It was two sunrises since Hollypaw had woken up and she was getting better. She still limped but she could walk around camp now. She wasnt allowed out of camp though, she wasnt strong enough yet. That also meant she couldnt go to the gathering tomorrow which she wasnt so happy about.

Silverkit had been in the medicine den constantly and Jayfeather had let her sort some herbs. The young she kit had literally jumped around in joy.

Hollypaw was sitting outside the medicine den watching the sunrise, it was beautiful. Cats were starting to wake up now, Stormpaw, Stripepaw and Duskpaw were yawning on their way out of the apprentice den and the dawn patrol were just leaving.

She started to limp to the fresh kill pile and she was joined by Darkclaw. They both picked up a mouse and they sat down. Hollypaw looked around at her clanmates, Rosewhisker and Mousewhisker were sitting very close together while Fireflight was sitting in a group with Hazeltail, Berrynose, Cherrytail and Lilyfur.

After they had eaten Darkclaw and Hollypaw started sharing tongues. Darkclaw's rythmic licks were making her drowsy so after he left on a hunting patrol she settled down in her nest and went to sleep.

She had a dream, but this time it was a good dream. The whole of Thunderclan were having a feast, they were celebrating. She didnt know what exactly. Then she heard someone say, "...Hollyheart, I like Hollyheart!"

She opened her eyes to see Leafpool and Silverkit standing next to the herbs. "What are you talking about?" She asked drowsily. Silverkit began to answer, "We're wondering what you're warrior name will be beca-" Leafpool stuck her tail infront of the kits mouth and said "We were wondering what your warrior name will be because it wont be long now."

There was an awkward silence after that and Hollypaw left the den. They were acting wierd she thought as she found a sunny spot to lay in. She saw Stormpaw, Stripepaw and Duskpaw sitting in a little group, she pricked her ears to listen to their discussion. She heard Duskpaw say "What about Hollytail, or Hollyfur...or Holly-" She was cut off by Stripepaw nudging her and signalling towards Hollypaw. Duskpaw nodded before they started talking about how much prey they caught.

Hollypaw was officially confused. Why was everyone discussing her warrior name? When she looked around she realised most cats were looking at her, excitement in their eyes. What was going on? Then she heard Bramblestar, "Can all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the highrock for a clan meeting."

Hollypaw limped over and was confused by all the eyes watching her. What did this have to do with her? "Today an apprentice will become a warrior, Hollypaw, will you please come up." Hollypaw just stood there. This was what she had waited for her whole life, she was becoming a warrior, now!

She limped up to the highrock and stood infront of Bramblestar, no wonder everyone had been discussing her warrior name. "Hollypaw, you have trained hard to learn our clans noble ways. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?" This was it, two small words and Hollypaw would be a warrior. "I do." She said in a voice that was a lot louder than she expected. "From this day on, you will be known as Hollyfrost."

"Hollyfrost, Hollyfrost!" Her clanmates cheers made Hollyfrost feel like she was going to explode with pride. She limped down from the highrock and all her clanmates came up and congratulated her. Darkclaw then came up to her "Leafpool say's you can move into the warriors den after your vigil. I'll make you a nest next to mine." He licked her head before he left and Squirrelflight came up to her. "Time for your vigil."

Hollyfrost had her fur fluffed out against the cold. She didnt care though. She was a warrior! She had a mate that loved her and three beautiful kits. Life couldnt be better.

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