A Monster's Pet

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My name is Kyouko Suehara. I'm twenty-one years old. What's my occupation you ask? I'm a professional mahjong player playing in a professional team. The team I'm on is a low profile team that has yet to make a name for it. The players in our team are not very popular, in fact I'm proud to say that I'm probably the most known among us because I made it to the championships back in my third year of high school. However, to be honest, it's not something I'm truly proud of. You see, even if I'm praised as the magic player who got my team to the second place, it was someone else who orchestrated the events that got me there.

I remember it fully well. I first met her in the quarter-finals. Our school Himematsu High was against the prestigious Eisui High, Miyamori High and… Kiyosumi High. It was in the captain match did my fate crossed with hers. Yes, you know who I mean, it's Saki Miyanaga of Kiyosumi, the three time MVP in the team tournament and the three time individual national high school champion. Back then, every school overtook me and my school was thrown so back that I thought I'd shame all of us. Then, I was given the opportunity and in the final hand, I scored an expensive hand and managed to steal second place. Or so I thought…

When I got back to our room it was then I realized that I was too vain to claim it as my victory that I got into second place. We noticed that it was her that planned everything that led to my hand that it was to her will that our school was going to be in the finals. I didn't believe it at first but then it happened again in the finals. With everything I had I scored a sanbaiman hand that closed the gap and Kiyosumi was in firing range. I was so happy that I did not notice… it was once again the last hand.

"It must have been a coincidence" I said to myself. I mean, there's no way she would have been able do what she did against such monsters right? Once again I overestimated myself. I was walking back to our dug out when we met in the hall. Her hair covered her eyes but she had a charming yet malicious smile on her face. As we crossed she placed her right hand on my right shoulder.

"Tomorrow you will stand by my side as second place in the awards ceremony." She said directly to my ear.

I was shocked. I didn't know if she was bluffing or if she was telling the truth. What she said meant that she has been leading me on until now. With everything I had I shook off her hand and said "I don't need your help and I will win!"

She didn't reply to what I said and only yelped 'aww'. I was scared, for the first time in my life I found myself backpedalling like I was in front of something deathly unphantomable. She stood there smiling at me, as I kept backpedalling away. When I was far enough I turned and ran for it. I just had to get out of there. Needless to say I was not able to sleep at night. I kept it from my teammates, what she said and what she said she'll do.

When the championships came our team was once again blown away, basically by the team called Shiraitodai and its Miyanaga Teru, a girl that shares the same last name as that girl. We were so far back that I was sure that it was impossible to come back from that slump. And then it happened, Miyanaga Saki with unbelievable speed reduced Shiraitodai's points back to earth with consecutive golden hand direct hits.

Awaii Oohoshi who was back then considered to be the most dangerous first year suffered consecutive direct hits and fell to our level. Miyanaga Saki just kept dealing and she just kept winning. The tables turned so fast and Kiyosumi was ahead by miles before I knew it. Then, she did something even more unbelievable, she dropped Achiga and Shiraitodai to negative. Immediately their team was declared champion and then she came to me smiling and said "whew, I almost failed."

I was surprised by this, I wondered what she meant. "Almost failed? You were already ahead for so many hands how can you say that?" I was naïve back then, I should've known what she meant. She didn't reply but she only raised her hand and pointed at the score board. That's when I saw my own score. My school's point was exactly at 'zero' while Achiga was at 'negative one'. One more and I would not have taken second place. Then it hit me, once again it's her who placed me on this spot. At that point I almost broke down, it became obvious to me that I was her toy who she enjoyed seeing on second place.

After three years I thought I already overcame that traumatizing experience. However, every time I play I see that shadow of that girl behind me. When I win is it because of me? Or is she controlling me again somewhere ? Because of this problem I am not able to carry our team far. I had to do something about it or our team might be disbanded.

Today we will have new members. They're fresh high school graduates. They're people who decided that mahjong is their life and threw the opportunity of higher level education. I'm new to the team so I wasn't team captain but I had the task to greet the new members and guide them in the team. To be honest I did not like this task, it was never always easy for me to bond with new people. Our team was given a small mansion to work in. It wasn't too big but it was a nice and comfortable place to train in. It's definitely a lot better than my high school club room. Today I'm in the living room which we transformed into some sort of a lobby to wait for our new members.

Ding, ding

The door bell rung. For me that was my cue that our new members have arrived. I fixed my hair to look 'professional' as I rushed to the door. When I opened the door a peculiar figure greeted me. It was a girl and she was nineteen years old. Her eyes were covered with her hair and only her grim smile was visible to me. I stepped back and almost fell on my rear as that girl took her first step forward. Her hand reached for my cheek. I wanted to yell but I felt my body freeze. Her fingers rubbed gently against cheek before she placed her point finger on my lips as if she was telling me to 'keep quiet'.

"It's nice to meet you again Suehara-san." This was Miyanaga Saki's first words to me as teammates in a professional team