This is the first drable of my story, I decided to do it because I want to update it every day.

It will be drables of 200 to 500 words, telling her daily life and her relationship with Chibs and Kozik

I would love some reviews and some requests :)

Hope you like it


Janis was born in Tacoma, Washington, her mother, Megan, used to be a recurrent croweater of Sons of Anarchy. She rejected Janis when the girl was only a baby. The girl was first raised by her own mother and grandmother, but when her grandmother died, Megan went to jail, accused of child abuse and assault, some even believe she was the one to kill her own mother, after the elderly woman threatened to tell the police that Megan used to beat on her baby, so it stopped to cry.

Janis' father was Clay Morrow, the Vice-President of Samcro, he was known for being a good leader and ambitious, he took Janis when she was only a little child. She was one bless to him, and to everyone in Samcro, helping Clay to establish a relationship with Gemma Teller, SOA Queen and the one that became a mother to Janis.

Years later, Janis would grow into one of the most important people for Samcro, first for being daughter of the President, second for dating two members: Herman Kozik and Chibs Telford and third for becoming a member herself, the first and only female member of Sons of Anarchy.