The final few embers of the fireplace crackled quietly in the Gryffindor common room as Hermione Granger huddled in the corner of the room with her nose in a new book. Not an unusual scene as any Gryffindor could attest, however the demeanor of the wild haired witch said otherwise. She had been waiting to read this book ever since she found it in the library, however she knew it would raise questions among her classmates and so she hid it from sight as soon as she got her hands on it. She didn't even check the book out properly as she was embarrassed what Madam Pince would say and also worried she may even confiscate the book. So Hermione waited in the common room all evening with the book buried deep in her bag and had only began to read it once she was alone. Or at least until she thought she was alone.

Ginny Weasley sat curled up on one of the chairs in front of the fire asleep, she had been doing an essay for poisons when she had nodded off an hour ago and she had been in a deep slumber ever since. The high backed chair she occupied was directly in front of Hermione and so the witch couldn't see her and continued to read her book with ravenous interest.

The book that had caught Hermione's attention so completely bared the title "Female Transfiguration" and was a very interesting book indeed. It spoke of the fascinating spells that specifically related to the female form. It was only luck that allowed for Hermione to find this obscure book as unbeknownst to her it had accidentally been misplaced and was meant for the restricted section of the library, meant for NEWT level studies. Instead Hermione found it among the Herbology section as she was looking for a new book that she hadn't read yet. Once she had flicked through the first few pages she realised that this book had great potential.

One spell in particular now grabbed her attention and she found herself reading it through a few times and after the third reading she was desperate to try this amazing spell. However that's where fantasy crashed into reality because this spell ideally needed second person to cast the spell on the first and Hermione didn't think she could really use this kind of spell in front of someone. At that moment almost as if she was spurred on by Hermione's silent request for a companion Ginny gave let out a quiet snore.

Hermione froze at the realization she wasn't alone and her eyes burned holes at the back of the chair trying to see who was there all the while half expecting the person to jump out at her. When no such thing happened she placed the book open on the table in front of her and crept round to get a look at whoever was in there. As soon as she glanced the long red hair she stopped sneaking and exhaled slightly with relief at seeing it was only Ginny. She stopped in front of the fire and stared at her closest female friend (lets face it, her only female friend). It wasn't often she got to look at her this long without fear of being caught. Ginny's hair was a messy curtain half covering her beautiful face. Hermione wanted not for the first time to brush the long red strands back and kiss the younger witches lips.

Hermione shook herself from this fantasy and tried to remember what other fantasy she had been on just moments ago. Then she glanced back to her previous location and noticed the book lying on the table. At once an idea crept into her mind and settled down in the centre of Hermione's thoughts.

After a minute or so she stared down at her friend and crouched to look her directly in the face.

"If she were going to do this with anyone" she thought "it would be Ginny. However this fantasy wouldn't be coming true any time soon" filling part of the fantasy, Hermione brushed Ginny's red hair out of her pale freckled face, enjoying the softness the skin contact. Hermione was so tempted to kiss those lips, but that would be a violation of their friendship and she couldn't do it. Instead she went for a peck on the cheek instead as a lesser of two evils. Unfortunately at that moment Ginny stirred and moved her lips in the path of Hermione's. Fully awoken at her kiss, the two witches were now staring into each other's eyes. Instead of stopping, the bottled up lust inside Hermione bubbled over and she pushed the kiss on a second longer.

Then, coming to her senses, Hermione jumped up and turned her back on Ginny and towards the embers of the fire.

"Oh God I'm so sorry Gin I don't… I mean I didn't… I mean…. Oh please forgive me Ginny!" Hermione blurted out this unformed sentence in a second or two and then there was silence in the room. Hermione felt Ginny behind her, what was she about to do? Shout at her? Slap her? Hermione felt she would deserve it all. She felt Ginny grip her upper arm and she was spun around.

Ginny didn't slap her or shout instead she did the opposite; she did the same as Hermione and kissed her. This kiss was deeper and had much more passion and Hermione began to kiss back after the initial shock and before long their tongue had met. Hermione's brain was full of thoughts that she couldn't fathom together as the snog went further; she wondered how long Ginny had felt this way, she wondered if Ginny had suspected Hermione's mutual feeling, so many thoughts rambled through her head but no words seemed to be needed for the girls.

They had moved away from the fire now and had moved back near the corner were Hermione had been reading, Ginny had already undone her own shirt and was just about to drop Hermione's to the floor when Hermione broke apart from Ginny.

"Ginny, are you sure about this?" She panted breathlessly "Don't you want to talk about this?" Ginny chuckled.

"Hermione I know how much you love to talk and reason things out, but this is not the time for that." Ginny then started to kiss her some more but Hermione pulled away with some difficulty.

"Okay but before we go any further, there is an idea I've got … it's a bit strange" Ginny raised an eyebrow at this sudden odd sounding request.

"If it involves Harry or my Brother I'm not interested" she said with a smirk, they both chuckled.

"No it's not that, it's this" she reached behind Ginny and picked up the open book and showed her the page she had read earlier. Ginny's eyes widened as she finished reading.

"Is…is this REAL, I mean would it properly work?" she questioned very enthusiastically.

"That's what it says. So what do you think? Are you up for it?" She stared at her hopefully waiting for a response.

"You're a mad one Granger. I'll do it, on one condition" She paused for dramatic effect "I get to go first". Hermione was ecstatic she didn't think Ginny would go for it but she had and she didn't mind that Ginny went first, actually she was looking forward to it.

Both girls a little less manically got to work removing their final pieces of clothing until they were both naked sitting Indian style on the floor. Hermione had the foresight to place some silencing charms and other enchantments around them so they wouldn't be found by late night wonderer's. Then as they were sat she admired her friend's naked body and realised how beautiful it was, her breasts were quite small and petite when compared to Hermione's which she always felt were too big. She glanced down he thin frame and focused her eyes on the small red bush of pubic hair that Ginny had.

She shook her head after she realised that she was staring and that Ginny had noticed and she turned her attention back to the book. Hermione was so aroused by this point she felt unsure if she could competently read the words in front of her. Once the instructions were thoroughly memorised she began the transfiguration spell by touching her wand and the centre of Ginny's pubic area and started muttering the lengthy incantation. Both girls were filled with a nervous excitement neither could shut down. As Hermione reached the last word of the spell a bright red spark flashed out of her wand and into Ginny who instantly curled into a ball in apparent pain Hermione wanted to comfort her but she knew she mustn't interfere with her and that soon this would passs. After a couple of seconds Ginny stops her painful yells and began to sit up.

"Oh Merlin's beard! "she shouted as she looked down she turned and faced Hermione.

"Oh Merlin's beard indeed" she confirmed with astonishment as she looked down at Ginny's crotch and at Ginny's newly formed and fully erect cock.

They both sat in silence for a while and stared at it neither believing it. Hermione figured it must be about 6 or 7 inches in total and she then wondered how long hers would be. She could still see Ginny's natural genitals underneath her new parts and wondered what the dual sensation would be like. The idea made Hermione so hot she could feel wetness gathering between her legs.

"How does it…feel" Hermione questioned after a while.

"Right" Ginny answered "Weirdly it feels like it's been there my whole life and I'm only just now seeing it"

"How strange" Hermione said and she reached out. She placed her hand around it and Ginny let out a slight moan at the new sensation. "Does this feel good?" Hermione asked smirking as she stroked up and down the shaft pulling the foreskin back to reveal the swelled head of the cock.

"Oh yes, that feels amazing" Ginny panted closed her eyes and bit her lip. Hermione loved making Ginny feel this good and so she pumped her harder and faster until a pale fluid started leaking out of the tip. Hermione had been given enough sex education from muggle school and her own 'research' and she felt a thrill at actually being able to use it. Hermione moved her head forward and licked along the slit of Ginny's cock which renewed her moans of pleasure. Hermione then took the head of the cock in her mouth and sucked on it until Ginny nearly screamed and she then bobbed up and down on the cock with Ginny's hand on her head forcing her down further until she felt it hitting the back of her throat and Ginny started shouting. "I can feel something; I think I'm gonna cum!" Hermione continued to bob her head and she also brought one hand around and started to pump two fingers into Ginny's drenched hole which sent her completely over the edge Hermione felt the hot cum slide down her throat. Hermione made sure she had every drop before she came up and looked Ginny in the eyes. Ginny just kissed her and tasted her own cum in the girls mouth which made her cock harden again and wetter between her legs than she already was."That was the best I've ever felt" Ginny blurted out. Hermione barely heard the words as she felt her own heat pulsate.

"I need you inside me now!" Hermione pleaded. Hermione thought she knew what being horny meant before but her previous experiences were nothing compared to how she felt right at this moment. Taken aback by the normally bookish girl's directness at such a request Ginny could only nod. Hermione kissed Ginny some more and pulled her to the floor with her so that Ginny was lying on top of her. Hermione finally gave in and started to touch her clit as they continued to kiss and Ginny broke up the kiss.

"Hermione I think this is gonna hurt a little so I'll start slow" Ginny comforted

"Don't worry, I'll get you back when it's my turn" Hermione smirked and reached down and grabbed Ginny's cock. She placed it at her entrance and Ginny let it gather some of her wetness and then started to slide the head in. Hermione squirmed a little but didn't break eye contact with the girl above her, the tightness was astounding. Hermione felt her insides stretch around Ginny but surprisingly there was more pleasure than pain.

"You OK?" Said Ginny

"Yeah, don't stop." Hermione urged. Ginny began slowly, trying to make sure not to hurt her partner. Quickly, Hermione began moving her hips and urging Ginny to move faster to which she obliged. The sensation of being inside another girl was driving Ginny wild with arousal and she very much wanted to cum inside her friend over and over. Hermione meanwhile had already had a multitude of small orgasms which meant the carpet and Ginny's cock were coated in her fluid and she could feel herself building to a powerful crescendo.

Ginny began to suck and bite at Hermione's nipples and twist them in hopes of pulling more screams from the girl. Hermione arched her back at this sensation cupped her hands over Ginny's breasts to try to return the favour.

Ginny was now deep inside her friend and she couldn't get any deeper, she leaned down and kissed Hermione as she began to thrust faster and harder. The common room was filled with the sounds of their bodies colliding in wet heat.

"Oh god! I'm not gonna last much longer" Ginny panted down at the girl she loved.

"Hold on, I'm so close." Hermione panted as her orgasm built. "I want you to cum inside me" Hermione moaned up at Ginny. This line Hermione had heard in muggle porn film, it had always turned her on wildly. She was not alone in this as after hearing the girl she now loved the girl the girl who had only been her friend mere hours ago say these words made Ginny go completely over the edge and she filled her friend up with a final few thrusts. At the feeling of the cum inside her Hermione felt her inner walls squeeze the last few drops out of her friend as she to climaxed with blissful ecstasy.

Ginny collapsed as a sweaty mess on to of Hermione and then rolling off onto the floor. As she did cum dribbled out of Hermione and onto the floor. Neither spoke for some minutes and just rested their naked bodies taking in what they had just done.

Eventually they both sat up and smiled at each other and laughed when they notice the state of themselves. Hermione noticed that light had started to stream in through the window and her smile haltered slightly.

"What is it?" Ginny said noticing her expression

"It's morning. Everyone will be up soon and… well… I didn't get my turn" Hermione said with slight sadness in her voice. With a smile Ginny stoked Hermione's thigh.

"Then we'll just have to continue tomorrow" Ginny said with a smile and Hermione's face broke into and equally big a smile. Before setting to cleaning up Hermione reached for the spell book and quickly reversed the changes to Ginny's body. Part of her was sad to see it go. Then the girls set to cleaning themselves and the room up they discussed their plans for the following evening. Eventually they decided they would meet in the prefects bathroom as they would have much more privacy and a much nicer environment. With a final kiss goodbye once everything was in order the girls went up to their separate dorm rooms to try and get some last minute rest for the day ahead of them.