Hey, weirdgrammar here. Another series from me. Very light series, not too long- just a few chapters. This series is based on 'What to expect when you're expecting' movie. But, I've changed most of the plot and fitted it with the characters. And I think it's really weird and difficult to write MPreg fiction - I've never dealt with it before. Anyway, just continue with the story.

DISCLAIMER and WARNING: Not mine. Curses, MPreg, Yaoi and anything that you think it challenges your way of thinking.

The training had started 30 minutes ago. But, like usual, Niou took his own sweet time to change his uniform and grab his racket.

Just like usual too, Sanada had been waiting for him at the court with his stoic face and arms crossed. Niou let out a sigh.

"TARUNDORU! YOU'RE LATE AGAIN, NIOU!" the huge court echoed with his voice.

"I know, I know. I'll do my laps now. 100, huh?" Niou didn't retort back like he usually did. And he started to run around the court.

Sanada was still in shock. Yukimura scooted over closer and tapped Sanada's shoulder.

"Niou seems different today, doesn't he?" Yukimura asked.

"Hanamura-sensei told me that Niou acted weird this morning" Yanagi suddenly interrupted from behind.

"Niou didn't pull any pranks today too! Maybe he got his men cycle!" Marui overheard and shouted from far. Jackal 'rewarded' him a light knock on his head for getting distracted from the match.

"Ne, ne. Yukimura-buchou," Akaya pulled slightly Yukimura's jacket, "my friend told me that Niou-senpai said sorry when he bumped into Niou-senpai."

"Niou said sorry? That's weird!" Sanada exclaimed. He shook his head in disbelief.

"We should ask Yagyuu. I'm 83.02% sure that he knows about this" Yanagi rubbed his on chin, thinking.

Together, the Big Three went to another court, where Yagyuu was busy training.

"Huh? Niou-kun is acting weird?" Yagyuu asked.

"Yes. He didn't pull pranks like he usually does and Akaya claimed that he said sorry when a sophomore bumped into him this morning" Yukimura explained briefly.

"That's… very unlikely Niou-kun" Yagyuu pushed his spectacle.

"Yes, we know that. So, we think that you know why" Yanagi said.

"I'm sorry, Yanagi-kun. I'm afraid I know nothing about this."

"What? But, you are his lover and his double partner! You should know about this!" Sanada exclaimed. Yukimura had to pat Sanada's back to prevent him from getting explode.

"Sanada-kun, please forgive me. But, I really know nothing!"

"Ma… ma… Sanada, relax. Maybe Niou keeps some secrets from Yagyuu" Yukimura said calmly.

"How do you know about that?"

"'Cause I do the same too"

"You do?!"

"I'm sorry, Gen-chan. I just have to do it" Yukimura winked playfully.

"Tell me! Tell me!" Sanada shouted. Yukimura giggled happily. Both Yanagi and Yagyuu just shook their heads watching the couple.


Everyone stopped moving. They whipped their heads, looking for the sound.

At the corner of the farthest court, Niou was lying down on the ground.


They were waiting at the corridor nervously. Yagyuu moved back and forth. Yanagi tapped his shoulder to stop him.

"Don't worry, Yagyuu. I'm sure he'll be fine. The doctor is checking him" Yanagi assured him. Yagyuu just nodded.

"Na, Yanagi-senpai. What if Niou-senpai is really sick? I mean, he got cancer or what-" Marui immediately knocked Akaya's head.

"You idiot! Don't talk something like that!"

Akaya ran towards Yanagi, hugging him like a child, "Yanagi-senpai, Marui-senpai hit my head!"

"Akaya, this is hospital. Be quiet. And Marui is right, you shouldn't have said something like that" Yanagi patted Akaya's back. Akaya scowled.

"Okay, you can go and meet him. I'll tell the details later" a doctor came out from the room and let them meet Niou.

Akaya ran and sat down next to Niou and Yanagi stood behind the junior ace. Yagyuu stood at Niou's left with a worry expression written on his face. Marui shoved his hands into his pocket and popped his apple-flavored chewing gum. Jackal stood next to his double partner. Yukimura and Sanada stood across Niou's bed.

"So, how are you?" Yukimura asked.

"I don't know. I'm not a doctor" Niou shrugged nonchalantly.

"This is really weird. Before this, it was Yukimura. Now, it's your turn?" Marui asked sarcastically, earning a glare from the fukubuchou - but Marui didn't care.

"Niou-senpai, you'd better be fine! I don't want to come to hospital anymore because someone in our team is sick!" Akaya exclaimed.

"Seaweed-head, don't say something impossible like that. I can't do anything if I really got an illness."

"Niou-kun, please don't say like that" Yagyuu clasped Niou's hand.


"Well, all we need to do now is waiting for the result" Jackal suddenly suggested- Finally, you talk, Jackal (Marui said).

Around 5 minutes later - according to Yanagi, it was 6 minutes and 43 seconds – the doctor came back. All of them looked at him in anticipation. The doctor felt a little bit nervous.

He began with a small cough, "To be honest, I've never seen anything like this case. Tiredness, lower backaches, nausea and frequent urination. It's really strange! So, I called another doctor and discussed with him, who has more experiences about this matter, and he confirmed it" the doctor explained nervously.

Niou rolled his eyes in annoyance and Yukimura noticed it, "Can you be more specific, Doc?"

"Should I congratulate him or-" the doctor began to mumble.

"Just fucking say it, dammit!" Niou had lost his patient and screamed. Yagyuu took a step backwards.

"Wow, Niou really acts like a bitch" Marui whispered in Jackal's ear.

"Red pig, I heard that!"

Yukimura signaled the doctor to tell them sooner or he'd die here in Niou's hands.

"Er… Niou Masaharu, congratulations, you are pregnant!"

There was a moment of silence.