Hey it's me shakeitup311 im srry for my errors hey but cut me some slack im only 12 and LA is my worst subject and this is my first fanfic and i dont own Jessie.

Normal POV

"Um Anut Jess" said Alan "I think my left arm broken"

"What!" yelled Jessie "come on im taking you to the hospitil" I want

to come said the Ross kidsbut Emma said it louder. "Ok but hurry up"

said Jessie. When they came down tothe lobby ran out

the door Jessie called a cab. Jessie sat in the front and all of the

of the Ross kids had to cramp in the backseat. Emma was sitting

on mostly Alan she started to blush but didnt say anything

because she kind of liked it. When the taxi driver turned

right now Emma was on top of him then Luke said "Thanks

Emma now we have more room" before Emma could say

anything "Hey stop teasing your sister little kid" Emma

blushed even more. Luke grumbled something and looked

out the window. When they reached the hospital Jessie

rushed to the counter the doctor lead Alan to the x-ray

room and Jessie and the kids waited for 3 hours later

(Srry i dont know how long is takes this was a guess)

everybody was asleep expect Emma she was there

sitting how this was her fault "this is all my fault that

Alan has a broken arm" she thought. Then Alan came

out with a orange cast then Emma yelled "Alan!" but

not loud enough to wake up Jessie and the kids then

she ran to Alan and gave him a bear hug but avoided

his cast. Alan was caught by surpise but then huged her

back with his good arm the doctor said "Um ok Alan you

would need to waer that cast for 2 weeks. And great

choice she looks like a keeper." then left down the

hallway Emma and Alan blushed at the same time.

Well that is the end of this chappie srry it took so long i had a huge writer's block. REVIEW!