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Alex's POV

Mitchie let me take a shower and get ready after she made breakfast for us. While she was making breakfast, we decided that we'd go to Disneyland since she was new to L.A. and had never been there.

On our way, we stopped for sunscreen and the regular Disneyland necessities.

"Okay, so I need like... A thousand SPF because I burn like toast."

"Well, grab your shit and check out because I'm about to take you to the place where dreams come true!"

"Oh really?"


"The place where dreams come true..."

I hope not.

We pulled into the parking lot and there were hundreds of people waiting in line. Some of them were obvious tourists, wearing DIsneyland shirts and tie-dye shirts saying things like, "California" and "I heart Cali." I shook my head as we waited and Mitchie looked at me with a curious expression.


"Why are you shaking your head, Lex?"

"Oh. Well, you can usually tell when someone's not from around here because they're really excited to be here. I mean, L.A. is great, and Anaheim is great, but it really isn't anywhere to get super excited about. Disneyland on the other hand..."

"Oh, that makes sense. Well, I'm hella excited!"

"You said 'hella.' You're basically already from here then," I said and she laughed.

"Okay, line, let's move along please. I'm losing my virginity today and I'd really like it to happen a little faster..."

"Don't say that out loud. Nobody needs to know about that, sweetheart."

After about half an hour, we were finally at the bag check. The security guards checked our bags and we made our way to the area where you can rent lockers to put your stuff in. We put everything but our cameras in the lockers and I dragged her to the Space Mountain line.

Since we got there later in the day, the lines were already really long, but we didn't mind waiting; it only gave us more time to talk.

"This line is crazy. No wonder my family never came here when I was little."

"For real. When you're little, it seems like forever waiting in these things."

The sign by the velvet rope said 30 Minute Wait.

We made small talk the entire time, covering everything from favorite colors to pet peeves.

"So what are you doing in college?" I asked.

"Well, I have a basketball scholarship but I'm pre-med right now."


That news scared the living daylights out of me, as it would anyone who was having the dreams I was.

"That's awesome. No wonder you're always studying!" I said, to save my ass from sounding unhappy for her a moment ago.


Mitchie's POV

"So what's the deal with working at Sal's? Is that your only job or...?"

"Oh, no. I also compose music for an indie film company. I don't do it often, but every once in a while a film will come up that hasn't been scored yet and they call me first and I usually get paid pretty well."

"That's amazing. So you make music, you can pour coffee like a boss... Is there anything you can't do?"

She laughed at me nervously and playfully retorted.

"Whoah, bitch, calm your tits.-Just kidding. But yes. I love making music, and Sal's isn't my dream job, but it gets the bills paid. The tips really save me most of the time. It's the fake southern accent that really gets 'em."

At this point, Alex and I were about to be getting on the ride. We were set to be on the next car of "rockets."

"I'm so freakin' excited! This is going to be so much fun! Thank you so much!" I said.


I grabbed her hand and squeezed it as a little token of appreciation and the excitement began to show in my face. I couldn't wipe the childish grin off of my face, and Alex was smiling just as much as I was.

We boarded the ride and pulled down the safety bars and buckled our belts.

She was basically crushing my hand in anticipation and I didn't mind one bit. The more she touched me, the happier I was.

"Wooo! Let's GO!"

"YES!" she screamed!

The ride started.

I felt as if it was just Alex and I on the ride as the coaster descended into a pitch black area full of nothing but the most beautiful "stars" and I could feel nothing but the butterflies in my stomach, the wind on my face, and the soft hands of a beautiful stranger.

"That was amazing! Can we please go again?" I asked.

"Sure thing. But we have to go on Indiana Jones first."


"No dice, babydoll, you have to go on this one during the day time! It's badass!"

"Okay, but I'm dragging your ass back here."

"Sounds good."

Indiana Jones went about the same. We screamed happily, broke one another's hands, and those butterflies just never went away, in line or on the ride.

After we went back to Space Mountain and rode a few more rides, I was hungry and so was Alex.

We shared a funnel cake with the works. Strawberries, chocolate, powdered sugar... Everything else we could think of. It was almost as sweet as what I imagined Alex's lips would taste like. I knew the moment I met her that something was special about her.

After we ate the funnel cake, we went to the gift shop to get the classic Mickey hats. I wanted a Halloween themed hat and Alex wanted one that had hot pink ears. By the time we got to the counter, our arms were completely full of Disney memorabilia.

"Put it all on the counter," Alex said.

"But then our stuff will get all mixed up..."

"It doesn't matter. I'm paying for it anyways. Duh."

"No you aren't! You can't. That's too much."

"No, trust me, royalties are sweet in the indie film business with all the hipsters rolling around these days, buying our movies."

We both laughed and I declined her request to pay for everything so she grabbed it all out of my arms and put it on the counter and paid for everything before I could pull my wallet out.

"I hate you."

"That's okay. At least you can say you've had a childhood now."

We laughed again as we made our way to the bathrooms to dawn ourselves in our new apparel.

"Oh my God!" Alex said through the stalls.

"What? What's wrong?"

She snickered in the stalls a silly little laugh.

"I look so dumb. Whatever. It's Disneyland. Everyone does."

"Let's look stupid together."

"Fair deal."

We walked around for a while and just took pictures with all of the characters until the fireworks were about a half hour from starting up.

Hand in hand, we walked to the little buffet area and ordered the cheapest food we could and sat outside at a small table to watch the fireworks. Beautiful colors erupted in the sky, illuminating the ground and everything on the ground. The shadows danced across Alex's face and she looked over at me only to smile a little cute smile.

I knew at that exact moment that my first impression of her was right: she is so special.

I had known her a day total and the nerves never let off, my hands were sweating the entire day, and everything I used to think about myself was being questioned.

Alex's POV

During the fireworks, Mitchie was staring at me and I looked over and smiled at her. Her hands were warm in mine and she was shaking a bit, so I only smiled wider.

After the show was over, she started yawning and I was feeling pretty tired too.

"So what do you say we call it a night? I'm pretty tired and you're looking a bit worn out too."

"Sounds good to me. I just want to crawl into my comfy, freezing bed and sleep like a rock on my last day off of school for the week!"

"Okay Mitch."

We made our way to the lockers and grabbed our things and waited in line for bag check once more.

After bag check gave us the okay, we walked half a mile to the car. We were even more tired by then, but we put everything we bought in the back seat and I got in and started the car.

An hour or so of driving in heavy traffic listening to music and sitting there without speaking once, and we were back at her dorms.

"I'll help you with your stuff, Mitch."

"You called me 'Mitch.' That was cute."

"I try."

We got to her door and she unlocked her door. I helped her bring everything into the room and her roommate had left a note on the door that she would be gone for one more night. After we dropped everything on the floor between the bed and the small kitchenette, she walked me to her door. I didn't want to stay over and I explained that, only because I had to finish up a score for this new horror movie.

I was expecting her just to say goodbye and wave cutely, but she grabbed my hand the second I was out the door.

"Thank you for today."

"Oh, you're very welcome, Miss Mitchie."

"No. I mean it. You're amazing."

"I know, right?"

"I'm serious! You're the most beautiful, sweet, funny, smart girl I've ever met. I don't care if I've only known you for a day-"

"-Technically you met me yesterday."

"Okay, so I guess two days. But my point is..."

That was when she moved her hands from mine and placed them around the back of my neck. She leaned in, as did I, and she kissed me. I kissed back with everything I had. The kiss was sweet and it was short, but it was passionate. For the first time in my life, I was nervous and as she moved her hands from behind my neck and placed them at her sides, she just stared at me.

"Best. First. Date. Ever." was all she said, and she closed the door.

I made it home within twenty minutes since traffic had died down a bit. Once I got home, I fed Lucy since it was only 7:30 at night. She was so excited to see me that she knocked a bag out of my hand and jumped on my bed, spinning in circles and making cute playful growling and squeaking sounds.

It wasn't hard to fall asleep that night, but staying asleep was a whole different topic.

Once again, I couldn't move. I saw Mitchie's hands moving rapidly on my chest as I felt absolutely nothing, once again paralyzed by the girl.

"Why are you doing this to me, Mitchie? I thought you liked me? I thought we were good together!" I shouted, and she only looked at me with a smile.

"Don't worry. You're always worrying. Stop that. It's not worth your time. The only thing that's worth your time right now is getting this thing out of you and getting you all better."

"What's wrong with me?"

"It's broken."


At that moment, she pulled my heart out of my chest once again, however this time, she had been clawing at my chest with her bare hands instead of using a scalpel. She lifted it so that I could see it, and she was right.

There were arteries missing and it wasn't beating at all. It wasn't attached to me anymore and my feeling slowly began to come back. I started being able to move my head first. Then my arms and legs, and soon I was sitting up, facing Mitchie.

"Isn't that all better?"

"I don't know."

"So that's a yes?"

"Why is it a yes if I don't know?"

"Because that means you aren't feeling any pain."

"I'm not really feeling anything but my limbs right now."

"And that's why it's going to make things so much easier for me."

"What do you mea-"

I saw myself being put under anesthesia of some sort by Mitchie.

It all happened so fast that I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that I was in my body and seeing from my body's perspective one second and the next, I was above my body, watching Mitchie put my heart back in my chest with animal-like speed and a lack of accuracy.

"Goodnight, sweety."

I saw nothing.

I heard nothing.

I felt nothing.

I was nothing.

Then came the sound of a flat line...