This is where I make all my bows and apologies. There are many, I'm sure; take them as read for the loose ends and the things I let you assume and will likely never fully explain. For the myriad mistakes and the OOC'ness, the lack of a name for this baby. And to at least explain to you that I wrote this last chapter as a stand-alone epilogue something like light-years ago, so it's startling different in style than the intervening 50 plus and I'm sorry for that if you don't think it goes with. But I hope it was all right for you, really, as this tale was always meant as a Gift. For vaysh11, for easilymused1956, for demicus, for all my very lovely Friends, come Christmas tide. It may very well be the longest lasting Advent series ever, spanning two full years in the writing of it, my loves, and nearly 60 days elapsed to post, real-time, but it's for you. Yes, you. Happy Holidays and a very Merry New Year, with smishes and kisses, from Tiger. Thank you for your incredible support, all these years. Couldn't have made it through without you!

And, hey, hey, fanfiction site mates? atlantis51 and a whole great Whomping lot of others, you have consistently made my day, over and over. I do enjoy handing you some 'happy'. I hope I managed this time, loves. Cheers! Tiger