Hey there! This is my first Little House on the Prairie story and I'm not really sure if anyone's going to read it but if so, thank you :)

I was inspired while watching the episode 'May I Have This Dance' earlier and thought it would have been really interesting to see more of Willie and Rachel's relationship so here's my little take on it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with the books, show or characters


"Willie!" Almonzo came running through the doors of the restaurant, all eyes suddenly on him from the unexpected noise. "Ms Oleson, have you seen your son?" he asked quickly, panic obvious in his voice.

"Well yes, of course, he's in the kitchen," she replied, not seemingly worried at all.

Without another word, he went running to the kitchen, pushing open the door to find Willie plating food. "Willie!" Almonzo said, making the young man look up suddenly.

"Almonzo? What is it?" he asked confused.

"It's Rachel…" he replied and that's all it took for the plate to come crashing to the floor.

"W-What happened?" Willie asked, worriedly, scared to hear the answer.

"She was in a carriage accident… on her way out of town. She's with Doc Baker, Laura's there too.

Running out of the kitchen, Almonzo closely behind he made his way over to Doc Baker's office, ignoring his mothers questioning calls after him. He burst through the doors of the office to see the curtain closed and Laura waiting anxiously outside. "How is she?" Willie asked her, struggling to stay calm.

"I don't know… Doc Baker's been with her since she got here," Laura replied, biting at her lower lip.

"Willie," a voice came from behind the corner, before Doc Baker stepped out, closing it behind him.

"How is she Doc?" Willie asked quickly, worry obvious in his voice.

"She's sleeping," he replied calmly. "A little banged up but she'll be just fine." Willie sighed, relief flooding over him. "There is one thing though," Doc Backer added, glancing over at Laura and Almonzo and back at Willie.

"What is it? You just said she'd be okay," he said, on the verge of panic again.

"Willie, I need you to calm down," Doc Baker said, placing his hands on Willie's shoulders, a small smile creeping across his face. Willie nodded and edged for him to continue. "When I was examining her, I found something very interesting…"

"Interesting?" Willie questioned.

"Congratulations son… you're going to be a father."

I know it was super short but I hope you liked it! I'll most likely will just leave it as a one-shot but if you'd like to read more just let me know :)

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