Eleven players. One field. And a trophy people would kill for. The Inabikari, Japan's representatives to the 2nd FFI are a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the trigger to explode. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Of thunder and lightning. Play to win. Or don't play at all.


8:34 pm. friday, 8th june. outcrop. inabikari, japan.

She sat at the edge the rocky cliff that had given the Outcrop its name and stared down into the twinkling lights of a town, sadness glinting in her violet eyes. A light drizzle started to fall from the sky, its presence holding a much darker meaning for the town at the bottom of the cliff.


Classified as the one of most dangerous place to live in Japan, InabikariTown was the home of the most lightning strikes in the world, hence the name. There was iron mixed in with the soil which brought down many strikes. The nearby mountains added to the problem, forcing the thunderclouds to stop right above the town.

Most of the people who lived there, braving the risk of continued thunderstorms, were affiliated in one way or another with Inabikari Academy, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Japan, the huge, dark shape looming out of the night like a gothic cathedral.

It was equipped with enough technology to make sure that the thunderstorms wouldn't affect it. Unfortunately, the town was as vulnerable as ever.

With a pang of sadness, she remembered a day, long ago, when a particularly violent thunderstorm was raging on the town. She, her twin brother and older brother had sheltered in the Academy, watching the rain course down the window panes, the thunder booming and lightning flashing.

Her parents, both professors at the Academy, were at home and had been burnt alive when the house was struck by lightning. She was only four then, too young to truly understand what happened to their parents, and it was her thirteen-year-old brother who took care of them then, enrolling them into the Academy, working hard to pay for their bills, going abroad to continue their grandparents' work as the heir to an international software company, always sending money back for both of them.

The Academy's teachers raised the twins like their own, and she could not have hoped for a better life – except on this day.

A tear trickled down her cheek as she remembered her dead parents, a mother's loving caress, a father's proud smile, the warmth of a laughing, joyful family. It was on this day, the anniversary of their death, that they made a point to be together.

Unfortunately, she was on her own this year. Her elder brother was away on business and her twin was studying in an elite high school halfway around the world.

"Krystalline-sama," a deep voice said near her. She turned her head to face a young man dressed in a black suit. He was her driver, her butler, and now – it appeared – her babysitter, "You are getting soaked. Come inside, I do not want you to get a cold."

"You don't want me to get a cold, or your boss doesn't want me to get a cold?" She raised an eyebrow at his impassive look. She cursed inwardly, whatever she did; Alsandair never betrayed the slightest hint of emotion. It was like her brother hired a robot to protect her.

"You cannot practice if you are ill, Ina-sama."

"Do you think if I did fall ill, my brothers would come here, to Japan?" She quipped, standing up, "That they would come to Tou-san's and Kaa-san's funeral?"

"Jasper-sama and Krystoffer-sama have their own reasons for not coming today. You, of all people, should understand the sacrifices they undergo to keep you safe."

"Reasons, my ass," she muttered, walking towards the black Mercedes waiting for her.

"You should not take their actions lightly, Ina-sama," he said in the same bland voice as he got in after her, "They want you to fulfill your dreams, unrestrained by time or money."

"Does my brother pay you to preach, or to drive?" She shot back, glaring. She was rewarded by the slight twitch of Alsandair's lips as he turned to the front, starting the car.

Krystalline looked outside, seeing the rain turn the landscape into a blur as they sped in the direction of Tokyo, summoned there by an intriguing call.

Jasper and Krystoffer would have to wait. She had more pressing problems. Finally, after all these years, Kami-sama had heeded her fervent prayers and sent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity her way.

The whole world was geared up, each country's best players training until they collapsed.

Rumors spread like wildfire across five continents as everyone compared their choices for the world's best.

The second FFI was about to begin.

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