Landslide – Cave In 3

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Author's Note: This is the long awaited for 3rd instalment of my Cave-In 'verse. I am so sorry for taking so long in writing Landslide. After finishing Avalanche, I had to put a lot of my personal writing aside for studies and personal issues. Over the years, things haven't changed much except that I have taken some time off studying so while I have a break I can write again!

Author's Note 2: I do not have any medical training I just like to research online and in books and yeah whatever it entails.

I have also made up the Nuinine, I have no idea if there is such a mythological creature from France, I will build a profile for her eventually but for now, she is a collector of children, a demigod and totally evil. She turns her "children's souls" into demonic slaves after she collects their life forces, the younger, the better.

Characters: Wee!Chester story, Dean is 17, Sam is 13. Also featured are: John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Rufus, Caleb, Joshua, Azazel and assorted demonic minions. OCs including Dr Micah Zimmer, the Payne brothers amongst others.

Warning: Foul language abounds as well as extreme violence and implied sensitive issues, if these are too much for you then please feel free to read some of my other gentler stories.

Dedication: To all of the very patient fans of this 'verse and to those who have sent me requests for the next instalment, this is to say thank you to all and may I dedicate the entire story to you.


Chapter One: He said no. He said yes.


Jim watched the reunion for a moment, his stare not softening until he saw the genuine tears rolling down John's face; he motioned for the others to give the father and son time alone.

'Dad? You okay?' Sam finally pushed away from his dad enough to look at his face, 'really?'

'I am now son,' John smiled and suddenly there was a duelling battle of dimples as they openly celebrated their reunion but then as fast as the smiles came they left as the realisation of one missing cut both of them.

'They got Dean dad, they got Dean an' their hurtin' him.' Sam wept hanging his head he moved out of his father's embrace, and readied himself for the barrage of guilt that was sure to come his way.

'I know son, we're gonna get him back I promise,' John said as gently as he could, he pushed his ingrained negativity to the background, playing the blame game or the self-pity game was not the way to go. He had to piece together his fragmented family for good.

'She's still out there,' Sam went on still unable to meet his dad's stare, 'they ...'

'We're gonna find him alive Sammy, I promise you.'

'Thanks dad,' Sam risked a glance at his father, 'I ah didn't have the tests done before we came.'

'Tests?' John's eyes darkened as he felt a prick of anger, 'Sam what tests?'

'Umm Micah wanted to find out why I'm still having so much pain in my back and sick headaches.'


'It's okay I think dad he just wanted to check things out,' Sam felt a blush staining his cheeks and inwardly cursed himself for looking so weak in front of his father.

'Sam look at me.' John took a deep breath and stared at his son, for the first time in seemingly ages he took a good look at his youngest child. The once vibrant pre-teen with bright inquisitive eyes and a cheeky disposition was gone and replaced by a teen in constant pain and fear. 'I am so sorry Sammy, I really am.'


'You should be safe in a hospital getting better, not being dragged around the countryside wearing a back brace and having to take pain meds, I am so, so very sorry Sammy.'

'Christo.' Sam whispered with a sly grin and waited with baited breath for his father's reaction. John stared at Sam for a nano-second before he burst out in a gruff laugh.

'You spend too much time with your older brother.' John playfully ruffled Sam's hair and then sat back, 'looks like we're both got some healing to do.'

'Dad ... Dean umm he had a soft walking cast on his leg.'

'What about it?'

'He ah wasn't wearing it when they took him.' Sam said his good humour fading again.

'Sam, Sam look at me.' John ordered when he saw just how fragile Sam's emotional state was, and the biggest revelation hit him without warning, he was a major contributor to that fragility. 'Dean's alive and we're gonna find him together alright.'

'Yes Sir.' Sam nodded but kept his gaze averted.

'First though we're heading back to Pastor Jim's you need those tests done and I need to get out of this contraption.'

'But dad what about Dean?'

'We're not abandoning him but neither of us is in any condition to hunt those things that have him. We get back to Jim's, we get patched up and then we regroup. We will find him and bring him home I promise Sammy.'

'It's Sam.' Sam automatically answered and then looked up at his father with a sheepish look on his face.

'We will find him Sam, and when we do we're gonna send that hag and her spawn back to the unholy pits they came from.'

'I know dad.'

Father and son, both so similar and yet so different agreed on their plans with their shared determination and stubbornness they called the others in, time to make plans.


John stared back angrily at his youngest son's defiant stare and attitude, his eyes darkening as his temper took hold. 'I said no Sam.'

'And I said yes,' Sam shot back, their argument had begun before they had finished packing up the motel room to return to Blue Earth and to Pastor Jim Murphy's rectory.

'And I call a time out!' Jim said as he took hold of Sam's wheelchair handles while Bobby took control of John's wheelchair, 'think it's time for a coffee run Bobby.'

'Read my mind Preacher man,' Bobby said as he pushed John's wheelchair towards the door, completely ignoring the indignant protests from the occupant of the said chair.

Sam fumed silently as Pastor Jim pushed his chair to the opposite side of the small room and dropped a novel on Sam's lap, 'finish reading this while you wait Sam.'

Silence suddenly descended on the small motel room, and two senior, weary hunters breathed a sigh of relief, for now there was no shouting, cursing or threats made, father and son were back in the own "corners". As far as Bobby was concerned, father and son reunions were crap.


Dean opened his eyes and tried to focus on his surroundings something felt so different this time, an annoying pressure against one of his butt cheeks brought him out of his head and into the here and now. Snaking his fingers beneath him he felt the outline of a small rock; two things hit him simultaneously one was that his hands were no longer tied together and the second was the fact that he was no longer trapped in that basement, he was in a cave of some description.

'Fan-fucking-tastic!' Dean yelled when the realisation hit him, they had recreated the first place he had encountered the child-stealing bitch. 'Where are ya, ya bitch? Come on out and face me!'

'Tsk, tsk, such language from a young man,' Payne said as he stood looming over the stricken teenager.

'Sorry but you're so not my type and the one I wanna talk to right now so piss off!' Dean snapped deliberately turning away from his newest tormentor.

'What if I could get your precious Sammy here to be with you?' Payne asked softening his tone, 'I could do this for you, you only need to ask.'

'What do you mean by that?' Dean asked despite himself, 'leave Sam alone.'

'How would you feel about living here with us if I brought Sammy here to you? Living here forever as a family?'

'Leave me alone, it's all lies and tricks.' Dean ground out as he fought to keep his tears away; the last thing he wanted was to show any more weakness in front of this monster.

'Think about it Dean that's all I ask,' Payne said as he ran a finger down Dean's cheek and then ruffled his hair as he stood, 'I will be back, oh and don't think of trying to escape this cave was specially designed for you.'

Dean waited until he was once again alone before dragging himself a little more up the wall to sit upright giving himself a clearer view of his new cell. The cave was more than six feet high with a small slit near the top of the wall allowing natural light in. the sloping walls and floor were all hewn from the rock ensuring there were no cracks or other weaknesses Dean could use in an escape attempt.

The irony of being trapped in a cave once again was not lost on Dean but deep down he felt the panic and tendrils of claustrophobia creeping along his spine, he so wanted to be with Sam and their dad right now but there was no way he was going to agree in Payne bringing Sammy into this hellhole.

'Hey gimp got some food for ya, Mom don't want ya starving away,' Rick sneered as he dropped the plate of food in front of Dean spilling the meal on the ground. 'Whoops.'

'Richard that is enough,' her voice snapped and sparked through the suddenly thick air, 'you were to give your brother his meal and that is all, you know what happens when you make Mother mad.'

'I – I'm sorry Mommy, I promise I won't do it again,' Rick sobbed as he cowered against the wall furtherest from Dean, 'please Mommy I'm sorry.'

'Naughty boys have to be punished.'

Dean stared in horror as an invisible strap cut into Rick's back painting it with red stripes and woven patterns of cuts, 'stop it!' he cried out hoarsely unable to watch any longer, 'stop it you bitch!'

'Such compassion for one who hurt you and your little brother so badly, you truly are an older brother.'


Dean woke with a start, his eyes felt puffy and sore from crying himself to sleep, at least he thought he had slept with the amount of nightmares plaguing him each time he closed his eyes Dean had lost all notion of time and space. There was only one truth in Dean's mind: that is Sammy is his one and only true brother and no one else can take his place, even if it cost Dean his life and his sanity.

'Dean?' Sammy's soft voice brought him back to the present, squinting slightly until Sam's transparent features came into focus.

'Sammy? No, no you can't be here they'll find you.'

'Dean we're coming for you, Pastor Jim, Uncle Bobby and Doctor Micah found Dad and rescued him. We're gonna find you now.'

'No Sammy please they wanna bring you here, don't come please don't come.'

'They've moved you Dean.'

'I know they made some sort of cave out of a rock I think, the only opening is that slit right up there.'

'I'll tell them when I get back, please Dean hang in there, we're coming to get you out.'

'Sammy little dude, please don't come back like this I don't want her to find you.'

'Why is there blood over here Dean? Is it yours?'

'Nah, Rick spilt my food so she had him beaten with an invisible strap, so gross.' Dean said trying to make it sound better than it really was.


'He's one of her kids now,' Dean said internally kicking himself for mentioning his name in front of Sammy.

'Is he, he one of your tormentors?' Sammy asked but before he could hear his brother's answer, he started to flicker and then disappeared, 'Dean!'



'Dean!' Sammy cried out as he sat upright in his wheelchair and dropped his unread book on the floor. 'No Dean!'

'Sammy what is it?' Jim asked rushing back to the boy's side, 'are you in pain?'

'Ya know your little shows are starting to wear thin Sam, whenever you don't get your own way,' John said dryly as Bobby pushed his wheelchair back into the motel room, he had a tray of takeaway coffees perched on his knee. He had heard Sam's calling out for Dean just as they opened the door and for some irrational reason he once again saw red.

'Jonathon Edward Winchester!' Jim snapped, 'that is enough!'

'No what is enough is these attention seeking games of Sam's.' John growled back.

'Uncle Bobby?' Sammy twisted around until he could see his "Uncle", 'I – I saw Dean again.' This time instead of arguing with his father over the same things Sam decided to ignore the bait and to tell Bobby what he knew, he had to get help for Dean somehow. That was more important than scoring points in a fight with his father.

'What did ya see Sam?' Bobby asked as he came to squat next to the chair making it more comfortable and less awkward for the boy.

'They've moved Dean, somehow they have created a cave in solid rock, and the only opening is a small slit right up high. There're no cracks or joins anywhere, it's like the cave me and Dean were caught in when we first saw her. Well except for the fact that there's no way in or out of this new one.'

'Do ya know where it is?'

'Kind of, but … but if I can … I think I can find him again.'

'Are you honestly buying all of this attention seeking Bobby?' John interrupted the quiet discussion between his son and his friend.

'That's enough John drink yer coffee.'

'He is my son Bobby, not yours!' John snarled, the words out of his mouth before he realised just what he had said, the look Bobby gave him was bad enough but the look of utter devastation on his youngest son's face was ten times worse. An uneasy heavy silence fell across the room of hunters, making it feel like a funeral instead of the planning of a rescue.


'Fuck it all to hell!' Caleb swore, after the latest blow up with the almighty John Winchester, they had separated father and son once again before blood was spilled. They had decided to move up their departure, with Jim this time taking charge of John while Bobby talk a few more minutes talking to Sam about his vision or visitation with Dean whatever it was. Everyone else busied themselves by packing the cars and checking weaponry, making sure that they were prepared for any eventuality.

Caleb decided to do one last sweep of the motel rooms before they left, when he found Sam's back brace lying on the bathroom floor next to his discarded wheelchair. The bathroom window was open and the flywire screen was no where to be seen. 'Fuck … fuck … fuck!'

Storming out of the room with the brace in one hand Caleb went in search for an irresponsible father, 'congratulations John, you just lost your last chance to win father of the year.' He spat out the words as he hurled the brace at the injured man.

'What the fuck are you on now Reeves?' John snarled back as he easily caught Sam's brace, 'and what the hell are you doing with this?'

'Good question, why don't we ask your son? Oh wait we can't coz he's gone!'

'Gone? What do you mean gone?'

'Gone as in left, absconded or my personal favourite he's runaway!' Caleb said in a low well controlled tone of voice, 'I found that on the bathroom floor next to his discarded wheelchair, the window open and flywire gone.'

'Sam's runaway?' Bobby asked incredulously as he ran back inside to check the scene of the kid's departure.

'How the hell can he runaway? He's a cripple!' John said turning to glare up at the doctor, 'or you been lying to me too Doc?'

'Sam's never been a crip…paraplegic John. He was in the chair to help the healing process along with the wearing of his brace, the physiotherapy and treatments he's been receiving. Sam can walk it is just very difficult for him to maintain any length of time on his feet, keeping his balance and managing his pain levels.' Micah took a breath and then levelled a curious stare at the older man, 'tell me John, you're currently using a wheelchair, are you a cripple?'


Using the trees and plants as crutches as much as he could Sam dragged himself up the hillside following the pull he felt from his link to Dean. At first, he was fuelled by his anger with his father and his own feelings of impotence at being trapped in the wheelchair and back brace. If the others or rather if his dad thought he was useless then he was going to prove them all wrong. They can keep arguing he was going to find his brother. Though after dragging his fast numbing legs along the rocky and rough terrain Sam had had enough.

His foot caught a jagged rock edge and Sam found himself tumbling backwards down the slope back the way he had just pulled himself. 'No, no, no.' he sobbed slamming his fists into the ground when he finally came to a stop.

'Sammy?' Caleb's voice broke through Sam's self pitying thoughts and the thirteen year old squinted up at the familiar face hovering above him.

'C-Caleb? How?'

'How did I find ya?' Caleb smirked as he crouched down next to Sammy and helped him to sit up, 'first up how you doing? Hurting anywhere new?'

'Nope, just pride more than anything. I do feel a little numb but not completely.' Sammy answered as honestly as he could.

'Kewl, okay I left the others trying to reign in your daddy and wanting to find ya.' Caleb held a silencing finger to Sam's lips when the teen started to protest. 'Hey, hey it's alright Sam your dad'll calm down and well the fact that you managed to get as far as you did without any help at all well that says it all.'

'I have to agree with Caleb on that score,' Doctor Micah Zimmer said as he knelt down on the other side of Sam to Caleb dropping the first aid kit between them, 'so any new injuries?'