The library was empty, not a single student was to be seen in sight. She had checked all the isles and was almost ready to leave herself for the night when she noticed the book left on a table by the entrance. Madam Pince couldn't stand how students didn't respect the books in this library. The fact that books would just be left out without a second thought to the person who would have to find where they belonged.

When she got closer she noted that the book was old and it didn't look like the usual sort of books that students would leave lying around. It was also peculiar as it was a book that she didn't recognize straight away. When she picked it up and turned it over and read the title she audibly gasped and her eyes widened, this book was meant to be in the restricted section. She couldn't fathom how it made its way out here without her knowledge.

When she was taking the book back to its rightful place she noticed that one page at the back seemed to be loose and sticking out at an odd angle. Madam Pince opened the book tentatively to the page and felt her pulse quicken at what she saw, she would be reporting this act of vandalism straight to Dumbledore she thought fuming in outrage. The loose page fell from the book; this page was loose due to the fact that its adjacent page had been roughly ripped out of the book.

Much to Madam Pince's outrage, the perpetrator of this vandalism would never be caught. Neither would the stolen page be found. The stolen page would remain in the custody of the young witch that had stolen it, and it would remain with her for years to come and would eventually be put to good use again many times.