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Janis gets help with her studies.

"Fuck" Janis cursed and stroke her head, she had been in the same math exercise for more than a hour. "I can't do this anymore." she said, and lied her head in the book. As she did that, the door of church opened, everyone headed outside, but Tig, who went straight to the bar and took a beer. She decided to finish the other subjects, before going back to that exercise, it took her more than a hour and several attempts of Tig to talk to her. Then she was back to the exercise.

Her favorite member entered in the clubhouse, just as she cursed the trigonometry exercise again. "Hey Tigger, seems like our princess is having problems!" he said to his best friend, chuckling as he took a beer himself and sat beside her. "What are you doing sweetheart?" he asked to her.

As Kozik sat beside her, the fourteen year old sat straight, making him and Tig chuckle. She hesitated a bit before answering him. "It's math, I'm good at it, but this shit is killing me, I can't find anyway that this will turn in triangles." she said, passing her hand in her hair, trying not to show how happy she was for him sitting at her side.

He took the book off her front. "Let me help." he said, then he took her pencil and started to draw in her book, she looked at what he was doing with all the attention she could have at the moment. He draw the triangles perfectly, now it was pretty easy to finish the exercise. "Here babe" he said.

Janis smiled at him. "Thank you so much, genius! And I thought you were dyslexic" she said, chuckling. He kissed her cheeks and let her finish her exercise, before he could answer her.

"When I learn something it tend to stick in my mind." he said, chuckling as much as her. "Now I'll let you finish" he said, but before he could get up, she held his hand and he really liked that. "Or I can help you out more." he said. Janis smiled at him and went back to her work, not once her left hand leaving his. "Now, what about I ride you to your favorite Ice Cream shop?" he asked.

She just smiled at him, Clay hated that she got out with him, but since her father wasn't there she would definitely go. "Let's go Lemon." she answered, running to his bike with him.

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