The Huntress Marushi Bloodstar: Taming the Storm Wolf:

I shivered as I exited the inn of the Goblin settlement of K-3. I pulled my thick furs tighter to close out the bone chilling wind. Loque'nahak, the spirit beast I tamed in Sholazar was indifferent to the drastic climate change of the region. I wished to be back in the basin for the warmth, but I had made a promise the Loque that I'd take him to see his mate. We only stopped for a night in K-3 to restock our supplies and rest. We had a long way to go before reaching Zul'Drak, it seemed almost foolish to leave before dawn in the frozen region, but in order to get to Zul'Drak without much interference of the inhabitants; we simply had too.

Overhead lightning crackled around the mountain peaks looming over the frost Vrykul village. After looking to Loque'nahak for a few short moments, I started walking away from the Goblin settlement and out into the frozen wilderness of the Storm Peaks.

I felt like I was being followed. Loque and I walked near the cliff edge that leads to Zul'Drak looking for an easy climb down. I paused at the sound of Loque growling, gazing over my shoulder and sure enough, I saw a small figure in the distance; obscured by the snowy wind, I couldn't make out the true shape of the figure.

Loque crouched into a defensive stance as the figure continued to get closer; as it came closer it took shape of a blue worg, unlike any other worg I've seen in the Grizzly hills and Howling Fjord. Lightning cracked around the fur of the worg. Its claws, teeth, and eyes glowed like Loque'nahak's but weren't as blue. This worg was a Spirit beast, a rare and remarkable creature many adventurers spoke about throughout their journeys in Northrend.

I eased Loque before taking a few steps forward and kneeling in the snow. I removed my fur glove so the wolf could get a good intake of my scent. I repeated what I did in taming Loque before approaching him.

"I heard whispers about you," I murmured softly.

The unique worg appeared to turn his head to the side in question.

"The frost Vrykul call you, Skoll… The Storm Wolf," I added.

Skoll bowed his head, much like Loque did when I acknowledged him in Sholazar. I smiled and reached out to pet Skoll's fur, surprisingly his fur was as soft as Loque's.

"Did you follow me to join my journey?" I asked Skoll.

Skoll bowed his head once more before letting out a hollowed howl. I replaced my fur glove and motioned for Skoll to follow. Today marked my luckiest week, taming two rare beasts of Northrend.