ran off with Fez still in his arms.

Kelso dashed towards the stores exited, carrying Fez all the way out the entrance door. Neither one of them noticed Hyde, who had come back to retrieve his forgotten keys, holding open the main door. Hyde watched the pair continue to run off, still screaming every so often but only shook his head figuring he didn't really want to know.

As he stepped over to the counter he noticed the ghost figure as well, "Hey Leo, have a nice nap?"

"Yeah, man." the old hippy replied a he pulled off the sheet he had covered himself up with, "I feel rested and ready for a productive day of work, man." He informed happily but that train of thought was lost as soon as he saw the bowl of candy on the counter, "Hey free candy, man!'

Hyde smirked after getting his keys, "Yeah man, put it out there to kinda put the store in the holiday spirit."

"Man, I love the holidays." Leo grinned while looking through the candy.

"Yeah." Hyde agreed and it was then that he registered the white sheet around Leo's shoulders and the way Kelso and Fez had run out of here; though he didn't have the complete story he was pretty sure he had a pretty good picture—and it was a picture that made him grin, "Leo, man, you really scared those guys."

"Oh, I'm sorry man." Leo responded, sounding quite sincere.

Hyde patted his friend's back, "Nah, man that's a good thing. You did good, man."

"Oh." Leo said and then his grin broke back onto his face, "Cool man."

Still feeling proud and thankful for what Leo had just done, Hyde felt the need to thank his friend and show him his appreciation for thing that he did, even if he didn't realize he had done it.

"Hey Leo, wanna come with me to drop off some papers?" he asked, "Then afterwards we can stop by Fatso Burger for some burgers."

Leo grinned and nodded, "Sure man, just lemme go tell the boss man."

Just as Leo was about to head towards the office Hyde stopped him.

"Don't worry about it man, I'm sure he'll be fine with it."

"Okay, man." He said not sounding to convinced, "But if I get in trouble I'm putting the blame on you, man."

Hyde nodded and placed a hand on Leo's shoulder, "Sounds good."

As they began to head to the store's exit Leo turned to Hyde, "Hey Hyde man, you think we can stop by the store too? I gotta do some last minute holiday shopping."

"Sure, man."

"Cool, man. Yeah, I love the holidays." A grinning Leo repeated before he started to sing one of the holiday classics, "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!"

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