The next morning, Sebastian was in Ciel's room with a tray in his hand.

"Good morning, young master!" Sebastian said as he shook Ciel's leg. "Time to wake up. You have a big week coming up."

"Ugh...go away, I'm tired," Ciel groaned.

"Hmm...? But you can't laze about, you have to perform next week!"

"Next week?! But I'm not ready!" Ciel said as he shot out of bed.

"Well then, you better practice harder. Don't want to shame yourself, do you? Here, eat."

Sebastian held out the tray in front of Ciel's face. Ciel looked at the food suspiciously before pushing it away.

"No thanks, I'm afraid this might be drugged with the singing or dancing drug."

"I assure you that there's nothing in this food."

"That's what you said the first time."

"No, this time it's true. I have plenty of ways to make you sing."

"Well, I don't believe you and I'll prove it! Finny! Come here!" Ciel hollered.

"W-what is it, young master?" Finny said as he stood outside Ciel's room.

"Come in and taste this French toast," Ciel gestured Finny to come in.

"Are you sure? I mean, I am a mere servant after all."

"Yes, yes. Here," Ciel shoved the toast in front of Finny.

Finny nervously took the toast and took a bite out of it. After some awkward silence, Ciel questioned him.

"So...does it taste funny or anything? Do you feel different?"

Finny replied nervously, "Uh...n-no. W-why? Is it drugged or something?"

"Maybe...I don't know. I called you here just to see if there was anything in it. Well, have a good time then. Don't blame me if anything weird happens. You may leave."

Finny looked worried.

"Ha...ha...yeah, I'll leave..." Finny turned around and walked out of the room, feeling nervous and jumpy all the while.

"So, young master, have you had enough proof?" Sebastian said as he waved the food in front of Ciel's face.

"Fine, I'll eat it," Ciel said as he took a big chomp out of the food in Sebastian's hand.

After Ciel was done eating, Sebastian dragged Ciel out to the ballroom to practice his singing. Sebastian had told Ciel that the bathroom was their classroom and each lesson would be two hours long.

"So, we'll be singing for two hours?" Ciel said.

"Apparently so. Let's begin shall we?"

Ciel was reluctant at first, afraid that Sebastian would tease him. But soon, he began to relax a little and started to sing more confidently. Soon, the two hours were up, the lesson was over.

"Young master, you sang really well. I'm sure you'll be ready for the performance."

Ciel blushed, unused to being praised by Sebastian. He felt embarrassed at the same time yet happy. He liked Sebastian's praise. He wanted to hear more of his praises.

'Maybe this week wouldn't be so bad after all,' Ciel thought.

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