Stiles tried to keep up his pace as he followed Derek. His shoes squelched wetly making him shiver with every step. Somewhere the creature was lurking and waiting to strike. It began. The shrieking crashing screaming fear clawed its way up and over each vertebra as they stepped out onto the front walkway leading away from the school. He shook his head. Derek was barking something in an urgent tone.

"I dunno- I don't think it's-I don't think-I don't think" Stiles words gasped out between ever rapidly coming breaths and he pitched sideways unable to keep his balance. Knowing what was coming he lowered himself to his knees, mortified. Why was Derek here, he thought, why did it have to be him and not Scott.

"What are you doing?" Derek's tone was harsh and questioning. He could hear his sneakers scratch on the pavement as he turned and walked back. Stiles silently begged Derek to leave him there.

"It's nothing man it's nothing it's just hah panic hah-ttack" he gasped out one hand steadying himself the other frantically searching for his inhaler in each pocket. Every one was cold and empty.

"It's fine it's fine" he said voice growing hasher with strain as he heard Derek come to a stop next to him. He could feel his arms quavering the muscles weakening. The familiar curtain of darkness swept in towards him on all sides.

"Go" Stiles gestured shaking a shuddering hand in the direction of the car park "Go"

Unable to stop the dread picking him apart with images of his dead mother, drunken father and the betrayal of his best friend he curled in on himself head against his knees and the ground. His heart beat rapidly against his rib cage and he felt like it would give out at any moment. Through the horror he felt something close to him. He opened one eye to find Derek squatting beside him looking out at the area around them expression focused.

"Wh-what are you doing cause whatever it is I can't-I can't" Stiles said trying to find a way to explain to Derek that he was in no frame of mind to deal with his shit.

"Shut up" Derek snapped without looking down.

"Thanks man, always good to have you h-here" Stiles managed to get out before a wave of anxiety crashed over him hard enough to draw a moan of fear. He felt a hand press gently into the middle of his back before sliding around leaving an arm surrounding his shoulders.

He gazed back up at Derek who was still watching the area as if staying vigilant. His shoulders where rounded in a defensive stance. Stiles realized, as he looked up the figure cut from the streetlamp light, that Derek wanted him to feel protected. Having 210 pounds of potential werewolf hovering over him did offer a strange kind of comfort.

Stiles hand reached up gripping Derek's shirt so tight he knew he scratched the skin. Derek shot him a look.

"Really?" Stiles asked. After a long moment holding Stile's gaze Derek nodded.

With the small admission Stiles pulled Derek's shirt hard dragging the wolf closer so he could almost feel the curve of Derek's torso around him and waited. Wave after wave crashed over him while Derek leaned over and around him; a shelter in the storm. Derek scowled outwards eyes glowing red a silent promise of protection and swift violence towards any threat. Slowly the terror ebbed away and bit-by-bit Stile's hand loosened. Eventually he slumped against Derek's chest body slack with exhaustion.

"Stiles we have to go" Derek said and Stiles nodded eyes closed.

"I know," he said with a swallow near ready to stand and run if necessary "I know"

A/N: This is kind of set just after the pool scene (i know it's been done to death). I really just needed an excuse/ occasion to set this scene in and the aftermath of the pool scene fit it rather well.