Hey it's me shakeitup311 and this is one if my first fanfic so srry if there is any mistakes so enjoy!

Normal POV

"Ok everybody to the living room" yelled Jessie All of the Ross kids came down expect Emma. "Luke can you go get your sister"

said Jessie "Alright" said Luke. Luke wnat up to Emma's room and knoked "Emma Jessie wants us to come to

the living room!" "Alright! I'll be down in a few minutes!" yelled Emma. Luke came down then said "she'll be down in a few minutes."

"Ok well my nephew Alan Prescott (randon name i made up) is coming any minute now" said Jessie. Then the elevator binged

and open showing a 14 yearold boy about 5'8 (about 2 inched taller then Emma) he came out and said "what's up aunt Jessise"

"Alan! I missed you" Jessie gave him a bear hug "Um aunt Jess room getting darker" said Alan Jessie let go of him "O srry"

"nah it's ok you guys must be Luke,Zuri, and Ravi" said Alan "Yup" said Zuri and Luke "Yes" said Ravi

"So wheres your sister Emma" he asked. "She's upstairs" said Luke before Alan could say anything else

they heard "Im coming!" it was Emma. Then Emma slipped on one of 's chew toys then she fell over

the stair railing. She was screming at the top of her lungs which made very body go down in pain

expect Alan. He started to run and launched his body forward and caught Emma and turned to use

his body to break Emma's fall. Now Emma was on top of Alan breathing hard and blushing a little

bit then Emma said "Hi" "hey" Alan said "Um are you ok?" "Yea just a little shaken." Then Alan got up

now holding Emma bridal style and Emma was blushing so hard.

That is the end of chappie one and review