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"Thank you for seeing me Bo...Kenzi. Evony has sent me to so many different Fae in an attempt to find the source of my problem and they've all failed. She must have great faith in you to arrange this meeting." Nandi said as she tried to keep her eyes from lingering on Kenzi who looked almost panicked at her space on the couch. Kenzi obviously didn't want her partner to know that they knew each other.

"What's your problem? We weren't given any real information." Bo asked and Nandi sat up in her chair as she began to detail the occurrences that led her to Bo's doorstep.

"First, I need to let you know that I am a succubus. In order to feed and maintain my current level of strength I have opened a brothel as a way to acquire energy and power without having to harm anyone. My boys and girls act as avatars and gather my energy for me. As such they are tied intimately to me and I love each and every one of them. They are the reason I'm here." She took a deep breath and felt tears gathering in her eyes as she told the rest. "There's something wrong with my girls. Two have died of what appears to be drug overdoses in the last month alone and some of the others under my care have begun acting like strung out addicts. Before you say anything I've resorted to giving them blood and urine tests every day as well as having a bloodmage on staff to look for supernatural sources. All of the tests have come back clean. I'm so lost, I don't know what to do, how to save them. Bo...Kenzi...you're my girls' last hope."

She cried quietly and Kenzi had to run her hands over her thighs to resist going to the other woman and holding her in her arms. Bo noticed the tension in Kenzi and gave a furtive look to her best friend whose eyes were focused on Nandi with concern radiating off of them. The mystery of where Kenzi had spent the night had just been solved.

"Do you have reports from the other investigators?" Bo asked and Nandi nodded before she hastily wiped her eyes and took a plain Manila envelope from her bag.

"Here, Evony said that I should get you as much information as possible beforehand." She told Bo as she took a handkerchief from her bag and delicately dabbed at her eyes.

"The two women that died...did they get autopsies?" Bo asked as she looked over the reports and Nandi nodded.

"Yes, they were malnourished and showed all the signs of drug overdoses but there weren't any chemical traces or track marks. Nothing that would corroborate the amount of drug use that would account for the damage done to their bodies." Nandi explained and Bo nodded.

"How would you feel about Kenzi and I moving in for a while, going undercover? We do our best work when we go in deep." Bo offered and Nandi nodded quickly before she caught herself and coughed.

"You can move in immediately, there are rooms available and every need you have will be met." Nandi spoke quickly and with authority while Bo nodded and Kenzi found her eyes drawn to the ribbons as they separated at her chest to reveal bits of creamy flesh. Her throat went dry and she coughed which brought her the attention of both Nandi and Bo.

"Everything ok Kenzi?" Bo asked with a small smirk on her lips as Kenzi rubbed her suddenly damp hands on her thighs and nodded.

"Yeah, my throat just got dry for a second." Kenzi explained and Bo nodded, continuing to smirk. "I'll go get some water."

She got up and walked to the kitchen. She needed to drink some water and clear her head. She couldn't believe she was so distracted. She'd only known Nandi for a few hours and still didn't know her well, but she couldn't stop thinking about her. After she finished her water she leaned on the sink and took a deep breath. She needed to get herself together before she went back out there.

"When do you want to move in?" Kenzi started when she heard Bo's voice but composed herself and turned around.

"Ummm, I thought we were moving in right away?" Kenzi asked as she schooled her face to a neutral expression.

"I need to talk to Dyson and do some research before I do, but you can move in right away, get a feel for the place." Bo explained and Kenzi nodded.

"That...that sounds good. What's our game plan?" She asked and Bo smiled.

"I think it would be best for you to go and pretend to be a new girl. We need to do what the others do and figure out what's happening." She explained and Kenzi's eyes widened.

"You want me to be a prostitute." Kenzi whispered and Bo chuckled.

"You won't really be, just pretend. I'm sure Nandi can fill you in." Her smirk widened and she moved toward the doorway. "You should go talk to her while I call Dyson."

Bo continued out the door and Kenzi took a deep breath. It was ok, she was just going to be alone with Nandi for a while, it wasn't like they were going to jump on each other. She stiffened her back and straightened her shoulders. She was a professional, she had to act like it. With one more deep breath she left the room and entered the living room.

"Hello again Kenzi." Nandi smiled as she smelled Kenzi enter the room but remained seated.

Kenzi went back to the couch and sat in the seat closest to Nandi and moved close. She had some questions that needed to be answered.

"Is this why you brought me home?" Kenzi asked in a harsh whisper. "So that I'd cooperate?"

"No dear, not at all." Nandi moved close as well and whispered in her defence. "I didn't even know you were here until I smelled your scent at the doorway."

"You swear." Kenzi asked as she stared in Nandi's eyes. Nandi reached a hand up to caress Kenzi's face.

"I swear." She leaned over and kissed Kenzi gently before Kenzi pulled away.

"I'm sorry about your girls." Kenzi whispered and pressed her forehead against Nandi's and Nandi kissed Kenzi's forehead.

"You have a good heart." They smiled at each other before they each moved away.

"So, how do you want to do the undercover thing?" Kenzi asked and Nandi took Kenzi's hand.

"I spoke with Bo about this and we think we've come up with a solid plan. You'll move into the house this evening and pose as a new girl. I like to keep my girls separate at first and gradually guide them into the life in the house. No one will question why I'm not scheduling dates for you or why I'm allowing you so much freedom." She removed her hand from Kenzi's and ran a fingers through her long curls.

"What will Bo do?" Kenzi asked, genuinely interested in the plan.

"She'll arrive two days later and pose as a dominatrix." Nandi told Kenzi as Kenzi chuckled at the thought of Bo as a dominatrix. "Does this sit well with you?"

"Yeah, I'll do what I can to help those women." She looked in Nandi's eyes and Nandi crossed the distance and kissed her again.

"Thank you." Kenzi just smiled and was going in for another kiss when Nandi pulled away and sat straight, Kenzi followed suit and finally heard Bo's footsteps enter the room.

"You two sort everything out?" Bo asked and Nandi nodded and stood.

"I can't thank either of you enough for this. My girls and boys mean the world to me and knowing you'll do everything in your power to help...I just can't put it into words. We'll discuss your fee tonight Kenzi and Bo." She turned toward the other woman who she found herself trusting, despite her inclination not to trust anyone, and gave her a grateful look. "Call me if you learn anything you think I need to know."

"Of course." Bo smiled and Nandi did as well, taking a deep breath and slowly blowing it out.

"I suppose I should go and inform my staff, make a room for Kenzi." She moved from her position by Bo and took Kenzi's hand in hers and shook it lightly. "It was a pleasure meeting you Kenzi. Please call me when you wish to leave, I'll send my car."

She removed her hand and Kenzi smiled dopily before she realized she schooled her face again. Bo simply bit her lip to keep from laughing at Kenzi. As she watched Kenzi suddenly sat up, remembering something that could save the story.

"How can I call you? I don't have your number." She lied smoothly and Nandi reached into the bag she'd just picked up and withdrew and elegant card case.

"Here you are, don't hesitate to call." She let her fingers linger on Kenzi's for a moment before she withdrew her hand and took Bo's. "The same goes for you."

"I'll remember that." Bo smiled then proceeded to walk Nandi out to the car. They said their goodbyes and Bo watched them drive off into the distance before she went back into the house, she needed to talk to Kenzi.

Kenzi was mesmerized by the business card in front of her. It looked like an ordinary white card until you moved it in the light then it reflected the light like a liquid rainbow. Somehow she knew Nandi would have cards as elegant as she was. At that thought she shook her head, she sounded like she was back in middle school. She was surprised she wasn't writing Nandi's name in a heart on her arm. As her lips turned up at the thought Bo walked in the room.

"Plum's your color." She said and Kenzi jerked up, startled and confused.

"What?" She asked and Bo pointed at her lips.

"You have a smudge. It mirrors the smudge Nandi had on her mouth." She crossed her arms as she stood over her friend and partner. "Want to tell me what that's all about?"

Kenzi hung her head in defeat. Bo knew, she just knew it and lying wasn't an option. She loved Bo too much to break her trust like that.

"I spent the night with her last night. When I went out, I went to a bar, got drunk and she took me home. Nothing really happened but we spent the early afternoon together before I came home." She explained and Bo nodded before she continued. "I don't know what's going on but there's something about her that keeps drawing me in and she's been so good to me so far."

Bo nodded, she understood that and was the last person to criticize Kenzi for pursuing a woman. It didn't mean she couldn't be concerned, especially after what she learned from Dyson.

"What do you know about your new playmate?" Bo asked and Kenzi looked offended.

"I know she's a hybrid, rich, powerful and old. She was born and raised in South Africa and still goes to Africa at least once a year. Her favorite color is purple and she never knew her mother." She said passionately and Bo nodded.

"She's also a Dark Fae, one of the Morrigan's advisors. Dyson said she can be dangerous if you cross her." She uncrossed her arms and Kenzi just stared.

"She'd never harm me. I know it." Kenzi said in a voice full of faith. "I still want to do this Bo. We can help those girls and help Nandi."

"Don't worry about that, I'm definitely going to take the case. Before we finish talking about the plan I just have one more question." She said and Kenzi motioned for her to go on. "Did you find out what kind of shifter she was?"

Kenzi shook her head. It didn't matter, shifters were shifters and they were one of the coolest kinds of Fae. Being a shifter just made her more interesting to Kenzi. Bo saw the look on her face and knew what she was going to say didn't matter but Dyson said it was important so she had to tell her.

"According to Dyson she's a hyena, very powerful and considered a Matriarch of the clans. He also says that it means she's smarter and more vicious than the average shifter so we have to keep a keen eye on her." Bo looked steadily at her. "We can't let our guard down. No matter how we feel about her."

Kenzi nodded and stood. She knew what Bo was getting at and understood the dangers Nandi represented but she couldn't find it in her to fear Nandi. A little voice inside told her that she could trust Nandi and the little voice never steered her wrong. It was the same voice that guided her to Bo. No, she couldn't ignore it.

"We also have to allow ourselves to trust her." Kenzi started walking out of the room to head to her bedroom then she turned around to look at Bo. "We can't write her off just because of her heritage."

With that she continued to her room and Bo sat in the chair and watched Kenzi leave the room. She hoped Kenzi was right and not blinded by her sudden feelings for the succubus. They had enough complications in their lives and a pissed off, ruthless Dark Fae was definitely not something they needed at their door.