Well this is the second chapter, hope you like it

I'll do the third chapter is a few people like it

ps. I didn't have much ideas on this one so it's shorter.

You yawned widely and looked through the car window with a blank expression. You were so tired; it's been about a week since you got some sleep. You never got a chance to, because of all those stupid assignments and projects that were piling up.

Stupid fucking teachers...

You really hated them. Giving you way too much work to do. You wish you could just go to sleep. Sleep in your comfortable, warm bed. And to see Freddy again. To feel his warm body against yours. To taste his lips again. To do so many things to him.

Even thinking about him your heart raced with excitement and your body tingled. You sighed; Freddy was dreamy and quite charming. You couldn't stop thinking about him and you couldn't wait until the next you could see him.

Suddenly you felt someone flick the side of your head, breaking up your thoughts. You turn to see your dad looking at you. Then you notice that the car is parked in the drive-way of your house.

"Oh, sorry..," you mutter an apology, realising you probably started daydreaming for the seventh time today.

"You look extremely tired, why not get some sleep?" he asks even though he knows your answer.

"Dad," you sigh," you know I have school work to do..."

He gets out the car and goes on about why you should go to sleep and that he'll be seeing the teachers about this. You sigh once again and climb out the car, grabbing your bag and follow him inside the house.

You place your bag on your desk as you continue to hear your dad l talk. Yawning again you stand there, thinking about going to sleep. After all you were exhausted and desperately wanted to see Freddy again.

Oh screw school.

You quickly change into you PJ's and close your door, making the room dark. Slowly you climb into your bed with a smile printed on your face. You were going to so many things to please Freddy.

You slowly wake up, no longer feeling tired at all anymore. Looking around you realise that you were standing in a rather large, fancy looking hotel. The walls were painted either white or a royal red. The ceiling was domed and covered with pure solid gold. The floor was red coloured carpet.

A fancy white chandelier hung from the ceiling. There was a grand piano near a wide stair case that led to the second floor. All the unique, fancy objects amazed you. They seemed to have cost a fortune.

You continue to look around as you make your way slowly up to the next floor. Eventually you get to the top of the stairs. There were two long, wide hallways, one of the left and one on the right. The hallways led to all the hotel rooms.

You decide to go look in the rooms, hoping Freddy was in one of them. The first door you tried opening was locked. Locked like the second, third and fourth door. Now this was making you want to give up. Maybe Freddy wouldn't even be here. You sigh and try the fifth door, which was also locked.

You continue to check if the doors were locked. Eventually you got to the Ninth door, which surprisingly opened for you. You were happy that at least one door seemed to be unlocked. Looking around you see a king sized bed. There were two blankets on it; a thin black and white spotted one with a thick red silk blanket on top. The pillows were also red and made of silk. The bed base and posts were a clean white.

You sit on the bed, it was rather comfortable. Then something else grabs your attention, it was a fancy looking makeup table, you walk over to it to look closer. It was lined with perfumes, lipsticks and nail polish.

Suddenly you hear something from behind you and turn around to see what it was. But nothing was there; there was no evidence of someone else being in the room with you. Then someone grabbed you from behind, covering your eyes with a rather warm-heated hand.

"Guess who..," you felt hot breath blow in your ear as a deep voice spoke.

"Freddy!" You grab his hand, pulling it down and turn around to face him. When you saw his face you instantly wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"Someone seems happy to see me," a grin had spread onto his lips.

"Freddy, I missed you so much, I just couldn't wait to...," you pause, realising what you were about to say. A blush creeps onto your face and you look away from him, feeling kind of embarrassed.

"Couldn't wait to what? Hmm?" His voice sounded curious.

"I-It's nothing," you stutter as he begins to back you up against the bed.

"Is that so?" That smirk that made your heart flutter danced onto his lip.

Before you could reply he pushed you down onto the bed, climbing over the top of you. You looked up into his eyes. Your cheeks were heating up and growing redder.

"God, you look cute," he muttered to himself before leaning down, giving you a passionate kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. God, he heated up your body so much.

After several moments Freddy broke the kiss and looked down at you again. You smile at him, before deciding to play 'Miss Naughty' . You roughly place your hands on his chest and use your strength to push him off.

Once you had him on his back you moved your body to lay on top of his. You were determined to please him. Slowly you slide one hand up his sweater. Your cold hand on his warm skin made him moan slightly, but that wasn't enough.

Taking you little 'game' to the next level you pulled his sweater off and moved your hand roughly over his body. You wanted to do more to him, to feel more of him. But Freddy had other plans.

In one quick move he was on top of you again. Digging his teeth into your neck., you moaned slightly and dug your nails into his back, hoping he was enjoying the pain. You knew he liked to have it rough.

When Freddy stopped biting your neck he moved to face you, leaving a dark bruise on your neck. He gently cupped your face with his hand and kissed you again. You close your eyes, you loved this feeling of being this close to him.

When you opened your eyes you realised you were back in your own bedroom.