Golden memories of the past rise
As the angels drift down to Earth;
Carnage and destruction has
Once again attracted the vultures.

Skies are blackened with angry clouds
As the screams echo; their sounds lingering
Slowly begin to fade into the deafening silence.

A soft touch and the murmur of a voice
Barely reach her ears as the darkness
swoops in to sweep her up in its arms.

There's a keening noise in the back
Of her mind as she lies in the ruins;
All she can do is whimper as she listens
to the noise unaware that she is crying out.

A flash of light and a surge of noise bursts
She tries to fight, tries to run once more
But she is held down as the darkness
Once again sweeps her away.

A single name is whispered in
A near-breathless gasp,
Tears crawling down her face as
She sinks back into the bed
As those around her sigh
And breathe in relief.

AN: Just something I scribbled down while listening to some music, I feel that Shepard's recovery new DLC should be would be much more diffcult to bounce back from than the previous two games.