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Chapter III – Bold old man

|Leon POV|

A week had gone by since the mission in Germany and I was back to normality and that meant babysitting Ashley. It was time to give my weekly report, so I was walking on the HQ toward my supervisor's office.

There wasn't much to report, just if I saw someone strange around Ashley, which I haven't, or if happened something out of the normal, which hasn't.

I knocked on the door and no one answered. Guess he was out. I'd come back later or just drop this with Hunnigan so she could deliver to him. Yes, good idea.

Walking toward Hunnigan's office, I was distracted thinking about nothing in particular when someone pumped into me.

"Watch it!" I heard a known voice, what made me look down only to see Samantha Wright in front of me. "Oh, it's you, Kennedy."

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I said, looking at the woman in front of me, realization flashed on her face.

"Kennedy, I need a favor." A favor? From me? "What?"

"Can you please take Hunnigan out of her office for a while? Go buy her a few drinks or anything like that." What? I blinked in confusion, staring at Wright; she spoke quickly and was agitated.

"What?!" She sighed and calmed down a bit. "I can't access or hack my own computer; I need you to distract her. I was going to cause a fire, but I think this way is less extreme." Why would someone cut her access? That was odd.

"Fine." Wright looked really surprised that I agreed, but I was surprised too, but it simply seemed right.

"Go to her office in ten minutes, I'll take her out to coffee or something." I left her alone, making my way to Hunnigan's office.

She was alone in the room, working on one of her computers and turned to the door when heard me coming in.

"Leon, is something wrong?" She asked, taking off her glasses. "No, I just wanted to see if you want to have coffee or something. It's not that often that I can come here."

She smiled, probably thinking that I was asking her out, she flirted with me now and then and I always ignored it.

"Sure, let's go." She got her jacket and left the computer still on. We left the office and made our way to the cafe next to our headquarter.

We took a table near the entrance and I couldn't help but look at the clock one time, thinking if Wright had made it.

"So, Leon, what do you really want?" Hunnigan asked, still with a smile playing on her lips, I think it was supposed to be a seducing one.

"Nothing, really. But, if you could do me a favor, I would really appreciate it." I put the file on the desk and she looked at it, her smile fading.

"What?" It was one of the rare times when her voice was cold; it sent shivers down on my spine. "Our supervisor wasn't on his office and I will have to get back to the White House soon, so if you could just give this to him. If you say no, I understand, I can ask Wright and she probably wil…"

The only mention of the woman's name made Hunnigan look even colder and angry, for some reason she really despised Wright.

"No! I can do it!" She took the file and hugged it protectively, cutting my sentence off, I smirked on the inside.

We ordered two coffees and the waitress soon arrived with them, silently we drank it. I looked to the clock once more, not even ten minutes had gone by.

"I think we should get back." Hunnigan said, making me look at her, probably still thinking about the favor I asked and how I mentioned Wright moments ago.

"But…" I needed to give Wright more time, but how?

"I have things to do and so do you, let's go." It was pointless to argue. We paid for the coffees and got up, leaving the cafe. I was going to walk really slowly; perhaps it would buy us more time.

For my luck, she copied me and was walking slowly too.

"We should to this more often. I mean, talk and get coffee." She said smiling, and I swear I saw her winking one eye, the seductive aura appearing again; it made me feel a little disgusted.

"Yeah, sure." Hell no! Thank you.

"So, any mission available?" I said, she laughed, but I knew it was a fake laugh. "No, nothing for now, but as soon as something come up, I'll tell you."

We were getting near her office and I was getting anxious. I was a few steps ahead, so I saw that Wright was still on the office and she saw us coming. Crap.

Without thinking, I pulled Hunnigan to another corridor, she looked at me confused. "What?" I was holding her arms a little stronger than I intended to.

At the corner of my eyes, I saw Wright running out of the office, so it was time to let go of Hunnigan, and I did. "Sorry, I… I don't know what I was thinking."

"It's ok for you to feel this way, Leon… I am sure we can do something about it… There is no need to hide your feelings for me…"

Oh crap! I passed the wrong message. Wright was going to have to take me out of this now, it was her fault anyway.

"I… I can't." That was all I managed to say before running off, leaving her behind.

Wright was sitting on her chair, working furiously on the computer when I got to her office and closed the door behind me.

"So?" I asked, still standing at the door. "I got it. Thank you. They had blocked my access with a password and I couldn't get through the several defenses. I owe you one."

"You bet you do; now she thinks I am interested in her." I let myself drop on the couch on the corner. What was a couch even doing here?

"And you're not?" She hadn't looked at my once, and kept typing on the computer. "Why do you have this idea?"

"Well, people talk, Kennedy. And the word on the street is that you are a lady-killer." Oh… Wait… WHAT? I jumped out of the couch, staring at her.

"What?! I go out with one agent and receive that reputation?" She took her glasses out and looked at me for the first time.

"None of my business, Kennedy. I owe you one, but I don't think Hunnigan will listen to me, no matter what I say." True, for some reason, Hunnigan despised Wright.

"I'll work something out. Well, good luck with your work." Wright waved her hand, goodbye or dismissing me, I didn't know, but I just left.


For some reason, I found myself back in the HQ late at night one day. I had been avoiding Hunnigan since I did that favor for Wright. And I swear Hunnigan called three times every day, calls I obviously ignored.

It was way past midnight and I walked around like a lost ghost, doing nothing except wander around. Until I saw a light. It came from one office located in the next corridor.

My curiosity won and I slowly walked over to see what it was. I knew that place. It was Wright's office. The door was open and at first sight it was empty.

I entered, looking at the empty desk and turned around to leave when my eyes landed on the couch I had sat days before.

Wright was lying there, sleeping soundly; she was curled into a ball and looked cold. Without thinking, I took my coat off and placed it over her.

I thought she was going to wake up and kill me when she moved slightly, hiding half of her face in my coat. I couldn't help but smile and stare for several minutes before deciding to give her privacy and leave.

I closed the door behind me so one else could see her sleeping, a strange feeling whispering on the back of my head, but I just ignored it and went home.


The next day I went back to working as Ashley's guard, so I was walking on the White House, making my way to the girl's room when I heard hurried footsteps coming my way.

"Kennedy! Kennedy!" I knew that voice, it was Wright. I turned to see her coming my way, and smiled at her.

"I did it!" She said, a victorious look playing on her face. "Calm down, you did what?" I asked.

"Not here. Meet me at 10 p.m. at the café next to the HQ." She said before leaving me alone, I felt confused, but for the rest of the day her face didn't leave my mind.

I was stuck with Ashley until 10:30 and had the feeling that Wright had already left when I arrived at the café at 11 p.m. I looked around and didn't see her anywhere and my heart kind of sank.

I turned around, ready to leave and already had my hand on the door when I heard my name.

"Kennedy." I turned almost immediately, feeling my heart speed up when I saw her coming out of the bathroom.

"You are late." She said and took a seat at one table; there was no one around that particular one. And I followed her.

"Sorry, my bride kept me busy, if you know what I mean." She smirked at my joke, she didn't seem angry at all.

"Not a problem. I knew you were going to be late. Agents always are." It was true, we couldn't make promises to arrive on time, because something always happened and made us late.

"So… What can I do for you?" I asked, ordering a coffee.

"Nothing. It's more like what can I do for you." She empathized the word I while talking and kept smirking. I stared at her confused.

"I was able to hack the Pharmaceutical Company director's bank account and trace a considerable amount of money going out. It was deposited to a foundation named The Sacred Holy Stone. So I researched about them, and checked their bank account. In the past few months since it was created, a lot of money came in."

I listened carefully to her, occasionally taking a sip from my coffee.

"I was able to discover each 'donor' and some of them are involved in the pharmaceutical industry and the armory industry. What does this remember you?"

"Biological research." I answered.

"Yes. My guess is some of them purchased the virus or even the product itself. Your girlfriend Hunnigan did a lousy job, huh?" She looked proud of herself, and well, she should be.

"So that's why you have been sleeping on the HQ." I let slip, she looked shocked. "What? It was you who covered me then?"

"Yeah, I saw you that night and you looked chilly." I thought I saw a faint blush on her face, but it faded really quickly before I could be sure. "Thank you… I have your coat in the office…"

"Nah, I am too scared of going to the HQ, Hunnigan's there."

She laughed. She really laughed. I must be dreaming.

"Come on, she is not thaaat bad, is she?" She had still traces of laughter in her face and I smiled at the vision.

"Yes, she calls me every day, a lot of times. Doesn't she get the message?" When I ended speaking, my phone begun to ring. And guess what… It was Hunnigan. I showed it to Wright and she laughed again. I just ignored the call and turned the cell phone off.

"Someone is in looove. Kennedy and Hunnigan sitting on a tree, kiiiisssing." She sounded really childish, but I had to laugh.

"How old are you again?" I asked between laughs. "Hey! I am not a kid, ok? I am twenty five!"

What? She didn't look that age at all; I would guess she was at most twenty. "I am still older than you, kiddo."

"Oh, please. You are already bold and uses denture, so I guessed that much." She joked again and I laughed once more.

"Not that old. I am twenty eight."

She coughed playfully. "Dude, retire already, I think you might break a hip while working or something."

When did we gotten that comfortable around each other? I didn't know. But it felt right and natural.

"Ok, but seriously now, old man. I think I might be able to locate the seller if I dig deeper. But I can't tell this to Hunnigan, she would kill me for doing my job and her job."

I sighed, the serious expression back to our faces. "I'll talk to the President. He will listen to me and we can get this case exclusively to ourselves. No Hunnigan."

"Thank you. I knew you would be capable of helping me… I want to get my hands on this guy really badly." She snapped her fingers in an angry move, emotion flashing on her gray eyes.

"Calm down, I think we need to arrest him, not kill."

She sighed, recognizing I was right.

"Yes… And he is only another person involved in the consequences implied by the creators of these viruses… These are the guys I want to put my hands on. They caused disasters like Raccoon City and Spain."

She knew too much for only a translator and hacker. Not many agents were aware of the situation behind Raccoon City or Spain, it was safer this way. But she seemed to know everything about them.

"What do you know about Raccoon City?" I asked without thinking.

"You are not the only one with ghosts from the past, Kennedy." She answered and got up, leaving a dollar bill on the table before leaving and I was left once more alone.